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Garbage, Even

"What are you again, Komaeda?" Izuru asks firmly. It's the middle of the night now. The room is dark, only lit up by light seeping in from the hallway, giving the room an eerie but comforting glow. "How did you describe yourself during all those trials?" I turn over to face him, and his eyes glint red in the dim light. "I'm worthless, garbage even!" I answer deliriously. "Useless scum not even fit to be on one's shoe!" Izuru gets up and slowly walks over, he then turns around his mobility aid and sits down across from me. Mikan suggested using the walker after he's hypothetically cured, to make recovery easier. "Sit up." He states. I pull myself up and sit facing him. Though I'm barely taller than him, he seems to tower over me. "Ah... Kamakura-kun, you might want to, uh..." I look away. "I might want to what?" He asks, gently holding my face. "...You might want to close your legs..." I whisper. "I thought it didn't matter, Komaeda-kun... We're both boys after all." He smirks. "Ha... Very clever, Kamakura-kun, using my own words against me..." I laugh quietly. "What am I to you?" He asks, pulling me just a bit closer. "My beloved!" I exclaim. Maybe it's the fever, or maybe it's just the situation I'm in, but I feel light headed and giddy, and my face is hot. "Good answer," He says, officially pulling me in for a kiss now. "You're an interesting guy, Komaeda..." Izuru says, barely separating from me. "I like that." He smiles just a bit, the same way Hinata-kun would. "Alright, move over..." Izuru very swiftly moves from where he was sitting up onto the bed. He lays down next to me and puts his arm around me. Nice. I had forgotten how comfortable it was being held by him. "...Komaeda-kun?" Izuru asks. "Do you... Do you think we'll die here? I keep tellling myself I won't care if I die but..." Izuru nuzzles his head into my neck. "I know you'll be okay, you're strong! ... Not sure about me though, haha..." I answer. "Why not you?" He asks. "I'm weak, especially since I already wasn't the picture of perfect health before." I answer sadly. Izuru doesn't respond, but he starts absentmindedly playing with my hair. I move around a bit and lay on his chest. It just feels like I'm going to die of natural causes before we can get out of here. I mentally sigh dramatically.

Me and Izuru fall asleep before he could ever respond.

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