you'll find something waiting @maximeue A green beam of light slices a sabyr Grimm neatly in half. The night is quiet again, save for the mechanical humming of Penny’s jet boots as she hovers in the air. The bodies of the slain grimm are already fading into black petals, carried away by the wind. Summer has come to Solitas, yet Penny cannot shake the loneliness of winter away. (Mostly set between Volume 4 and 7) 2 years 4.6K 1 1 RWBY Teen & Up English Complete AngstHurt/Comfort Team JNPRRuby R.Penny P.Winter S.J. IronwoodPietro P. Ruby R./Penny P. found familyMutual PiningNightmaresangst with a happy endingminor canon divergence Read 1. right there where you left it 4617 1 2