Daisy, Daisy | Komahina @nagitokomaeda
Who Cares.

Who even cares what will happen to me anyway, I think to myself, my head swimming. I sure as hell don't. Life around here has been as dreary as usual... if you can even call it life. Every day is almost exactly the same as the last. Akane's sobs have been drilled into my brain, but she's not even sure if she means it anymore. I'm sure I'm coming off as quite calm, collected even. In reality, I'm probably on the brink of death. I'm practically skin and bones, I'm collapsing constantly, my breath is ragged and weak, and all of that is accompanied by an ungodly high fever and severe mental instability. Just thinking about all this makes my brain feel like it's melting out of my ears. 

My hair has been growing out, which I guess makes sense? Since I've been in the hospital for way more than a month now, but then again I can't recall my hair ever growing out before all this... My eyes are red and bloodshot too, so I'd describe my current condition as "reanimated corpse". I'd describe my current emotional condition as lonely. Akane has stopped coming to visit, as she's convinced I'm the ghost she's so deathly afraid of. Ibuki's been locked in her room to keep her from trying to escape the hospital. Mikan only comes in every now and then for medications, but even she's been keeping her distance. The results from that blood test oh so long ago revealed nothing new, just that I'm still dying. Nagito even... I haven't seen him in what feels like ages, or maybe I've just been asleep whenever he comes by? So yes, I guess this is what one could describe as lonely, even on the brink of death. I'll bet Nagito is lonely too, I heard through the hospital grapevine that the rest of the class just kinda gave up and went back to their "normal" lives. Depressing, right? And, if you think I'm pissed about being stuck here, you won't believe how mad Monokuma is. Weird to think how the only thing me and Monokuma have in common is we're both waiting for someone to drop dead.

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