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Side: Cinderella Happy birthday to me (as this was originally posted on November 1)! This first chapter is meant to be a fun little accompaniment for Budding Roses that takes place between chapters 1 and 2. Hope y'all enjoy! Also tfw doesn't support underlined text: improv time.

Rose stared at her laptop screen as she rested her chin in her hand. 

Just earlier that day, she had managed to get herself a job. One as an idol producer of all things. Definitely not a typical job the other kids at her school would be getting. However, she had neglected one aspect about herself that would make this job more difficult than it already would be (other than her status as a high school student, obviously).

The fact she wasn't even a fan of idols to begin with.

And so, her homework was glaring her right in the eye: researching idols.

She sighed, "Where the fuck do I even begin?"

Googling the names of each Jupiter member? No, honestly that would just feel awkward as she had just met and spoke with them only a few hours ago. Besides, it was pretty late and all three of them were likely asleep (except Shouta, whom she had been exchanging cursed images with for the past half hour) so any questions would have to be saved for the next day.

"Wait, didn't Touma mention a 765 Productions earlier? Wonder who's with them."

She typed the name into her laptop with one hand and smacked the enter key. One of the first links to pop up was an official website for 765 Productions. While skimming through it gave her a good idea of who was involved with the agency, she needed more.

Clicking around on a forum that had appeared had garnered... interesting results to say the absolute least. But there was one message that caught her eye.

>Hey guys! I managed to rip the blu-ray of 765’s stadium live! _Here’s the dl link!_

“...No one needs to know.”

Surprisingly, the link ended up not containing any sort of malware bullshit but led right to an upload of the entire show on a throwaway drive of the anon’s. Plugging in her earbuds and full-screening the video, she hit play.

All was dark, save for the glow of various penlights from the audience. A lively piano with clapping began to play as the stage lit up, showing silhouettes of twelve girls (didn’t the site list thirteen idols though?). Not too long after, the screen in front of them lifted and all of the girls were visible as horns were added. The audience clapped in time to the beat as the girls began to fan out while dancing.

"C'mon, let's shine now!!

Yes, with all these memories

With the dazzling light of today"

Slowly, Rose lifted her head from her hand, “Shit, this is actually pretty good.”

The choreography (so far not much more complicated than anything done for school theatre, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to try to copy it at some point), the cinematography, but especially the vocal work from each of the twelve idols was exquisite. Especially the girl with the long blue hair and the woman with the short purple hair; she’d learn the names eventually. The short girl with the orange pigtails was just so damn adorable in both appearance and voice.

“C'mon, let's fly now!!

Yes, toward the only one future

With the splendid wings of today”

...There. Around that point, there was a specific voice that caught her ears. Skipping back a bit, Rose listened closely for it. Unlike most of the others, it was a lower kind of voice; like an alto. Honestly, it was quite a lovely voice.

She leaned back with a ghost of a grin, “That’s not one you always find in this business.” And right there was when she saw her.

The camerawork kept swooping from across each end of the stage for a view of each of the girls. Then it finally was brought over to the owner of that lovely voice. A girl, she didn’t look much older than Rose herself, with short black hair. Her gray eyes wide with pure joy as she sang and danced with the others.

“Man,” Rose laid her chin on her fist, “she’s super cute...”


Because I want to sing”

Some unfamiliar looking girls popped out from the other end of the stage. Backup dancers? Though, she found herself glancing back towards the idol with the short black hair.


Because I want to dance”

More backup dancers from the opposite end. What is that girl’s name?

“Let's raise a new curtain


Rose began absent-mindedly tapping along to the beat of the song as she pulled out her phone. She had to know what that girl’s name was.

“Since I first wished for this dream,

Until today, how long has it passed?

Chain each day altogether”

God, that chorus was catchy. She pulled up the official website for 765 Productions and immediately went to the profiles section. Scrolling past the others’ profiles and immediately tapping on the one with the girl’s profile. She gave up on constantly glancing between screens and stuck to her phone.

“Because dream is a proof

That you're born to fulfill it yourself

Certainly within this heart lies”

I'm Kikuchi Makoto, aiming to be a cute idol, and going at it with full power! Right below a headshot of her smiling at the camera.

That was what did her in. Hook, line, and sinker. To Hell with her mantra of “love at first sight is romcom bullshit.” Her grip tightened around her phone as her cheeks were dusted light pink.


Yamada Rose fell in love, and she fell hard.

She's watching the live from the movie. Translations for both M@sterpiece and Makoto's profile (from imas2) are from project-imas.
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