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i trust that this is worth it hehe... commission 4 discord nitro. thank u for ur patience tit and i hope u like it!! :] edited this while on the road in da car and i would have published it then had i not dozed off. sorry if there's still mistakes anywhere, ill look over it again when i am not moving lol song lyrics r from trust by half•alive

Searing white was the last thing that Phoenix experienced. A heat he didn’t know existed licked at his arms, grabbing for him as he fell through the eaten wood. Weightlessness consumed his body from the stomach up, escaping through his mouth with a scream he couldn’t hear. The fall felt like if forever lasted a second. It was a long way down, but his life didn’t flash before his eyes like he thought it would – instead, the flames stained his eyelids, intangible white silhouettes against the dark. The roaring rapids below accepted him with vigor, so cold that it didn’t even feel like wet, just searing pain down to the bone that sent his body into shock. White hot, white noise, white cold, white pain – the last experience before being swallowed by eternal darkness.

There was red and blue, hands, people, noises, flashing lights, voices, sirens, all mixed in with the darkness, fading in and out, leaving his consciousness as soon as it entered. 

When he woke up for real, it was to the white of a ceiling, of bedsheets, of the sun shining into the room, of the walls it reflected off of, of the hood on the table next to him. His whole body ached, thumping to the rhythm of his heart, threatening to melt into goop if not held together by clammy skin. 

Hot and cold did not mix well: the first piece of evidence being that the sudden change from fire to freezing water put his body into shock and caused him to black out, and the second piece of evidence being body-wracking shivers that begged for an extra blanket while his head burned up, practically emitting steam. 

Phoenix lifted his head for a moment before dropping back down onto the pillow, squeezing his eyes shut to will away the pain that rushed to his head. ‘Hospital…’ his mind supplied helpfully. A pained groan escaped his mouth. 

He closed his eyes again, and some time later a nurse came in to check on him and bring him breakfast. Once Phoenix was more awake, a doctor came in and explained the damage done by the fall he’d taken – if the story from his friend wasn’t an exaggeration, of course (ah, Larry. Normally Phoenix would expect some crazy tale from him, but unfortunately, he wasn’t sure if Larry could make this incident any more outlandish than it already was). Though his brain still felt like it was stuffed with cotton, enough of the previous night was unlocked in his memories to confirm the story. The doctor almost looked a bit impressed, and Phoenix couldn’t tell if that was an accomplishment or not.

Suddenly, the reason why he ran across the bridge in the first place hit him like a ton of bricks. 

“M-Maya! Is she alright? The–the bridge, did–”

The doctor shook his head. “I’m sorry, I don’t have those answers for you.” He flipped through some papers on his clipboard, then said, “But… it does seem that you have some visitors looking to see you who may be of some help: A… Laurice Deauxnim? and a Dick Gumshoe. Do you feel well enough to accept visitors?”

Phoenix heaved a sigh. “Y-Yes, send them in – uh! One… one at a time, please.”


Over the next hour Phoenix soaked up as much knowledge as his stuffed-up brain could handle, unsurprisingly getting the most useful information out of Gumshoe, who left him some notes on the investigation so far. Words entered a heavy, sinus-clogged head that listened but could not comprehend, eyelids drooping as he nodded along. Phoenix couldn’t even properly say goodbye before he succumbed to sleep and the nurses ushered Gumshoe out.


He woke up for lunch, happy to slurp up some warm soup and enjoy a bit of quiet while awake. He still felt like he was made of lead, but he reached to his bedside table to properly read over the files Gumshoe gave him. His hand brushed against cool fabric, and he stared at it for a moment while the gunk-filled gears turned slowly in his head. Oh. Iris’s hood.

“It has the power to protect you from evil spirits,” she’d said. He remembered her words, voice soft and apprehensive, as she spoke to him that night. The way she moved, her gentle eyes, the familiarity in her graciousness. It reminded him of her, and his chest physically ached to think of it. Then he remembered the psyche-locks, and the feeling in his chest gripped tighter. Confusion, sadness, frustration… there weren’t even words to describe the emotions pooling in his chest when he thought about her and what it all might mean. 

Well, the hood couldn’t have protected him against falling into a freezing river. But, by some miracle, he survived; so maybe it was worth something.

Phoenix draped the hood over his head and sighed at the touch of the cool fabric against his burning skin. Returning to the case files, Phoenix opened up the folder and began to review the information. He couldn’t find the willpower to fully wrap his head around it all, but the least he could do was keep himself up to date. There was no way he’d be able to make it to court like this, but thankfully Larry’s impulsiveness gave them enough time to prepare a trusted Plan B…

“Mr. Wright?” a nurse came in with a knock, “You have another visitor, are you–”

“Let him in,” Phoenix said. 

It’d been a year since he last saw Edgeworth. A year since the last incident. Although he wasn’t exactly happy to see him last time, they’d parted ways on good terms. If Phoenix still had any grief or anger left in him, he was far too out of it to be bothered. Edgeworth had come home from Europe to help Phoenix save Maya, and here he was again, being dragged back to the States because of Phoenix Wright. 


“Wright!” Edgeworth all but barged into the room, worry written all over his face. 

Phoenix looked up and gave him a weak smile. “You just can’t seem to stay away, can you, Edgeworth?” 

Edgeworth blinked at him, let out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding, then shook his head with a smile. “No,” he said with an airy chuckle, “Seems not.” He sat down on a chair next to Phoenix’s bed. “I’m glad to see you’re well – er, alive, at least.” 

Phoenix’s mind was running slow, but seeing his old friend made it feel just a little bit clearer; he didn’t feel like he was fighting to have a conversation, like he sometimes did with Larry or Gumshoe. Talking face-to-face with Edgeworth – not over the phone, not over a video chat he could barely navigate – but in the flesh… it felt like a weight was lifted off of his chest.

“Boy, I’m glad to see you, Edgeworth,” Phoenix said, a lazy smile slipping onto his face. He felt a little fuzzier. Probably the medicine. 

Edgeworth clumsily covered his own smile by adjusting his hair. “How did this happen, Wright? Larry had me thinking that you might’ve died.”

“It’s a miracle I didn’t, really,” Phoenix said, a bit sheepishly. “I– uh, well, it’s– I fell off a bridge.”


“That was on fire.”


“Into a freezing river.”

Edgeworth shut his gaping mouth, and after a moment in thought leaned forward with his hands together. “I’m going to need the full story.”


Phoenix relayed the events of the past two days to the best of his ability, from the magazine article to the last moments of consciousness before waking up in a hospital. It was incredible how trouble - or perhaps bad luck - followed him wherever he went. Edgeworth made a comment along those lines, and Phoenix could only laugh pitifully. 


“If I may ask,” Edgeworth started, “What is that garment you’re wearing?”

“Oh, this?” Phoenix brought a hand up to the hood over his head. “This is Sister Iris’s hood – she gave it to me the night of the incident. She said it wards off evil spirits, or something like that,” he said. 

“I see.”

Phoenix took off the hood and held it in his hands, forlorn eyes searching for answers in its stitches. He found nothing, of course, and he wouldn’t be finding very much of anything for the next two days. No, he knew what he needed, and knew what he had to do in the meantime. Phoenix folded up the hood and handed it to Edgeworth.

“Will you return it for me?” he asked. “She needs it more than I do, now. It’s already served its purpose for me.”

Edgeworth eyed him but took the hood. “If you say so…” He tucked the garment into the inside of his coat. He kept his hands to his chest for a moment, deep in thought, before looking up to face Phoenix again. “Wright… do you believe she’s innocent?”

For the first time in his life, Edgeworth saw Phoenix hesitate. 

“I… don’t know. Honestly, I…” he looked down to his hands. I was wrong before. He clenched his fists. “Right now, that’s your decision to make.” He met Edgeworth’s eyes again. “I assume you’re going to be investigating further?”

“Well, I didn’t come all this way just for a chat,” Edgeworth said.

“No,” Phoenix’s expression relaxed once again, “You came because I’m in the hospital.”

“I came because Larry called me in the middle of the night and convinced me that you might’ve died, Phoenix Wright.” Edgeworth shot back, but there was no malice behind his voice, only a teasing smile that he failed to suppress. 

“Aww, you care about me!” 

“As if that wasn’t a given!” Edgeworth blurted, hair fluffed up like a bird’s ruffled feathers. “At the very least, I owe it to you. But, contrary to popular belief, you are my friend,” he softened.

Phoenix leaned back with a smile, feeling drowsiness overtake his body once again. “‘M glad…” He took a hearty sniff and a groan escaped his mouth. “Boy, I feel horrible,” he said, “I mean – I feel okay, but, y’know… could be better.” He laughed weakly. 

Edgeworth gave him a reassuring smile, though lined with pity. “Get some rest, Phoenix.”

“I will, I will,” Phoenix waved him off, eyes already closed. “Oh! Wait, before you leave,” he shot back up again and started shuffling through the contents of his bedside table. “I want you to have these.”

Phoenix held out his hand to reveal two small items in his palm: his magatama and his attorney’s badge. 

“Ah, erm… what am I to do with these?”

“Oh, this is a magatama. If you carry it with you, you can – you can tell when people are hiding something. It’s like… being able to see into their heart. These things called psyche-locks will appear around them, and you have to break the locks to reveal the truth.”

“...Wright, are you sure you aren’t delusional?”

“No! I mean–” Phoenix sighed. “You’ll see. I promise it’ll help.”

“Alright, alright,” Edgeworth went to take the items and faltered once again. “And… your defense attorney’s badge?”

Phoenix was silent, and though his eyes were getting blearier by the second, he kept an intense gaze on Edgeworth’s. “Just… take care of it, okay?”

Edgeworth held his stare for a moment longer, heart thumping in his ears. “Okay,” he finally said, and took the items from Phoenix’s hand. Before he could move back, though, Phoenix placed his other hand on top of Edgeworth’s, who jumped ever-so-slightly at the unexpected touch.

Hands were such an intimate and vulnerable part of the body, and Edgeworth was careful to use his touch sparingly. Here, with his hand held tightly between Phoenix’s warm hands, he felt every nerve in his body react to the feeling, the tips of his ears burning as the cherry on top. 

“Thank you, Miles. Really.” Phoenix said. His expression was serious yet soft and took all words out of Edgeworth’s arsenal. 

“A-Anytime. Anything… anything for you. Phoenix.” Miles responded. 

Phoenix held them there for a few seconds. He felt his mind getting distant again, leaving him only with feeling; feelings that danced in his chest and filled his head like air. The decision wasn’t one that was made from thought, but rather from instinct.

“I’m probably going to regret this later, but I’m too out of it to care,” he mused.


Phoenix pulled Edgeworth down, moving one hand to the back of his neck, and brought their lips together. 

Edgeworth yelped softly in surprise against Phoenix’s lips, which were warm and a bit drowsy from the fever. He pulled away before Miles even had a chance to react and hummed out a “Sorry” with closed eyes. 

Miles stayed still for a moment before hesitantly cupping Phoenix’s face with his free hand. “...You continue to surprise me, Phoenix Wright,” he finally said, voice wobbling (just a little). He laughed airily. “And after all I’ve done, now you’re trying to get me sick.”

“I’m not going to get you sick. Falling into a freezing river isn’t a virus.”

“But ‘self-destructiveness for the sake of others’ is.”

“Seems like I already infected you with that one, though, huh?”

“... I suppose you have.”

Miles rested their foreheads together with a smile. Hearing Phoenix’s laugh despite the circumstance made his heart flutter, and in a moment of bravery he kissed Phoenix back. Phoenix was the one caught off-guard this time, and Miles snickered in triumph. It took everything in his power not to tell Phoenix right then and there how much he loved him, but thankfully his difficulty in expressing emotion came in clutch for once. He ran his fingers through Phoenix’s hair as a substitute, who leaned into the touch sleepily.

“You need sleep,” Miles told him. Phoenix nodded in agreement, but as soon as Miles started to pull away Phoenix threw his arms across Miles’s back, nearly sending him face-first into Phoenix’s lap. 

“Don’t gooo…” he whined.

“Come on, Larry’s going to throw a fit anytime now,” Miles wrangled himself out of Phoenix’s grip and straightened his suit. “I’ll take care of everything. Don’t worry.”

Phoenix smiled and squeezed Miles’s hand. “Thank you…” he absentmindedly rubbed his thumb against Miles’. “I believe in you... partner.”

A blush lit up Miles’s face and he failed to keep his composure as he tried to return the smile. He felt like his whole body was vibrating from the excitement of it all, and at this point he had to leave immediately. He leaned down and kissed Phoenix’s forehead. “Rest up, okay? I trust you’ll be up and running again in no time.” 

“Mmh…” Phoenix hummed, then fell asleep almost instantly. 


Edgeworth gave Phoenix’s sleeping form one last glance before turning towards the door. Clutching the items entrusted to him against his heart, Miles Edgeworth set off to do what he was born to do. 

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