Daisy, Daisy | Komahina @nagitokomaeda

"Pathetic..." Hajime laughs dryly from the other side of the curtain. "Even in the end, your luck couldn't protect you. Even with your Ultimate status, it was no match for a simple disease." I wince and turn over, facing where he would be if I could see him. "I... I think I know what's going on. You... You're not lying anymore," I whisper, almost inaudible. "K...Kamakura-kun?" I smile weakly. He laughs once again, sighs, and answers "Ah, but of course... What gave it away?" He asks.

"Hinata-kun isn't so cruel." I wheeze weakly. "He's not really this smart either, heh..." 


"I know you've only been sick for a day, but you're tired of this aren't you?" Haji- Izuru asks while staring at the ceiling. Mikan rolled the curtain back earlier so we could see each other. It does make it kinda awkward having Izuru just watching me whenever I throw up. "...Yeah. I think I might die if I stay here any longer..." Izuru shoots me a look that could be a combination of pity and malice. "Whatever happened to Komaeda-kun's 'hope, luck, and love?'" He mocks. Oh, how I missed Kamakura-kun! How could I have ever forgotten about my beloved... "Ha... Is it wrong to hope that someone will get murdered...?" I whisper mostly to myself. "Of course not. It's natural for one to think that, especially in a dreary situation where success revolves around someone else's death." Izuru states bluntly. "So. You've got the remembering disease, I take it?" He presumes. Before I can answer, he continues. "Of course you do, how else would you have known the name Izuru Kamakura. Do you think I'm stupid? That's low Komaeda, even for you..." Izuru frowns at me and shakes his head. "Of... Of course, not Kamakura-kun!" I exclaim (though I quickly run out of breath) "I... I'd never... s-say..." I almost pass out right then and there, but cut myself off and fall back onto the pillow. "I'm... sor-" I start. "Worthless? Pitiful?" Izuru interrupts. He's right, obviously. "You can't even finish your sentence for me... How disappointing, Komaeda. And I really thought you liked me too." I start to feel myself lose consciousness and just sink back into the bed. I cough fraily, and I can almost feel my bones rattle. I can't imagine how powerless I look to Izuru. I pass out as Mikan comes back in to drop off some sort of medicine. 

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