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This Is What Happens Written on 1/9/17, again, at like... 2am this time. Based on the 'Person A has a major headache and Person B is carrying A upstairs, occasionally pretending to drop them, only to immediately grab them again. B then says something stupidly romantic like "I'd never let you go" and then accidentally smacks A against the stair rails.' prompt from otpprompts. Human AU is here. Sorry for spamming the chapters, but since they're done, hey, might as well post them.

Kane had a headache, and Kane wasn't going to just walk and fall over and probably pass out. So, of course, he called on his friendly neighborhood boyfriend, Deacon to carry him upstairs.

Sadly, Deacon was known to also be the friendly neighborhood playing-around-at-inopportune-time guy, which meant Kane? Kane got to be scared to death 1000 times because Deacon was both at the same time.

"Deacon, I swear if you fake-drop me agaaaaaa- STOP IT." Kane groaned, as Deacon, once again, fake-dropped him.

"Okay, okay..." Deacon grinned.

No, he was not going to stop it. He was going to repeatedly do it and end up probably getting hate from Kane, but, who cares? They both knew they loved each other, and nobody can stay mad at their significant other for more than a day.


"Oh, but don't you know, I'd never really let you goooOH MY STARS I'M SO SORRY KANE!"

Deacon had accidentally hit Kane's head into the stair rails.

"...this. This is what happens when I ask you. To carry me. Up the stairs," Kane replied with a small smile, and Deacon was ready to either die for real, or die from laughing.

"You're lucky I love you this much, or I would've kept my promise to break your kneecaps."

"You're smiling, though," Deacon giggled.

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