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Oh, The Despair!

"Oh... Oh my god...!" Mikan screams, dropping her tray of assorted medical items, leaving them shattered on the ground. Fuyuhiko hurriedly bounds up the stairs to make sure Mikan's okay. She's prone to accidents, you know. "Everything alright, Tsumi-" Fuyuhikos blood runs cold as he stares in horror at the scene before him. Every ounce of color has drained from Mikan's face, though she has seen scenes like this many times before (unfortunately), and of course it never gets any easier. 

a body has been discovered!

Nagito Komaeda's frail, previously diseased body is lying dead in Hajime's bed. Hajime is passed out on the floor, weakly clutching a knife splattered with the neon pink blood of whom we can only assume was Nagitos. Fuyuhiko finally dares to take a step after a few moments of shocked silence. "What... The fuck..." He quietly exclaims in disbelief as he examines Nagito's body. "Did... Hinata-kun do this?" Fuyuhiko wonders aloud as he winces at the sight of Nagito's wound. It was definitely a sloppy murder, thats for sure. And the killer (lets be honest here, we all know it was Hajime) didn't even try and hide the body. Pathetic. "I-I don't know... Should we wa-wake him up...?" Mikan trembles and you can almost see tears forming in her eyes. "We need answers, so might as well..." Fuyuhiko answers gruffly. He lightly nudges Hajime with his foot, causing him to stir. "B-be gentle, Kuzuryu-kun! He's been ill for months now..." Mikan urges meekly. 

Hajime finishes stirring and finally wakes up for real. He groans, rubs his eyes, and blinks a few times. Then, he notices the bloody knife in his hand. "Wh- SHIT..! WHAT THE FUCK-!" He yells, propelling himself backwards on the floor, the knife skidding away. "What... Fuck, what happened..." He whispers as he puts his hands on his head. What was he just doing? What... day is it? "G-Good mo-morning Hinata-kun..." Mikan bends down a bit and offers to help him up. "There's uh... Something you sh-should see..." She explains while helping him get back on his feet. He can walk again and maintain balance. 

"NAGITO-!" Hajime almost falls down in surprise once he turns to see the scene before him. His boyfriend, Nagito Komaeda, dead. A massive stab wound in the middle of his stomach, and a small, bloody heart carved lightly into his chest. "He's... Is he..." Hajime stutters. If you thought Fuyuhiko had gone into a state of catatonic shock, well. Slowly, Hajime starts to put the pieces together. The knife he was holding... the stab wound... the c- ...the carving. The blood on Hajime's hospital gown. The name. The name that was so unfamiliarly and uncomfortably familiar to him. Izuru Kamakura. 

For the first time in... Months? Hajime runs over to Nagito, or his body, I should say. A look of terror is frozen onto his face. "No... No no no no no no no no... I didn't... I would never..." He whispers loudly and frantically. He wouldn't have. He didn't... right? Mikan screams once again, this one out of surprise, as Monokuma has chosen this moment to join them. "Why yes you did, dear Hinata-kun~! I saw it all!" He reveals. Fuyuhiko quickly turns towards his (former?) friend, and silently mouths Why? "Darn it, I guess those count as spoilers for the trial! Here's what we'll do... You guys just won't tell anyone until it's time to!" He solves his own problem immediately. "I... But I loved him-! Why would I...?" Hajime pleads for answers, dumbfounded. "That's for you to figure out~!" Monokuma sings as he leaves as quickly as he arrived.

Hajime Hinata collapses by Nagito's side, sobbing his eyes out. He has no lover, he has no friends and he's going to die at the end of the day. "I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry..." The boy chokes out an apology at his ex-lovers side. "I'll... I'll see you again s-soon, okay? I pr-promise I'll make it up to you..." 

And by the end of the day, these two boys (whatever they were to each other) will be reunited at last.

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