season of hope (after the flood) @zanetashadoe Melanie had always been impulsive, aggressive, sometimes mean. It came naturally to her, a shell she used to protect herself and those she cared about. But something about Helen made Melanie resist the impulse, made her seem like someone she could protect. --- three women struggle to move forward when it seems like everything they've worked for is lost 2 years 6.2K 0 1 The Magnus Archives Teen & Up English Complete FriendshipGeneralHurt/Comfort Helen Richardson | The DistortionGeorgie BarkerBasira HussainMelanie King Canon-Typical ViolenceMissing Scenethere is brief mention of melanie/georgie but not enough to tagBechdel Test PassImplied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism Read 1. Chapter 1 6158 1 0