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Nightmares and Symptoms

Shit, I think as I lay back down. That was so embarrassing... He should've knocked... But then again, I couldn't have made it over to the door to let him in. After Nagito left, I did a few test laps around the room. Mikan was right, it did make it easier to walk. I'll have to thank them for that...

I know I'm getting worse. Even worse then Akane and Ibuki. I've lost track of time, the days and nights blur together, but I'm sure it has been more than two weeks now. I have a constant headache, I keep the lights off in my room to make it just a little bit better, my fever has been past 101 every single day, and my body is perpetually sweaty. On top of all that, my muscles are sore, my throat is burning and my face is red literally all the time. Whatever pain meds they have me on must be doing their job though, since my throat ache has been more bearable recently. My brain feels so cloudy- like it's rotting inside my skull. It's safe to say I'm not having a fun time. I've started having nightmares too. I'm not sure what I've been seeing, but it's awful. Like, burning buildings and dead bodies kind of awful. Everything has become increasingly monotonous and dull, which I guess makes sense since I've been here foreverrrrrrr. This is just so boring! There's nothing to do here but hope a body shows up. 

Okay, wait, that sounds mean. But you get it, right? Am I the only one who's anxious to get out of here? Gah, I just wish my head would stop hurting so I can think for one second... I'm going to close my eyes for a few minutes, and hope that it helps. Wouldn't it be something if I woke up and I'm cured? 

Before I know it, I'm asleep again.


Long, dark hair obscures my vision. Once again, I'm back in this hellish nightmare world that is a burning city. The sky is a murky orange, and it's choking on smoke. Buildings are literally crumbling at my feet while I step over rubble. What happened here...? At the end of this alley, I can see a group of...children? They're all wearing matching uniforms and some kind of mask. It looks like they're dancing around something.

As I walk towards the end of the alley, more buildings fall apart in front of me. Every now and then I'll pass a dead body full of claw marks, slumped against a wall, or just laying out in the street. For some reason, you can hear an almost cheerful song play in the distance, like an amusement park theme. Talk about a vivid imagination. Once I get closer, I can tell the group of kids are definitely overjoyed at whatever they've found. 

Gross... It looks like another body. Why are they so excited about it? 

I push through the crowd, and my eyes go wide...



"WHAT THE FUCK-" I scream as I force myself up and fall out of bed while I'm at it. What WAS that... Holy shit, man... "Hinata-kun?!" Nagito exclaims as he races in."What happened?" He asks as he helps me back up to the bed. My heart is racing and I'm breathing heavily. "I... Nightmare-" I mumble while I clutch my chest. God that was horrifying. "You..." I say through pants. "You were alive... and the city... It-" I give up on trying to explain and collapse into my pillows. "I was... dead?" Nagito asks as he puts together what I was saying. I nod. "Oh... Do you wanna talk about it?" He says, while grabbing a notebook from the drawer. "N-no..." I guess I didn't wake up magically cured either. Nagito turns on a lamp and hands me the notebook. He then sits down on 

I was in this creepy alleyway in this city that was falling apart, I scribble down. At the end of the road there was this group of little kids dancing and laughing so I went to go see what was going on. They all had the same outfit on too. I think I'm about to start crying. There were a few dead bodies just laying about too. I got to the end of the road and the kids were all dancing around your dead body. I finally start crying and just hand the paper to Nagito. Jesus... What goes on in my brain?  Nagito finishes reading my summary of the nightmare. He notices I'm crying and scoots closer and hugs me. "I hope this is okay... That sounds horrible. Sorry for bursting in here like that, by the way. I was getting new sheets for Owari-san and Mioda-san since Tsumiki-san's asleep." He genuinely sounds concerned. What time is it? I ask. "Hm... 2 am ish?" Nagito answers after looking at his watch. A thought crosses my mind. Why were you changing sheets at 2 am? I ask smugly. I'll bet anything the girls have been asleep for hours anyway. "Erm..." Nagito stutters. "Okay, fine, you got me... If we're being totally honest here, I've been getting worried about you. It's not like I've been watching you sleep or anything, just hanging out in the hallway to keep an eye on you three..." He admits sheepishly. "Why?" I ask. I guess it should be known that he's still holding me, even though I stopped crying a minute ago. "Why am I worried?" He asks, to which I nod my head. "Because I care about you." I think I heard him mumble something along the lines of shit, was that too strong? For the first time in weeks, I smile. "Oh," I beam. "I don't care about you either." He knows what I mean. 

We laid there in silence for who knows how long... It's been so long since I've felt this safe. "Komaeda-kun..." I ask to break the silence. Not that it was awkward, it just felt weird being so quiet. "Do you, uh, particularly dislike me?" God this is so embarrassing, but for all I know, I'll die in this hospital before I ever get to tell him. "If you're asking if I like you, Hinata-kun, then..." He sighs. "I do." Nagito laughs nervously. I flip over, facing Nagito. I haven't really realized the gravity of the situation, but here I am, at 2:30 in the morning, laying two inches away from the boy I like. "Well I hate you too." Nagito's face lights up, and I think he might even be tearing up. Oh hell, why not? I think to myself as I put my hand on his face and pull him in for a kiss. 

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