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Surely You Can't Last Forever?

"Well now I'm definitely getting sick," I laugh as I pull away, and for a second, I don't think I'm even worried about getting sick. How lucky of me to have this moment, in this hospital, with this sick boy I'm in love with. Hajime wraps his arms around me and leans on my chest. "What now?" He asks. It's a good question, but the answer happens to be another question. "Hinata-kun," I hesitantly ask. "Do you want to be my boyfriend?" Hajime smiles, the first time I've seen him do so in weeks, and happily replies "No." What a night.

"N-not that I mind you s-spending so much time with Hinata-kun," Mikan starts. It's been maybe 4 or 5 days since we started dating. "But p-please try not to i-infect yourself! I recommend that you w-wear a mask and g-gloves when tending to the p-patients!" The dark circles under her eyes are more prominent than ever. She's been spending most days (and nights) at the library, poring over medical textbooks in search of anything that could help. I keep suggesting she get some rest, but alas, she's very motivated. "Of course, Tsumiki-san! Do you want me to take over the morning transmission?" I ask. "S-sure!" She answers as she races off yet again. Although nothing's changed for the better, we still keep up with our twice-daily messages with the rest of the class, who are still quarantining in the motel. The light on the monitor lights up, signaling an incoming call.

"Souda-kun! How is everyone today?" I know everyone on both sides will be exactly the same as they were yesterday, but it's always nice to be just a little bit hopeful. "Everyone's fine, Hiyoko finally came out of her room though! I guess that's an improvement, huh?" Say what you will about Kazuichi, but his perseverance is a sight to behold. "No one has a fever or anything?" I have to ask this every day, just to make sure no one has symptoms. "Nope!" He reports dutifully. Props to him for staying cheerful. "How's it going with miss Sonia~" I taunt. "Not good!" He accentuates with finger guns. "She and Gundham have been hanging out like all the time, and they've been annoying me even more than usual." He says sadly. "Could that maybe be because there's a disease going around?" Kazuichi rolls his eyes and chuckles. "Yeah yeah, we get it... Anyway, how's it going with you and Hinata-kunnn~~ You've been dating for... a week now?" Obviously I told Kazuichi, since Hajime is supposedly his best friend. "It was going really good for a few days! But in the past like two days... I don't know, something just happened and now..." I sigh deeply. "He's been in and out of consciousness all day, his fever has skyrocketed... Tsumiki-san told me to wear gloves and a mask whenever I go see him now." Kazuichi smiles sadly. "He'll get through it though, right? I know him, he's pretty tough when he wants to be." Remember what I said about Kazuichi's perseverance. "I know he is... But remember how Monokuma said they won't be cured unless someone gets murdered? Do you really think he meant that?" Just before Kazuichi can respond, Monokuma himself shows up in the lobby.

"That's right my dear children! I meant what I said, but I really didn't think you guys would last this long!" He sings. "Maybe you should go up there and put poor little Hinata-kun out of his misery... puhuhu!" I can't stand him. "Surely you can't last forever like this? Wouldn't it be better for everyone if you picked someone to sacrifice? Instead of everyone getting picked off by disease, one by one?" He laughs. "Get out of here, man!" Kazuichi exclaims from the monitor. "Fine, okay, I'm leaving... But think on what I said~!" And with that, he disappears once again. Kazuichi and I call it a morning and sign off. 

"Komaeda! C-Can you please come up h-here?" Mikan yells, almost frantically. Shit, what happened? I pull on my gloves and put on my mask and quickly head up the stairs. Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay...


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