Second Bite at the Cherry @sakinthra
Chapter 60

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Kakashi's demeanor shifted the minute they left the building, and Sakura realized she had seen this in him only once before, and that was when Suna and Oto had attacked their village the year prior. This was not just the demeanor of a man being presented with a difficult enemy to fight. This was not even necessarily just a worried demeanor. This was Kakashi's wartime mindset, and in manifested in curt command of the genin around him, as well as a methodical, perhaps brutal dispatch of any shinobi that stood in their way.

She saw a similar shift in both Gaara and Sai, though Sakura wouldn't have necessarily accredited this to wartime experience so much as it was experience with the dirtier side of the shinobi world. They'd both likely been able to make this shift as a child, due to the circumstances under which they were raised.

Sakura wondered, briefly, if she had made this shift herself. The year before, she'd always hesitated when striking blows against enemies. She didn't enjoy the concept of causing pain to others. Didn't enjoy seeing someone devastated at her hands, or even the hands of her comrades. She remembered back when the curse mark had first manifested on Sasuke. He'd fought to defend her and Naruto, fought for vengeance against the people who had brutalized her, and yet, when Sasuke had moved to disable his opponent, she'd stopped him. It had been vicious, sure, and she wouldn't have wished what Sasuke had done to the boy on anyone. But in the shinobi world...that sort of treatment was commonplace. If you couldn't kill your enemy, disable them permanently so they can never come at you again. Even now, Sakura found herself somewhat nauseous at the concept.

And yet, here she was, rock morphed around her fists with chakra, and every time she landed a blow on an enemy she could feel the crunch of bone beneath, could hear her foe cry out in pain. This was war, this was necessary for her survival, for her friends' survival, and in the heat of combat she couldn't even bring herself to feel sympathy for her enemies.

They were people too, people who had been misled by Danzo, by others. People with families and lives of their own, people who were simply following orders, doing what they thought was best for the betterment of their country. And she and hers were doing the same.

In this particular scenario, Sakura didn't feel as bad as she likely could have. These people had chosen to attack first, had chosen to agree to fight in a war that could have potentially involved civilians, innocents, unnecessary death, had chosen a war itself knowing the consequences. They thought they were right. Danzo thought he was right. Danzo had started a civil war because he thought Konoha was weak and that he could lead it better. Danzo had ordered the death of the Uchiha because he'd both wanted to obtain the power to 'protect his village' and because he'd believed that an Uchiha uprising would have destroyed Konoha. Everything Danzo had done, he'd done because he'd believed himself righteous.

He was wrong, Sakura insisted to herself. He was wrong. But in a world where Danzo had succeeded, he'd be right, and that was the thought that scared her.

What in her world was considered right that another would consider abhorrent? If her ambassador group grew in power, they would help build the laws that the shinobi world would consider righteous. But what if she became as delusional as Danzo? What if the world they helped create was as broken as the one that came before?

Sakura didn't have answers, and she couldn't afford to linger on her own thoughts. Maybe that was the true consequence of war. You had enemies and people to protect. You didn't have time to think or question. You didn't have time to consider the world this war would create. If you hesitated, you died, or someone you loved died.

Onoki had been through three wars now. Wars that had lasted far longer than this skirmish would. Sakura couldn't bring herself to imagine what any of them must have been like. Sent into battle each day, too tired to question, too worried to stop

What would such a life have done to the shinobi that survived it? What were the consequences of those shinobi living to lead the villages they helped protect?

Sakura saw the consequences of war now in her teacher, and saw the consequences trickle down to affect her comrades. Sakura knew she did not feel the shift of war as they did, and now she knew for certain that she hoped she never would. The shift didn't create soldiers, it created monsters. It created people incapable of seeing a life beyond violence. It created people who thrived on violence. It created men like Danzo.

It had to stop here. All of this had to stop here. Onoki had been right, but Sakura didn't even think he knew how right he had been. It wasn't just about stopping the shinobi countries from spatting with each other. It was about creating a future where men like Danzo weren't needed anymore. It was about creating a world where war wasn't an option.

(And Sakura couldn't help but wonder what consequences that would bring.)

There were fourteen of them in total. Four teams of three with Kakashi at the head, plus Shikamaru. They naturally fell into a rhythm with their teams, which only made sense. Sakura knew Gaara and Sai's fighting styles now, and they had subconsciously tailored themselves to work around each other. She knew how Naruto worked better than most, but not as well as she'd used to; she saw now that Naruto wasn't just surging ahead due to the enthusiasm for battle, but to direct the heat off of Shikamaru and Ino, who worked better from the sidelines. Naruto and Chouji danced around each other in a manner that spoke to months of working as a team, and neither one of them was very far from their other teammates. Shikamaru and Ino immobilized with a combination of shadows and well timed poisons, then Naruto and Chouji finished the enemy off. Sakura knew fully well how well-known the Ino-Shika-Cho families were for teamwork, but Naruto had somehow fit himself right in. Maybe in the future, Uzu would join the infamous lineup.

Team Eight was even more interesting to watch at work. Whereas Team Ten focused more on taking down single opponents efficiently, Eight sought to debilitate large crowds in quick succession. Hinata was the 'eyes', directing her two teammates to pockets of enemy shinobi, and Kiba and Shino would fly forward like arrows. The infamous 'Fang Over Fang' technique would barrel through the crowd, and whomever wasn't knocked out by the sheer force of the blow was immediately swarmed by Shino's kikaichu and disabled. Hinata largely stayed out of combat, but this appeared to be intentional. Whenever either Kiba or Shino were injured, they returned to Hinata's side, where she would await with healing ointments and the protection of the fierce Gentle Fist. She would make a fine medic-nin if her father allowed it, Sakura realized, and even amidst battle Sakura couldn't help but quickly chuckle over the thought of the timid girl apprenticing under Tsunade. Maybe, if they'd survive this, she'd slip Hinata the suggestion.

Team Gai were perhaps the heaviest hitting team of them all. Neji had none of the timidness of his cousin and went for enemy shinobi with a gusto that had to have been cultivated by a couple years under Gai's enthusiasm. If anything, Neji and Lee seemed to be in a race to see who could take down the most opponents on their way to Danzo, and if there was an enemy they happened to miss, they were quickly dispatched by Tenten, who as always hit with terrifying accuracy.

And then there was Kakashi himself, headband pulled up to reveal his single Sharingan, who matched his opponents move for move until he could learn their openings and move in for a decisive strike. The fourteen of them bulldozed through the battlefield in search of Danzo, and even though there seemed to be a disadvantage of numbers against them, they refused to allow themselves to be stopped. Everyone seemed to have a bit at stake. Everyone knew what letting Danzo escape might cost.

Grass and River had seemingly brought their entire shinobi force to the battle, and Suna had certainly brought a majority. That, coupled with a good portion of Konoha's own forces turning against her, meant that they were quite vastly outnumbered. Taki and Ame had each only brought one genin team to participate in the exams, which meant the majority of the defending force consisted of Iwa and loyal Konoha shinobi, as well as a few teams from Plains. If Danzo had succeeded in crippling the Kage, he very likely would have succeeded, but the instant the Kage joined into the frey, the battle changed.

Sakura had never seen Onoki really fight before. He'd demonstrated earth techniques, sure, and she'd sparred against him that one day for Sai's freedom, but watching him now only showed her how much her sensei had held back. Most terrifying to see was Onoki's famed Dust Release. Though the technique took time to prepare, the instant Onoki unleashed it, anyone within the jutsu's range disintegrated into dust within seconds. The man used it sparingly, but even just seeing it for the first time was enough to remind Sakura that the old man was Tsuchikage for a reason, even at his age.

And Tsunade...if ever there was a woman deserving of the title of the world's strongest kunoichi, well, Sakura might have always put her forth as a candidate. But seeing her in action just solidified the belief. She'd see the woman take weapon strikes and jutsu blows that would have killed any other shinobi, but Tsunade would shrug them off and just keep going. Sakura wondered, in another life, what sort of shinobi she would have become if she'd apprenticed under Tsunade somehow, if Tsunade would have accepted her, wanted her. Would she have been side by side with Naruto instead, killing with monstrous strength and healing her own wounds without a second thought?

But Tsunade wasn't the only female powerhouse on the field. Perhaps the most interesting fighter was Konan, who could somehow summon thousands of paper seals, paper shuriken, paper birds that could fly at her foes...even her own clones were made of paper, and no enemy seemed to be able to land a single hit without realizing they'd been fighting paper birds the entire time. If Tsunade was a bull on the battlefield, Konan was a shrike, expertly moving her enemies about until she could impale them on a flurry of shuriken. At one point, Konan even used her paper to form massive wings that lifted her into the air, and Sakura realized then why Konan was the Angel of Amegakure.

The Kage proved an adequate distraction for the fourteen, as the enemy Kage were drawn towards the heavier fighters in order to protect their own. But Danzo was notably absent on this battlefield, and after scouring the village boundaries, it was clear that Danzo had retreated somewhere to regroup, or perhaps to avoid the dangers of battle. Even Sai noted that some of the more prominent members of Root were missing, no doubt providing protection for their leader.

It didn't take long to deduce where Danzo would have gone. Root had a base, Sai and Kakashi both knew of it, located deep underground beneath the Kage monument. It was expansive, of course. There were hundreds of rooms and tunnels, some of which housed the Root agents, some of which served as training facilities, and others as simple storage areas for knowledge, supplies, even prisoners that were deemed too important for the true Konoha prison above. Sai even knew of rooms whose doors were hidden with seals to prevent anyone but the more higher ranking officers of Root from knowing of them. Normally, Sakura doubted trying to find Danzo in such a base would be possible. However, with two Hyuuga at their disposal, it had to be possible. Most barriers weren't capable of blocking the Byakugan completely, and even if Root had developed such a barrier, they would still be able to narrow down where those rooms were and thus narrow down the search.

Still, it was going to be like running into the lion's den. Not even Sai could predict how the base would be trapped since his departure, and none of them knew precisely how many Root agents would be waiting for them inside. They couldn't afford to pull more shinobi from the outside battle either, not when they were so outnumbered.

It was possible that none of them would leave the base alive. As they reached the entrance to the tunnels, it was only natural that they hesitated to enter. Danzo's Sharingan had immobilized several Kage, and that was on his own. Now Danzo had potentially dozens of Root shinobi at his disposal, and they'd be entering somewhere that he'd had weeks to prepare a defense for since Sai's leaving.

"If anyone has any doubts, now is the time to return to defending the village." Kakashi told them. "You come in here with us, assume you won't be coming out again."

Sakura felt her heart sink downward as Kakashi voiced her fears aloud. Maybe she shouldn't have been afraid. She had her friends with her, twelve other capable shinobi who were at this point far above genin rank. She'd faced down Akatsuki before, faced down the demons of Taki, challenged a Kage and then trained under much more prepared for this sort of mission could she possibly be? Still, Sakura reached up to put a hand on her amulet, looking for something to ground her as she prepared to face the challenge ahead. She felt Gaara reach out to take her other hand in his own, and even Sai deigned to put a hand on her shoulder.

"It's what most of us have been working for." Shikamaru commented. "Seems kind of silly to back down now."

"Speak for yourself, we only just got dragged into this mess." Tenten replied. "But still, we're not going to abandon you guys. I don't think Lee would forgive us."

"Of course we cannot give up now! Sakura has worked hard to uncover this enemy, so to give up now would mean all of that work would be for nothing!"

"Everyone else helped too…" Sakura pointed out. "Shika's right, this is what we've been working for. We're the ones who uncovered all of this, and we're going to be the ones to finish it."

"Damn right!" Naruto agreed. "This bastard is gonna get what's coming." There was an underlying growl to Naruto's words, and Sakura could see that the striped marks on the boy's cheeks had darkened and stretched across his skin. Was that the influence of the Kyuubi? She'd seen the effect of Shukaku's aura on Gaara, but with the new seal, Shukaku's chakra was more like a shield around him. The Kyuubi's seemed to be integrated into Naruto's very bones, riling up as he did. Sakura couldn't help but wonder if the Kyuubi could see what Naruto did, as Shukaku saw through Gaara's eyes. Did the Kyuubi want Danzo dead as well? Or was he perhaps just driven by a hatred for the village that imprisoned him?

Two Jinchuuriki, several clan heirs, and several talented shinobi. Maybe it wasn't her ideal situation, but it certainly could have been a lot worse. Even Danzo would have a hard time against this team, all now equally motivated against him.

"It's decided, then." Kakashi looked back towards them, and Sakura could have sworn she saw pride in her mentor's eyes. "Shikamaru, you're a sharp kid. How do you suggest we enter?"

"Gaara in front." Shikamaru said immediately. "Naruto, you keep his flank. Gaara's sand will provide automatic defense from any traps we miss, and Naruto heals quickly. Kiba, Sai, and Kakashi behind. Kiba can try to pick out Danzo's scent, Kakashi and Sai have experience with the base so they'll have a better chance of knowing what to expect. Keep the Hyuuga in the middle so they can scan the area and relay information quickly. Sakura and Chouji can stay with them for protective support. If we lose the Hyuuga, we might potentially lose our chance to quickly find Danzo. Ino, Tenten, and I will follow for back end support. Shino and Lee in the back. Shino, you'll be responsible for making sure any shinobi we disable won't be able to use jutsu if they wake back up again. Let your kikaichu have a good, long meal. Lee, you've got the reflexes to survive any potential attacks from the rear, and if we need to call for assistance you're the quickest shinobi here. If things go sour, we'll be counting on you to get backup."

It was a solid plan, one Shikamaru had no doubt been coming up with since they realized they'd need to infiltrate the base. The group fell in line to fill their stated positions, and they allowed themselves only a moment to take a breath and prepare themselves. Sakura saw Gaara's body flare up with Shukaku's power, and even the earth beneath his feet began to crackle and swirl around him.

"Alright. We focus on finding and subduing Danzo. Anything else we find down there, we leave alone. Remember that Sai used to be a Root agent. The shinobi here are misguided. They are our enemies, but they are also our fellow Konoha citizens. Whomever we can leave alive, try to. But prioritize your own life above theirs. We need every man we can get to fight Danzo. We can't afford to lose anyone on the way in."

Weapons were drawn, dojutsu activated, and Sakura made sure her rock gauntlets were still solid. There were no further speeches or rousing battle cries. With a signal from Kakashi, Naruto kicked down the door to the base with Kyuubi enhanced strength and they began to move inside.

It was not a rush; they could not afford it to be. Every time they came across a new hallway or junction, the two Hyuuga scanned the area for seals or traps or enemies. For the first few minutes, their journey was surprisingly and eerily silent. There were occasional rumbles from the battle above and rubble gently fell onto their heads and to the ground below. The tunnels were dark, and would have been pitch black if not for the flickering lights that had been rigged to the ceiling. Every flicker seemed to cast a shadow that could easily have been mistaken for an enemy, and more than once Sakura saw Gaara's sand flare up in preliminary defense. Still, for the first stretch of the base, there was nothing.

"Barrier-shielded room ahead. Byakugan has difficulty perceiving past it." Sakura heard Neji whisper.

"There's at least a dozen figures inside, but it's hard to make out exactly whom." Hinata added. "They' some sort of defensive formation, but I can't see anything more than that."

"Expecting us." Shikamaru concluded. "The door is probably trapped. Can you make out anything about the room's layout?"

"There's the door with the barrier seal, and there's also three further exits from the room. I doubt we'll be able to see further until we're inside."

"What if it's a diversion?" Sai asked. "Danzo could be making it seem as though he's behind an army while he slips away elsewhere."

"Or he could be expecting us to think that and waste our time looking elsewhere." Sakura countered. "And perhaps knowing we'd think of that, he might be trying to split us up."

"I don't see anywhere else nearby that's occupied." Neji admitted. "If he is elsewhere, it's nowhere close."

"Considering how large the base is, we could waste a lot of time leaving to search elsewhere."

"We can't split up. Right now our best option is to investigate." Shikamaru decided. "Gaara, do you think your sand can fend off any traps if we bust down the door?"

"Does a camel shit in the desert?" Gaara's voice deepened with Shukaku's influence for a moment, and after Shukaku receded, Gaara blushed slightly. "...I mean. Yes."

"...right. We'll swarm in behind Gaara and try to disable as many as we can in the initial breakthrough. Sound good?"

There were no disagreements with Shikamaru's plan, and with that the group prepared themselves.

The barrier was held up by several paper seals, all of which Sai was thankfully familiar with. All it took was overlaying the pattern with a different series of seals and they'd be able to break through. It required precise timing and perfect aim, as all the new seals would have to be overlaid at once. Thankfully, Tenten was perfect for the job. Sai quickly sketched the seals to life and Tenten threw them, causing a strange sizzle and a release of chakra that everyone in the party could feel. Before the enemy had time to react, Gaara was slamming his sand into the door with powerful force, enough so that the doors were blown off their hinges and thrust inside. The group threw themselves in afterwards, ready to scrap.

Sakura paled when she realized what they had run into. The 'figures' that the Hyuuga had seen inside the room were not shinobi at all, but rather training dummies that had been set up in a mock defensive formation. More disturbingly, they were covered with dozens upon dozens of paper seals, all of which were now sizzling ominously.

"Hug the walls!" She heard Kakashi cry out. Root had expected them to bring Hyuuga, she realized. The barrier hadn't been to hide the room, it had been to hide the dummies. Sakura threw herself towards one of the exits, and she saw the rest of her teammates heading towards doors, trying to escape the room before the bombs went off. The last thing she saw after that was Gaara's sand attempt to coalesce around the dummies in the form of a dome. Then, she felt a rush of force as all of the dummies exploded at once.

Gaara's sand succeeded in taking the force of the blow, and for a moment Sakura thought they were in the clear. They'd been pushed back slightly, but the group appeared unharmed.

Then, she heard cracking.

Gaara hadn't protected the ceiling from the blow, instead having directed his effort to keeping the force from their comrades. They were safe, but the force of the bombs had been directed upwards instead. There were several cracks and then a large rumble, and then the ceiling began to tumble down. Sakura felt herself being pulled away from the center and towards the door she'd rushed towards before, and with that darkness overtook her as the room behind her collapsed.

The ceiling lights had been disabled by the collapse, so it was Sakura's flashlight flickering to life that allowed her to take stock of the hall around her. She had a few scrapes, but nothing lethal, and it looked like the people around her were carefully stirring to their feet as well.

Gaara, Sai, Naruto, and Ino...four people out of the fourteen had made it into her hallway, and all she could hope was that the others had made it out as well before the collapse. She let Gaara help her to her feet, still a bit shaky from having survived such a deadly trap.

"Well, you were right. You protected us from the traps." Sai commented dryly. "Too bad you didn't protect the roof."

"Kiss my ass, dust-mite." Shukaku spat out. "You're alive, aren't you?"

"No arguing, you two." Sakura insisted. "We're down to five and we don't know what's waiting for us this way." She focused, doing what she should have done earlier instead of relying on the Byakugan, and sent out a pulse of her sensing chakra. Behind them, she picked up on nine chakra signatures. Her comrades were alive. Sakura let out a sigh of relief. "Everyone else made it out before the collapse. And…" She sent out another pulse, this one stronger than the last, and though she couldn't help but wince as Gaara and Naruto's signatures flooded her senses, she caught wind of a speck of chakra in the distance ahead of them. "...there's actual enemies that way, I think. Either that or there's something that's exuding chakra."

"We still...have a mission to complete." Ino concluded with a nervous swallow. "Do you think we stand a chance against Danzo with just the five of us?"

"Come on, Ino, you're with the future Hokage!" Naruto insisted, patting her back in a matter that wasn't exactly the gentlest. "Plus, you've got Sakura and Gaara here and they're some of the strongest shinobi I know! Oh, and I guess Sai is here too."

"Someone needed enough brains here to make up for the ones you're lacking."

"Okay, we really don't have time for posturing." Sakura insisted, reaching out to gently thwap Naruto and Sai both on the back of their heads. "We have unknown enemy numbers ahead, and we know Danzo is capable of using Sharingan to immobilize opponents. We all know how to break out of Izanami now, but that just means he'll be forced to use techniques that we don't know about. Our best option is to try and knock Danzo out with poison so we can remove the Sharingan and bring him in for proper judgment from the Hokage, but I doubt he's going to go that easily. If we have to kill him, we need to be prepared to." Sakura looked to Naruto and Ino. "Have...have either of you two killed on a mission before this?"

"It's happened." Ino answered for them. "We won't hesitate, Sakura. You don't have to worry about that."

"Right." Sakura nodded. "Gaara, you should keep in front in case Danzo's left any more nasty surprises. I'll keep using my sensing jutsu to make sure we're not snuck up on. Are we ready to move forward?"

There was silent agreement, and all they could do from there was move on.

"Son of a bitch."

Shikamaru cursed as he brushed rubble off his jacket. Nearby, he saw the two Hyuuga helping each other up, and behind them Chouji was checking the stability of the rubble.

"I can give it a try, Shikamaru, but I don't think I can break through it without causing more to collapse on top of us."

"He counted on us coming in with Byakugan." Neji added. "The barrier warped our perception of those dummies. We only saw figures that looked like shinobi. That means he planned to separate us, maybe even take one or two of us down in the process."

"Can you see the others through the rubble?"

"They're alive. Five to our left, five across from us."

"If we can't go back, our only option is to see if there's an exit down these tunnels. Danzo wouldn't have risked blocking himself in. Any of these tunnels could have collapsed at any point." Shikamaru began to deduce. "Right now our mission is to find an exit, and if we run into Danzo on the way…" He hesitated. Neji, Hinata, Chouji, and wasn't exactly a good team for taking on the Root commander, even if Neji was considered a Byakugan prodigy. "We don't engage." He concluded. "Right now we need to either find a way to regroup or find a way out to seek help. We stay as quiet as we can and hope we don't attract any unwanted attention."

It was a long shot. Danzo would surely have expected at least a few shinobi to survive the blast. But right now, it was the only shot they had.

Kakashi admittedly wasn't very fond of cave-ins. After all, that was how Obito had died.

Thankfully, it looked as though none of the genin in his section of the room had gotten injured. Gaara's sand had done a good job of keeping most of the force of the blow away from them. But that was only four of the genin accounted for, with no way of determining the state of the other nine. And the rubble behind them was far too thick to dig through to find out.

Two of Gai's students were here, the weapons girl and the taijutsu clone, Lee. The other two were from Kurenai's team, the Aburame and the Inuzuka, dog included. Still a somewhat formidable team, but lacking the visual prowess of the Hyuuga meant that they'd be moving through the corridors blind. Kakashi had a vague recollection of the layout of the Root base, but it had been years since he'd actually set foot in it.

"We need to find a way out." Kakashi decided. "If we find Danzo on the way, we attempt to neutralize him. Shino, was it? Your kikaichu will probably be our best shot. Sharingan transplants require a large amount of chakra to use, and if he's drained, he can't use them. Kiba, we'll be counting on you and your partner to sniff out potential threats. Maybe even a way out if you can catch scent of outside air."

"Got it." Kiba replied. "Hey...Akamaru doesn't really smell any blood. It probably means the others are alright."

"Thank goodness." Tenten let out a sigh of relief. "If Danzo's willing to bring down the base to stop us, that must mean he plans on escaping out of it, right? He can't be planning on using this again."

"Most likely. And that just means he either planned on getting us stuck here forever, or he has an escape route somewhere down these halls. Stick together and keep vigilant." Kakashi let himself take point. Right now, his biggest concern was keeping the kids safe.

Still, he couldn't help but get a sinking feeling that keeping safe was going to be harder than he'd initially thought.

Deep within the caverns of the Root base, tremors echoed through the halls and into a darkened room. It only stopped the medic temporarily. Carefully, one by one, the medic removed eyes from Danzo's arm and replaced them with one of the jarred eyeballs at his side.

"You've used up more than half of your stock, Lord Danzo." The medic told him. "I'd suggest you'd be more careful with these ones. You recall that using Izanami renders them useless?"

"Of course I recall it." Danzo snapped. "I may not have a choice in the matter."

An agent nearby, a scout, stood by the door with a kunai ready. The report had already been made: Sakura Haruno had broken through Izanami and had somehow freed the other Kage. Unless the Kage were dealt with, the battle might fall out of their favor.

Danzo needed a different kind of technique now. If immobilizing them would not work, he would just have to deal with them permanently. The new transplants, coupled with the boost given to him by Hashirama's cells, would give him about twenty minutes of Izanagi. Assuming he could get the drop on the Kage, that would be more than enough time to take them out for good…

"Sir. There's people coming this way. Less than half a dozen."

The scout shifted, preparing to defend his leader against the intruders. Outside the door there were two more guards at the ready, but that and the medic were all that stood between the attackers and Danzo.

Still...less than half a dozen? With Izanagi at his disposal, it would be easy enough. Danzo flexed his arm, feeling the rush of chakra begin to pull into it as the Sharingan eyes awakened.

It was time.

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