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Eyebags and Bruises

Hajime has steadily gotten worse, and I'm sure he knows it. I haven't heard him say more than five words in the past two days. He's got these huge bags under his eyes, despite spending all his time sleeping. Mikan decided to get him a walker just so he can make it from his bed to the bathroom, so I'm bringing it up to him right now. It's weird, obviously, everyone else is getting worse, but Hajime's condition is declining rapidly. The girls always seem to have a habit of going out into the halls (I can't blame them, the hospital rooms are creepy as hell). This time, Ibuki greets me as I come up the stairs. "Gooood nom nom nomming, Komaeda-kun! Ibuki was just out for a walk!" She says drearily. I laugh. "Mioda-san, please go back to your room... Tsumiki-san will be able to help you out if you need anything..." Ibuki salutes me like I'm a general or something, and happily saunters off to her room. 

I've decided to give up on knocking since Hajime is either asleep or in bed half the time, and he obviously can't get up to answer the door. "Hinata-kun, Tsumiki-san sent something for-" I get cut off, right as I look up. "Shit- Komaeda... Uh- Help?" He exclaims. The one time I don't knock, and I walk in on a topless Hajime getting tangled in a robe on the floor. "Hinata-kun, I'm so sorry! I should've knocked..." I apologize as I help him up. "Are you okay?" He quickly pulls his robe back up and nods. "At the risk of sounding juvenile, we're both boys so... I don't think you necessarily have to worry about anything?" Hajime just sighs in response. "Well anyway, Mikan got you a walker so you can stand up without collapsing. I think it'll help at least."

I scratch the back of my head silently. "So, uh, you're okay right?" I ask once again. You could cut the silence with a knife probably. "No," Hajime says. "You... Uh, you definitely saw something..." You didn't see anything, did you? "I mean, yeah, but we're both boys anyway so why does it matter?" I laugh in response. Hajime stares at me for a moment. He gives up on trying to find a loophole in his speech and just grabs a notebook. He writes for a second and then holds it up to me. I'm trans lol it reads. "Ohhh..." I guess that explains it. "Alright then." Hajime looks... Surprised? Really? Like you dont care? He writes down quickly. "Sorry if this comes off as rude but, why would I? It doesn't really change anything for me because you're still Hajime..." I explain. Seriously though, why would I? Mikan's the only other person who knows so like dont go telling everyone He writes down. "Oh of course! I'd never do that to you, Hinata-kun!" I exclaim, maybe too enthusiastically. Thanks, He "says". "Yeah no problem, anytime. Anyway, here's the walker!" I hand it to him, and he holds on. "I'm gonna get going now, but- ah- have fun?" Hajime waves goodbye, and I head back downstairs.

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