HLVRAI Short Stories @tomster
Eldritch Love Yooo, slight mention of body horror in this chapter.

Well, when Gordon had jumped into that portal, he wasn't expecting to land in an alien world. Especially one that looked all gross and… Meat-y.

He looked around, finding the science team! Well, almost all of them. Benrey was missing. Or maybe they weren't as he turned around to see them, floating in the sky with a grin full of sharp teeth.

'Where'd those come from?' He asked himself as he watched them float on over to the island they were on, leaning his arms on there.

"Hi." They said to them all, showcasing their teeth and millions of eyes. The rest of the science team were baffled, even chilled at the sight.

Not Gordon though. He knew Benrey all the same. And Benrey looked at him, setting his head down on the island instead of his arms, them floating by his waist. "Wanna kiss?" They asked, jokingly, noticing he wasn't in fear like the rest.

Gordon just watched for a bit, before smiling, trying to hold his laughter in. Then he just turned into a giggling fit, his hand over his mouth. Benrey watched in delight.

The science team decided to move on, they'd wait for Gordon and Benrey, so it was just the two of them there.

Gordon walked over and kissed them on the cheek Oh so tenderly, which Benrey just stared at, a blush covering their face now.

They picked him up, their eyes looking at him in awe, the pupils dilated. Gordon just looked back, a blush covering his face now. "So, are we gonna kiss or what?"

That got a smirk out of Benrey.

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