Daisy, Daisy | Komahina @nagitokomaeda
Morning Meds

Hajime practically choked down his pills, which I can understand. I heard from Mikan that some of the more physical symptoms are fever and a sore throat. Mikan's kinda put me in charge of Hajime, same with Fuyuhiko and Akane. I'm almost grateful we only have 3 patients, any more would be chaos. Hajime begrudgingly lets me take his temperature. "Hm. 100.3. I guess that's better than yesterday?" I pause and look at his chart. "Yeah, that's definitely better. Take that as good news I guess..." I kinda stand there awkwardly for a moment until Hajime speaks up. "I'm going to get better... aren't I?" He rasps sadly. "Yeah, of cour- Oh. What makes you say that?" I had almost forgotten about the Liar Disease... "What Monokuma said... We'll be cured if we all stay alive." He rolls his eyes. You know what I mean. "God damn..." He laughs. "I mean... I guess you're right. Huh, I hadn't thought about that... What a dilemma this is, heh." I answer. "On one hand, if someone gets murdered, you all get cured, but we have to do the whole trial and execution thing again. But if no one dies, then you all have to stay sick basically forever..." God, this gets worse the more I think about it. Hajime sighs and flops back down on his bed. "Ah, me too." I say as I get up to leave. Maybe I'll take a nap in the on-call room or something. "Erm- Nagito... hold on! Can you uh... leave?" Hajime asks nervously. "I, uh- Are you sure? W-what if Mikan needs me for something-" I stumble on my words. Pretty much the entire island knows I have a crush on Hajime, and I wouldn't be surprised if he knew that too. That sly bastard... 

"Okay, fine. But seriously, I'll only stay for a few more minutes..." I sit down on the chair next to Hajime's bed. We sit in silence for a few seconds. "Soooo... What's new with you?" I chuckle nervously. "Hmm, let me think. Aside from being perfectly healthy, quite a lot!" He answers sarcastically. "Is it annoying not really being able to say what you're trying to say? I imagine it's quite frustrating." I ask. He nods. "I love it. It definitely ISN'T the worst thing EVER..." He raises his voice on a few words for emphasis, it's like he's yelling at his own brain. "Yikes... You do seem to love saying things correctly." I reply. "Aren't you worried you won't get sick from being away from me so much?" He asks. Is he worried? "To be fair, you're the one that wanted me to be here, but anyway... No, not really. I just have a feeling that I won't get sick. Maybe that sounds a little selfish, but that's just what I'm thinking." Maybe not because of my luck, but I really just have this gut feeling. Hajime just nods as a response. He sighs. "You know I... I actually really enjoy being in hospitals. I don't get why Akane is so upset every night. She definitely doesn't come in here sometimes for company." Hajime yawns, the medicine must be kicking in. "By the way... I'm NOT sorry for being kind of an ass these past few days. I mean, you know..." I tell him I understand. I hear a crash from downstairs. "I really have to get going now, but ten dollars that Mikan just fell over." I wave him goodbye once again. 

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