adam takes beetleboy out @r3venge

It has been a year since Adam and Beetlejuice started dating. It was… eventful to say the least, full of firsts for the both of them; some of which being that it was Adam’s first time dating multiple people, and Beetlejuice’s first time dating someone who he could conceivably say he was in love with.

Everyone in the house was hesitant about letting the two actually be in a relationship. Beetlejuice was a wreck—and a wrecking ball—and Adam quite obviously had a soft spot for him, letting him get away with pretty much anything he didn’t deem actually harmful.

But, surprisingly enough, Delia was the one who convinced her family to let them be together. She could see the way the two looked at each other, and she knew that if worst came to worst, Beetlejuice would just leave. She wasn’t sure what she would do if they made it to that point though.

Somehow, to everyone’s surprise, their relationship had made it through the week, then the month, and as of today, a whole year.

And that’s where this story starts: with Adam Maitland sitting on the stairs, waiting.

this is actually probably just going to turn into drabbles for writing practice but. here it is :)
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