Thief of My Heart @pklucky
Kiss and Make Up

Kiran and Matthew sat in silence in the storage room for what seemed like hours until Matthew finally spoke up, “Look, we aren’t going to get anywhere if we don’t talk this out. On the count of three, let’s just say whatever’s on our minds.”

Kiran pursed her lips, then sighed, “...Fine.”

“Alright.” Matthew took a deep breath, “One. Two. Three.”

“I’m sorry,” Matthew said.

“I’m horny!” Kiran cried.

Matthew blinked. He whipped his head around. “Are you serious!?”

“I-I can explain! I wanna apologize for what’s been going on too,” Kiran turned her head to Matthew, “But right now, I’m tied up with a really cute guy, and trying to free myself earlier just made me more horny. It’s just a really sexy situation, dude!”

Matthew groaned, “Gods, why?” He inhaled, “Look, let’s get apologies out of the way, then we can take care of your… problem.”

“Alright. I’ll go first,” Kiran cleared her throat. “There’s this spell that--”

Matthew interrupted, “Already know about it. Go on.”

“Wait, how do you know--” Kiran paused. “Ugh, never mind. Not important. Look, I’m sorry about taking advantage of the spell like that. I should’ve at least tried to respect your feelings. I forced you into a relationship without even thinking about how you’d feel about it. I was being way too selfish.” Kiran thought back to Niles’s words from a few days ago: you can't let anyone or anything get in the way of what you want. She took a deep breath, “But at the same time, I want to be selfish. I want you all to myself. The moment I was summoned to Askr and saw you, I knew I wanted to be with you. You’re just a really smart, cool guy, y’know?”

“You don’t have to butter me up like this, Kiran,” Matthew chuckled.

“I-I’m not trying to!” Kiran blushed. “I really feel this way, Matthew. I really love you. That’s why I was so sad when you told me you didn’t feel the same. In all honesty, I should have expected that.” She frowned and said in a low voice, “Nah, I did expect that. I knew from the start this wouldn’t work out, but in the moment, it was… nice.”

Matthew closed his eyes and bowed his head as he tried to formulate a proper response. “I apologize for what I said back then. I should have been respectful of your feelings too.”

“Matthew, if you don’t love me, you don’t have to say you do to spare my feelings,” Kiran grimaced, “Besides, I know about Leila. You love her deeply, don't you?”

Matthew sighed, “Yes, I do love her. I can’t deny that. However,” Matthew wriggled until he could hold Kiran’s bound hands, “I love you too. I can’t deny my feelings for you either. Honestly, I was heartbroken after I said what I did. Seeing your face filled with tears was too much. If something were to happen to you, or if for some reason we can’t be together, I don’t know what I’d do. Kiran, genuine or not, these are my feelings, and I can’t run away from that.” Matthew turned his head and smiled warmly, “I love you.”

“Matthew,” Kiran smiled. “Thank you.”

“So...” Matthew cleared his throat, “Are you still aroused, or--”

Yes,” Kiran said, exasperated.

“Is that so?” Anna opened the door and stepped inside. Sharena followed in behind her with her head bowed as if she didn’t want to make eye contact.

“Aw jeez, I completely forgot you guys were still out there,” Kiran tried her best to come up with something to say next. “So, just how much did you guys hear…?”

Kiran looked away with her face beet-red. Matthew rolled his eyes at her, then turned his attention toward Anna and Sharena, “Care to help us out here?”

“Sure, let’s rearrange some things for you,” Anna untied the rope binding Kiran and Matthew together. She and Sharena helped the both of them to their feet, and pushed them together so that their fronts were touching.

“Um?” Matthew gave Anna a concerned look.

“Don’t worry,” Anna grinned as she re-tied Kiran’s and Matthew’s bodies together and untied their ankles. She retrieved a strip of cloth from her pocket and balled it up. “Open up, Kiran.” Kiran did as she was told, and Anna stuffed Kiran’s mouth with the cloth. She then produced another cloth strip from her pocket and tied that around Kiran’s head to keep the balled up cloth in place.

“Almost done,” Anna locked eyes with Sharena as she held onto the hem of Kiran’s pants. “Ready?”

Sharena walked over to Matthew and placed her hands on the hem of his pants, “Y-Yeah, I guess.”

Anna grinned widely, “Alright. Now!” The two of them pulled down Kiran’s and Matthew’s pants at the same time, exposing their nether regions.

“MATTHEW, I’M SORRY,” Sharena kept her eyes shut tight.

She cockily grinned at them, “You’re welcome. Anyway, one last thing,“ carefully, Anna tipped Kiran and Matthew over so that Kiran was laying on her back with Matthew on top of her.

“M-Mphmphh!” Kiran’s faced turned bright red as she squirmed underneath Matthew.

Matthew’s chest and legs warmed up as he felt Kiran move underneath him, “K-Kiran…”

“Have fun, you crazy kids!” Anna smacked Matthew’s ass and walked out the door with an embarrassed Sharena following close behind.

“A-Ah…” a light blush rose to Matthew’s cheeks.

Kiran noticed something else rise too. Huh. Noted.

Kiran wriggled in arousal underneath Matthew, “Mmph…! Mmnnn…” She bucked her hips against Matthew’s forming erection to which Matthew responded with low moans.

Matthew kissed Kiran’s gagged lips as he grinded against her. His kisses worked their way from her lips, to her cheek, then to her neck where he sucked and nipped on her sweet skin.

Kiran moaned Matthew’s name into her gag. Her heart beat like crazy as her breasts rubbed against Matthew’s chest. She spread her legs, presenting her dripping sex to Matthew.

He accepted the invitation and rammed his throbbing cock inside Kiran. Moaning in ecstasy as her walls closed in around his erection, Matthew pushed into her faster and faster.

Kiran cried out with pleasure as Matthew’s cock slammed into her. She tightened her hands into fists and curled her toes, “Mnnn! Mmph! Mnph!” Her core tightened up more and more until one thrust from Matthew sent Kiran over the edge, “Mmphhh…!” All the tension loosened up in Kiran’s body as she caught her breath.

“Fuck, Kiran, I’m close…” Matthew drove his hard on deeper inside her wet cunt. His body heated up as he approached closer and closer to climax. “I’m so fucking close…!” He pounded harder into Kiran and asked her breathlessly, “W-Want me to cum inside…?”

Kiran nodded vigorously, “Mmn…!”

“Alright,” Matthew slowed his pace, but rammed into Kiran as hard as he could with each remaining thrust. With one last, forceful thrust, Matthew cried out as his hot liquid spewed out from his cock and filled Kiran’s hole. He collapsed onto Kiran, gasping for air.

Matthew smiled weakly and kissed Kiran’s cheek, “Enjoy yourself?”

Kiran nodded and nuzzled Matthew’s face. Matthew chuckled and continued to plant kisses on Kiran’s face.

Right here, right now, Matthew was hers. And Kiran was his. They wouldn’t let each other forget that. Never again.

IT'S FINALLY DONE. Thank you all so much for joining me on this wild ride. What started off as a one-shot became something that snowballed into a big hot mess that I love very very much. I know this isn't the best fic and there's so many things I'd fix, but hey, I enjoyed writing it. (Also Kiran's probs gonna get pregnant idk well either way story's over who cares)
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