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Escape From The Ocean Scent

"Kamakura-kun, are you crying?" It's getting late once again. Both of us are basically knocked out during the day, so our only chance to talk is late at night once we've woken up. Izuru is sitting up in his bed while a few tears silently stream down his face. "Just a little bit." He chuckles harshly. He wipes his eyes with his blue hospital gown. Fuyuhiko and Mikan have been up to their knees in work lately since me and Izuru are no longer the only patients on the brink of death. Akane has been in an actual coma for the past few days, and even Ibuki has lost all her energy. It's looking pretty grim for us over here. In an effort to bring more death and despair, Monokuma has stopped stocking the hospital and pharmacy so we're now dangerously low on life-saving medicine. Me and Izuru hung out with Ibuki a few times before she lost her ability to walk. Izuru and Ibuki share their mobility aid between them now since Monokuma wouldn't let Mikan get another one. Everyone has to be asleep by now I think, so it's really just the two of us. I wonder what our healthy classmates have been up to. I find it hard to believe they'd miss me, Hajime I can understand, but not me. Ever since the first trial, Hajime was the only one who tried to be my friend or at least tried to understand me. 

Across the room, Izuru coughs into a tissue, spitting out just a bit of blood. He wheezes a little bit as he settles back down. "If I were a betting man, I'd say I think I might die before you do..." He says sadly. "Ah, Kamakura-kun, I am a betting man... I wouldn't bet on this though, since I'm practically guaranteed to win..." I want to laugh lightheartedly, but I don't think I have it in me anymore. "I hate seeing you like this you know, I wish there was something I could do..." I frown in the darkness. "Me too, Komaeda-kun..." He sighs. "I'm just so exhausted from this... I kind of hope that I die. Would you mourn me?" Izuru asks. "I don't think I could live without you..." I wonder if he could live without me. "What was that song you were singing a few weeks ago?" He asks. "Oh, I think it's called Daisy Bell!" I used to love that song when I was little. "Would you do anything for me?" He asks dully. "Obviously~" I answer feverishly. God my head is swimming... Being sick for months on end has worn me down, physically. I don't think even I've left my bed in weeks... "Would you sing it for me?" Izuru rasps. "You have a lovely voice..." 

I sit up and clear my throat. "There is a f-flower within my heart..." I start shakily. The pain in my head flashes hot once again. Izuru turns and watches me, propping his head up on his arm. "Daisy, daisy... Pl-planted one day by a gla...glancing dart." I wince and take a sharp breath in. While I'm gathering my breath, Izuru slowly gets up and wheels over to me, almost exactly like how he did a little while back except he's sitting this time. He looks into my eyes, and I'm sure I look positively deranged. "You'd do anything right?" He asks again. I nod. "Then dance with me." He holds out his hand. "I... I can't wa-" Izuru interrupts me before I can finish my sentence. "You can just sit on my lap." He offers. Oh my god, is he trying to kill me? 

I very carefully sit across his legs and grab put my arms around his torso. “I’m sure this must be painful for you, having my body weight on you-“ I apologize, only to be interrupted again. “Nonsense, I can barely feel you at all.” He assures me. I rest my head on his shoulder “How does the rest of the song go?” He asks while trying to move us in small circles. Dancing. “Planted by daisy bell... whether she loves me... or loves me not...” I run my fingers through Izuru’s hair, which has grown out significantly since being here. It’s almost the same length it used to be... “Sometimes it’s  hard to tell, yet I am longing to share the lot...” Izuru is still spinning us in lazy circles, gravitating closer towards his side of the room. “Of beautiful daisy bell...!” I finish the first verse. To my surprise, Izuru starts singing the second verse. “I haven’t forgotten the second part, ever since you sang it to me that day...” He states. “Daisy, daisy... give me your answer do~“ Izuru picks me up gently, and places me down on his bed. I hadn’t realized we were already far over here. “Very smooth Kamakura-kun...” I whisper to him. He then climbs on top of me, practically pinning me down, and kisses me. “I’m half crazy, all for the love of you~“ He whispers into my ear. “You said you would do anything for me, right?” He smirks, his red eye glinting in the hall light. I laugh just a little bit before answering. “Of course...” I answer madly. His eyes are swirling with something dark and mysterious, and I’d like to think mine are like that too. Izuru kisses me one last time. “Then die for me.” He exclaims, plunging a knife into my chest. “H-Hinata...kun... W-why...?” I manage to choke out, coughing blood all over my gown. 

a body has been discovered!

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