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Daisy Daisy

"Tsumiki-san? Is everything okay in here?" I question once I enter the room. "Ah! K-Komaeda-kun! Sorry if I w-worried you, I just n-need some help here..." She answers. "Hinata-kun is unconscious a-again, s-so I thought I'd take a blood s-sample and see what I can f-find out...!"  If I'm being honest, I'm kinda starting to lose hope... But then again, if anyone can find a miracle cure to an incurable disease, Mikan can. Some sort of alarm goes off on Mikan's watch, probably some kind of medicine thing. "I-I'm so sorry! I h-have to go give M-Mioda-san her medicine...! C-Can you please take c-care of this?" She mumbles something about forgiveness and rushes downstairs to the supply closet. 

Thank god Mikan briefed me on basic medical procedure back when this all started, or else I'd have no clue where to start with this whole blood sample thing. I hum some tune from long ago while sterilizing his arm. "Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do..." I whisper to myself- and to Hajime too I guess- as I try and find a vein. "I'm half crazy... All for the love of you..." Now that I think about it, I didn't know we had a centrifuge on the island! Perhaps it was somewhere in the pharmacy? "It won't be a stylish marriage," I insert the needle. "I can't afford a carriage..." That should be enough, I think. "But you'll look sweet, upon the seat-" Hajime stirs a little bit, and then wakes up. "Komaeda-kun?" He coughs. "... Of a bicycle built for two," I finish with a grin, which is covered by my mask. "Good afternoon, Hinata-kun!" Hajime eyes the elastic tourniquet wrapped around his arm, and the pink flowery bandaid concealing the "wound". "Tsumiki-san was about to draw blood, but something came up so she left me in charge! I guess I should get this to Tsumiki-san..." I realize. Hajime sighs and stretches. "I've never heard that song before..." Hajime replies drearily, his voice weaker since I last heard him. "I'm not sure where I remember it from, but me too. It's catchy, huh?"

I sit down next to him on a chair, trying to keep my distance. "This is all so... Amusing." Hajime says in a monotonously. Hajime looks so sad... I wish we could've dated before all of this, maybe even have a happy ending. "We'll get you out of here, you're strong! Also, I love you, you know this. We have hope, luck, and love on our side!" Truth be told, I don't know how much of this I believe, and I'm not sure how much of this Hajime's buying either. "Please... Leave me?" Hajime asks, holding on to my gloved hand. He's practically pulling me over. I roll my eyes sarcastically. "...Fine, I guess I can break the rules a little... for you, of course." I laugh as I lay down next to him. "You're going to be okay, promise me?" I ask him. "With your luck? Obviously n-not." He wheezes. Oh, Hinata-kun... I know he has he liar disease and that's why he said "obviously not", but I can't shake the thought that with my luck he won't be okay. Everyone and everything I've ever loved has either left me or died because of my luck... I hug him tighter, but he winces and I immediately let go. "Hinata- I'm so sorry! God, I'm so sorry... I just," I exhale sadly as tears well in my eyes. "I just don't want to lose you! I don't want to lose you. I hate that we had to fall in love like this, in this stupid hospital. What if my luck kills you?" I cry into his shoulder, and for a moment it's almost like the first night we kissed. Heh, I'm glad that wasn't our last. Hajime turns around and faces me, another parallel from that fateful night. "Hey... I'll be okay, I'll live and you'll never be alone," Hajime hisses, almost maliciously. What the...? "Wait what? What the fuck was that... Uh, not what I meant to say..." He says in a much kinder tone. "I'm n-not sorry..." Hajime apologizes before passing out again. Oh, Hinata-kun... What are we going to do?


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