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Chirps of Sleep Written on 1/9/2017, late at night/early in the morning (1:05 am help), based on the 'Person A and B cuddle up and person A falls asleep. Person B then falls of the bed laughing because person A is sleep talking gibberish.' prompt from otpprompts on tumblr. This does use the clockwork versions of Kane and Deacon.

Kane made a small giggle as he nuzzled against Deacon, seeming to get sleepier and sleepier as the minutes passed. The small sounds his voice box made also suggested that the commander was in need of some rest, a small chirp waltzing into his giggles and occasionally in his speech.

So when Kane had fallen asleep, gone silent and stopped moving, it came to no surprise to Deacon that his commander had fallen asleep. Although clockworks tend to look dead when they sleep. Deacon sighed, now having an entire clockwork chaining him down on the bed. While it was cute, he liked moving, not staying still as a statue for whoever ended up falling asleep beside him.

A high-pitched, cute chirp suddenly sounded, cutting the silence in half. Then, he apparently had tried to talk, but it pitched up and down, making the word unrecognizable, and ended in a small series of chirps. Deacon had to cover his mask's mouth with his hand. 'Oh my stars,' Deacon thought, 'Kane sleep talks.'

"Nobody told you the - chirp, chirp - birds - chirp chirp - oooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh?" Deacon had started to almost roll onto the floor - the long 'oah' bending in pitch, with its cracks here and there - because gosh, that made no sense! His own commander, making no sense!

'It's too cuuute,' he thought, giggling, before he landed on the floor with a thump and realized he had giggled himself off the bed, more chirps coming from him.

This went on for several hours, Deacon laughing at the weird sentences and pitch-bent words that had been born of Kane's sleep-talking, wishing he could jar up this cute moment forever, just listening to the melodic chirps of the supreme ruler and having laughed off of the bed, not worrying about which island they were destroying, whether or not a flower crown was good to wear at this moment, everything being good and serene and Deacon just wanted the seconds, minutes, hours that this spanned to be repeated over and over again.

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