Daisy, Daisy | Komahina @nagitokomaeda

I cough dryly as I wash my hands in the hospital's bathroom. In the mirror, I look like I could just about drop dead. Heh. The bags under my eyes are practically designer, too. I wipe the sweat from my forehead and put a fresh set of gloves on. I am not going to get sick, I can't and I won't. I told Hajime I'd be fine and I meant that. Besides, I can't just leave Mikan and Fuyuhiko alone in their nursing... I'd feel awful if it got outnumbered like that. Luck and hope, I whisper to myself as I put a new mask on. That's what it will take for us to get out of here. Out in the lobby, the monitor stands abandoned. Ever since the rest of our class decided we were a lost cause and went home, it's been excruciatingly lonely around here. I hate to say it, but I'm really starting to miss Kazuichi. 

In the on-call room, I wake up in a cold sweat. Before I can even process what I just saw, I end up vomiting bright pink all over the sheets. "Shit... I..." I weakly stumble around for a thermometer, and if I'm lucky I might even be able to change the sheets... While I'm riffling through the supply closet, the pain in my head flashes hard and hot, and I find myself crumpled to the floor. "Ah... H-help..." I murmur hoarsely, before passing out cold. 

 For some reason, I know these aren't dreams, but memories...Though none of it seems familiar to me. I see a child with green hair, a man with black hair who's wearing a suit, some strange group of children, the green hair girl again, scissors, a megaphone, burning buildings, rubble, chains, Monokuma, fire, death... While all of this is coming back to me, names ping-pong around my brain as well. One of them seems to stand out more than others did. 

"Kamakura-kun?" I bolt upright in bed, only to be lowered back down by Mikan. "Komaeda! Y-you're awake!" She exclaims. "Wh..." I wheeze in response. I think she smiles sadly at me, though I can't really tell due to my blurry eyesight and her mask obscuring her face. "I-it seems you've been i-in-infected too... I found you on the fl-floor last night, in the on-call room. It's a wonder you're still alive! You've had a fe-fever of 108 for hours! H-Hinata-kun is in here too, by the way. There weren't any empty rooms left..." She explains my current situation to me. "Thank you, Tsumiki... S-San..." While my voice is hoarse and dry, I still thank Mikan. I admire the IV line exiting my arm and listen to the beepings of my heart monitor until Hajime speaks up from the other side of the curtain.

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