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Liar Disease

"Tsumiki-san! Am I allowed to see him?" I ask the Ultimate Nurse as I enter the building. Lately, a few people have come down with the despair disease, a virus of Monokuma's own creation. It's our new motive too. Of course, nothing awful will happen, how could it? With Mikan taking such good care of the patients and everyone else being quarantined, I'm hopeful we'll be out of here in no time! Currently, there are six people staying at the hospital. Three of them are the patients, Hajime, Ibuki and Akane. The other three are me, Mikan and Fuyuhiko. Mikan has taken to naming everyone's individual "strains" of despair disease based on their symptoms. Ibuki has the Gullible Disease, and she'll believe anything you say. Akane has the Coward Disease, which is horribly unlike her. And Hajime... Mikan thinks we should call it the Liar Disease. Everything he says comes out... differently? It's hard to explain, but if Hajime tries to say yes it would come out as no, you know? 

"A-ah, of course, K-komaeda-kun! Could you t-take these up to him as well?" She answers and asks. She hands me a stack of fresh sheets and a new robe. I thank her and head up the stairs. The hospital is so creepy during the day time, so I can understand why Akane is so terrified at night. Speaking of Akane, she's wandered out into the hallway again. She sniffles and wipes a tear from her eyes. "Owari-san... Please get back to your room...!" I nervously tell her. Mikan keeps telling us we have to be at least some-what commanding when it comes to the patients, especially Akane. It just feels so weird and awkward. I guide Akane back to her room and head across the hall to Hajime's room. I knock on the door and let myself in.

"Good morning, Hinata-kun!" I greet him, probably a little too cheerfully. He groans and sits up. "So, uh, how do you feel?" I cautiously ask him. Hajime sighs deeply and replies. "... I feel great." He practically smacks himself in frustration. I know it must be awful, trying to say something but the words just come out wrong. "Alright, well here's a new robe... I'm gonna go get your meds from Mikan..." I hand him the robe, leave the new sheets on the table and leave. 

"Komaeda-kun! H-how's he doing?" Mikan asks once i come down the stairs. "Er... We didn't talk much but he said he wasn't feeling too great. Do you have his medicine?" Mikan nods, and hands me a tray with little cups of pills on it. It's going to be a long day... 

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