Cinderella and Juliet @cantarellarose
Side: Juliet

“Miki! Oi, Miki! Where are you?” Makoto called out as she made her way down the hall. “Man, where in the world did she go?”

She rounded a corner, “Mik-”


The next thing Makoto knew, she was on the floor. Groans of pain overlapped each other as she saw a few papers flutter around. Right in front of her was a girl who had also landed ass-first on the floor. Long dark brown hair cascaded down to about her shoulder blades. From behind her bangs, her eyes of the same hue slowly cracked open as she rubbed the side of her head. She didn’t look that much older than Makoto, although her attire suggested she likely wasn’t an idol; a plain white top with a black jacket and matching slacks. Honestly, Makoto thought the girl was quite pretty.

Makoto’s eyes widened as she pulled herself up, “Ack! I’m really sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going!”

“N-no, I should be the one apologizing!” The girl replied, her gaze glued to the floor, “I was running after all and- Fuck!” She got on her knees and began gathering up the papers.

“Here, let me help.” Makoto bent down and reached for the nearest paper.

“I-t’s fine, really. You don’t hav-”

The words died on the brunette’s tongue as they grabbed the same paper and their fingers had brushed against each other. Slowly but surely, she finally lifted her head to actually look at Makoto. A good few seconds later, the girl’s face flushed a light red. She dropped her gaze and the paper, “I, uh, um...”

Makoto picked up the paper and handed it to her, “You ok, Miss?”

“Huh?” The girl blinked, then, “Oh! Yeah! Completely!” She took the paper, “Th-thank you, Ma- I mean, u-um...”

“Makoto!” She flashed her a smile, “Kikuchi Makoto!”

The brunette crossed her arms and clutched the papers to her chest. “I’m, um, Yamada Rose.” Her voice was small, “N-nice to meet you, Kikuchi-san...”

A beat of silence. “So,” Makoto attempted to break the ice, “what agency are you with? Never seen you ‘round before.”

“Ah, I’m with 315 Productions! As a producer!” The girl, Rose, answered, “We established not too long ago, so I don’t blame you if you’ve never heard of it...”

She giggled, “Well then, I’d better keep an eye out for you guys from now on!”

A nervous chuckle from Rose, “Guess that makes us rivals, huh?”

“Mhm! But!” Makoto put a hand on her hip, “We can still be friends, y’know!”

The other girl’s face went pink, “W-wha, I, um… Fr-friends…?” Her voice laden with nervousness and, disbelief?

She nodded, “Yeah! Besides, you seem like a nice person, it’d be fun to get to know ya more!”

Rose looked like she was short-circuiting. Her eyes wide and her mouth opening and closing without making any sound. After a moment, she suddenly went still, although her face was still dusted pink. “L-li-likewise, Kikuchi-san!”

“Just Makoto is fine, Rose! Hey, why don’t we exchange numbers while we’re at this?”

“S-sure! Um, gimme a sec.” The producer shifted all her papers into one arm as she reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone, “Here!”

Makoto pulled out her own phone, “And… there we go!”

There was a twinkling in the brunette’s eyes as she drew her phone back to her, but that went away as she looked at the screen, “Shit! I’m gonna be late!” She shoved her phone into her pocket and gave Makoto a small bow, “It was very, very nice to meet you Kiku- I mean, Ma-Makoto! Goodbye!” With that, she sped past the corner.

Makoto stood there for a moment. “Man, she’s kinda cute...”

...Wait, what was the reason she had come out here initially?

“Hm?" A familiar yawn rang from behind her, "Makoto-kun?”

Oh right, that was why.

She turned around, “There you are, Miki! Where the heck have you been?”

“Miki found a comfy spot and decided to take a nap.” Said the blonde, “Although, Miki did manage to wake up to see you talking to that producer lady.”

“Well, we should head back to the dressing room now, Iori and Yukiho are waiting for us.”

She’d try texting that girl when she got home.

The timeline for this is meant to be ambiguous as perhaps I'll be able to write this very scene from RoseP's pov in Budding Roses at some point!
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