HLVRAI Short Stories @tomster
Cuddles before Games

Gordon had collapsed on the couch, right by Benrey's feet, they were just playing their Nintendo Switch, not looking to him, asking him "You good man?"

"Work was Hell." Gordon answered, sighing and letting his head sink into the couch.

Benrey paused whatever they were playing, looking at him and prodding him with their foot. "Uh-huh, can tell dude."

He didn't much care about the foot, instead just trying to gather his breathing together, feeling his stomach go up and down and trying to make it go in a certain rhythm.

They kept their foot away now, going back to their game, their focus back to it now again. Gordon just kept there, drooling a bit on accident, gross.

Soon enough though, he sat down properly on the floor, his hand behind his back and propped on the couch while he leaned his back on it, staring at nothing.

It was.. Silent, apart from his heartbeat in his ears, his breath and Benrey's video game's sound effects.

He finally decided to kick up another conversation. "How was your day?"

They kept at the video game, answering quickly "Good, just uh, been relaxing, without you though, very not epic, very sad ):."

Gordon chuckled at that, and they did too. "Well, I'm here now aren't I?"

They stopped their game, pausing and saving it, having a slight blush and smirk "Yeah, uh, yeahh."

He just smiled at them, then looked at the Nintendo Switch. "Since you're not playing that anymore, can I have a turn?"

"I dunno man… You were kinda being cringe all day by not being here…" They joked around, keeping the Switch in hand while they let their hands flop around some.

"Well, I'm sorry, but I need some video games to uh… Heal my health up?" He tried making a joke to them, and they smirked, looking away, quest complete baby!!

"Mmm, no. You gotta, uh, go to a different shop I guess, d-dunno what to tell 'ya."

"But!! All the other shops are closed!"

"Not my problem…" They put the Switch underneath the pillow their head was resting on, putting their crossed arms on top of the pillow, their head resting on their arms now instead, a smirk still on their face.

Gordon just hummed to himself, thinking of how to get the Switch. He evilly smiled, his fingers tapping together evilly. "I have a deal you could never turn away!"

"And uh, what's that?" They questioned, opening one eye to him.

He turned around, and crawled on his knees over to them. Then, he started tickling them! They laughed and laughed, their hands getting out from underneath their head to grab at his hands to make him stop.

"Hahaha!!! Okay, haha, you win!!!" He stopped his tickling, proud of himself as they were gasping for air, still laughing. They finally stopped and pulled the Switch from out underneath the pillow, about to hand it to a very happy Gordon, before snatching it away from his grasp, holding it to their chest.

"One more thing to add onto the deal." "And what's that?" "A cuddle? For me? Pwease?"

Gordon put his hand to his mouth, chewing on it as if he was deep in thought, before nodding and taking the finger out. "Alright, you get cuddles."

They smiled and gave him the Switch, happy to receive cuddles. Gordon smiled at the Switch, then flopped onto Benrey, his head on their stomach as he started playing on the Switch.

Benrey just messed with his hair, undoing it from it's hair tie and brushing through it with their fingers, catching some tangles.

There they lied, just enjoying each other, and maybe Gordon was enjoying the game too.

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