HLVRAI Short Stories @tomster
Life is Good Sometimes Yo, maybe a bit of a warning for slight mention of food and a couod-be break down!

Y'know, maybe it isn't the best time to think of your life right then as you're eating dinner, especially when your tears are mixing into your food.

Benrey hadn't even realized that Gordon and Joshua were worryingly staring at them as they spaced out, remembering their first times on Earth.

They had just ran away from Xen, the only home they had known. They'd somehow landed in one of Earth's many forests. They remembered discovering flowing water and tiny insects like Butterflies for the first time.

And they remembered once finding a vast field, their first experience with one, and had found beautiful Blue Bonnets, which they laid on, looking at the nice and cloudy-gray sky. That was such a nice and simple time.

And now here they were. With an actual home and friends. No, not friends, the family they never had. The partner they never had. The child they never had. The parents they never had. The brother they never had.

They'd just started out as the little alien, finding their way around, and now they were the big alien, having found their way.

They snapped out of their thoughts when feeling Joshua hug them. They looked down at him, and he looked back at them, a worried look on his face, for he loved and cared for them.

And that just simply brought them to more tears as with one arm they pulled him in closer. Gordon stood up and walked over, rubbing their back to soothe them.

They kept on crying, now having a smile on their face, surrounded by the love they thought they'd never get.

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