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Their Word is My Command

It was a quiet night in the kingdom of Askr, and a certain question had been nagging Kiran’s mind ever since she learned how to summon Heroes. It just so happened that tonight, she finally found a private moment to talk it over with Commander Anna. “So, why is it that the Heroes will listen to whatever I say?” Kiran inquired Anna as they walked to their rooms after dinner. “For some Heroes, I sort of understand their loyalty, but I’m not that great of a tactician. I’m sure someone like Robin or Soren would question my strategies by now. And some of the more… morally questionable ones haven’t tried any assassination attempts on me. Seriously, what gives?!”

“It’s quite simple, actually,” began Anna. “A protection spell was cast over the whole realm centuries ago to aid the Great Hero. If Heroes had complete free will, they wouldn’t be completely loyal to the kingdom. Who knows what might happen then!”

A sudden realization overcame Kiran, and she groaned at the thought, “So, what you’re saying is the only reason none of these Heroes kill me for my incompetence is because I happen to be the Chosen One and they’re under the influence of some mind control magic?”

“You’re saying that like it’s a bad thing!” Anna laughed and patted Kiran on the back, “Just don’t think about it too hard, alright? Your word is their command, Kiran. They’ll follow your orders no matter what. You’re safe.”

“You’re saying that like it’s a bad thing!” Anna laughed and patted Kiran on the back, “Just don’t think about it too hard, alright? Your word is their command, Kiran. They’ll follow your orders no matter what. You’re safe.”

Kiran sighed. This is just all sorts of weird, she thought. These Heroes could beat me to a pulp at best if they wanted to. If things were different, I would’ve been dead a long time ago! Having all these people under my control is just–wait. “Under my control”. Kiran stopped in her tracks and bowed her head deep in thought. Does that include…?

Anna stopped as well and cocked her head at Kiran, “Something wrong?”

“I was just thinking,” Kiran spoke with the most innocent tone she could muster. “Does this whole ‘my word is their command’ thing carry over outside the battlefield?”

“Yes, of course.” Anna replied, “Why wouldn’t it?”

Long gone and running off in the direction of Matthew’s room.

With a racing heart and shaky knees, Kiran knocked Matthew’s door frantically.

“Who is it?” Matthew’s voice carried over from the other side of the door.

“I-It’s Kiran!” she replied. “I just wanted to talk to you about something.”

With a racing heart and shaky knees, Kiran knocked Matthew’s door frantically.

“Who is it?” Matthew’s voice carried over from the other side of the door.

“I-It’s Kiran!” she replied. “I just wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Okay, give me a second.” Kiran could hear Matthew’s footsteps approach the door. Then a click. And the door swung open to reveal the tall, red-headed young man. He gestured to Kiran, “Come in.”

Kiran stepped inside as Matthew closed the door behind them. He sat at the edge of his bed while Kiran pulled up a chair and sat a few feet in front of him. Kiran made occasional eye contact with him as she fiddled with the hem of her robes. The two of them sat in what seemed like endless silence until Matthew asked, “So, what did you need?”

Kiran tensed up at the sudden question and cried out, perhaps almost too loudly, “O-Oh! Uh, nothing! I-I mean, I do need something. Why else would I want to talk to you in private like this?” She laughed nervously and averted her gaze as Matthew gave her a quizzical, but expectant look.

Come on, Kiran. You can do this!

Her lips pursed shut. She couldn’t say a thing.

Just tell him you want to fuck him. If what Anna said was true–which it most likely is–he’ll say “yes”!

Whatever words she wanted to say got caught in her throat and suffocated her.

Say something, dammit!

She swallowed them back down and sighed in defeat.

Matthew started to get up from the bed, “Look, if it’s not that urgent, you can–”


“Huh?!” Before he could fully stand up, Kiran pushed him and pinned him to the bed with herself straddled on top of his waist and her hands holding his arms to his sides. Matthew looked up and locked eyes with Kiran, “Um…?”

It took Kiran a second to realize her current position. She covered her face with her hands. Blood rushed to her face as she stammered, “Ah, sorry, Matthew! I didn’t mean to–I just–O-Oh jeez, I’m really really sorry!” When Kiran didn’t hear a response or feel any struggling from Matthew, she slowly uncovered her face and saw something she didn’t expect. Matthew was… blushing? Oh, yeah. It was subtle, but it was definitely there. Is this that spell at work? wondered Kiran. I guess there’s one way to find out.

Kiran leaned in closer to Matthew’s face and whispered, “Matthew, please…” She gulped. “Please kiss me.”

Without hesitation, Matthew nodded. He placed his lips on hers, barely touching them at first. He closed his eyes. Kiran loosened the tension throughout her body and closed her eyes as well. She pressed her lips more firmly against his. So soft. Matthew’s arms wrapped around Kiran’s body, held her close, and kissed her deeply. So warm. His right hand traced down her back and fondled her ass. She could feel his pulse increase in rhythm along with her pounding heart. Something poked at Kiran’s entrance.

Kiran’s eyes shot open and she sat up. Matthew took quick, deep breaths and opened his eyes. His entire face was flushed. He smiled at her and asked, “Anything else you want?”

Kiran’s heart practically burst out of her chest, and her opening grew wet at the thought of taking things further. She looked at Matthew dead in the eye, “Fuck me. Now.”

“Wow, so commanding,” Matthew smirked as he slipped his hands underneath Kiran’s robes. “But, yeah. I can do that for you.” He leaned in for another kiss while his hands helped slide Kiran’s robes off of her. Kiran, in turn, tucked her fingers underneath the hem of his trousers, then under the waistband of his underwear. She lifted herself up slightly and pushed his garments down until Matthew’s hard, erect cock sprung up. Her focus shifted to his erection; she let her fingers wrap around his shaft. Gently, Kiran’s hand rubbed up and down his throbbing member. “Ah, so good,” Matthew moaned breathlessly.

Kiran stopped for a moment. Matthew blinked up at her in confusion. She held Matthew’s hand and guided it to her belt buckle, “I’ll keep going if you return the favor.” She whispered into Matthew’s ear; her warm breath made his muscles twitch. A small bead of precum leaked from the tip of his length.

The words “As you wish” barely left Matthew’s lips as he undid Kiran’s belt and helped her out of her pants and underwear. He took one of his fingers and traced it along Kiran’s sensitive, wet cunt. Kiran let out short, quiet moans and shivered to Matthew’s touch.

“Come on, Matthew,” urged Kiran. “You can do better than that.” Matthew teased her hole with his finger and slowly put it inside. Kiran’s walls tightened around Matthew’s finger as he slid it in and out of her. She resumed rubbing Matthew’s cock, this time synching her rhythm with Matthew’s fingering. The two of them quickened their pace. Their leg muscles tensed. Their hot breaths and moaned names filled the room. “Matthew,” Kiran begged and whimpered. “I need your dick in me right now. Oh, god, just fuck me!”

Matthew grunted in reply and removed his finger from Kiran’s dripping sex. Kiran got off of Matthew and stripped herself from her remaining clothing while Matthew did the same. Matthew grabbed Kiran and forced her down onto the mattress face up as he positioned himself on top of her. She spread open her legs, revealing her gaping cunt before him. Matthew teased Kiran’s puffed up clit with the head of his cock. “Are you ready?” he asked.

Kiran nodded, “Do it.” He shoved his entire length into her; she yelped with pleasure as his girth filled her. Matthew held Kiran by the hips and pulled her into him with each thrust. Kiran gasped each time his head hit her g spot. Kiran sprung up and planted her lips on Matthew’s neck. Nibbling and sucking on his flushed skin, she marked his neck with one hickey after another. Feeling Kiran’s supple lips and playful bites on his skin made Matthew thrust even faster. Once she was satisfied with her work, Kiran flopped back onto the bed exposing her front.

Matthew took the invitation and pressed his lips on Kiran’s erect right nipple, softly teasing with his tongue, lightly grazing against it with his teeth. With his right hand, Matthew pawed at Kiran’s left breast, massaging it, lightly pinching and pulling and flicking the nipple with his nimble fingers. He continued driving his dick deeper and deeper into her as he played with her sensitive mounds. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her back arched, her hands clutched for dear life onto the sheets, her muscles between her thighs contracted around Matthew’s cock. Surrendering to the sudden explosion of pleasure, she cried out and collapsed into the bed, her juices leaking from her hole.

Matthew was close behind. He straightened out his back and placed his hands back on Kiran’s hips. His thrusts were more hard and abrupt, but he kept the same swift pace as before. He leaned into Kiran’s body until he was heaving into her ear. She could barely make out Matthew swearing and gasping her name under his breath, “Kiran, Kiran… Oh, fuck, Kiran…” Huffing and puffing with each pound, Matthew managed to let out a breathless “I’m coming…!” right before pulling out and showering Kiran’s stomach with white blobs of cum.

The two of them laid sprawled next to each other on the bed, sweaty and heaving from all the activity. After catching his breath, Matthew turned to Kiran, “I’d like to wash up. How about you?” Kiran gave a small nod; she couldn’t find the energy to do much else.

Kiran sighed with relief and smiled. Good. I didn’t want things to end there.

Kiran couldn’t sleep; she tossed and turned in the bed. Well, as much as she could considering Matthew was there beside her. She turned over and stared at his peaceful expression. She pouted. Deep down, Kiran knew this wouldn’t happen under normal circumstances. In his world, Matthew’s heart belonged to someone else. Neither him nor Kiran even belonged in Askr in the first place, anyway. In the end, there just seemed something wrong with it all.

As her thoughts raced, Kiran’s eyes focused on the hickeys on Matthew’s neck. Without thinking, she lifted her hand and gingerly let her fingertips caress each one. Her mind cleared.

Right here, right now, Matthew was hers. And Kiran was his. She wouldn’t let him or herself forget that. Ever.

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