Ye Bible of Spycommander @sanitycandy
Alive Written on 1/8/17, for an ask from an anon on kanendeaconbeyondthegrave. Uses clockwork versions.

"Wait, you're alive?!"

If clockworks' masks could have emotions, Kane would have a small, pained smile on his face. Deacon's would be of surprise - he wasn't dead?

"Yes, I am..." Kane's voice box sounded messed up - more broken and robotic, distorted a bit. His uniform was torn - you could see robotic parts, some wires, where Kane had been attacked.

"I... Oh my stars, Kane..." Deacon ran over to him, and hugged him.

"Ow. Deacon, you're hitting my wires," A small chuckle could be heard in the supreme commander's voice, obviously somewhat happy that he was back with Deacon, and that the other had not died in that year of time.

Deacon pulled away from the painful hug, realizing he should probably get Kane somewhere safer to sit - he was just in so much awe... so much surprise that he was still alive, a year after he'd been attacked. How had he not died? Who knows, who cares. They'd be back together again, and that was all that mattered to Deacon now - the Armada, back together again under the smartest clockwork's rule.</p>

"So. While you were away," Kane moved his head onto Deacon's shoulder, causing a small eep between the sentence, "I've been controlling the Armada. It's been... hard."

Kane made a weak laugh.</p>

"Now you know. But, I was thinking, when we got back... I could rule the Armada again?" Deacon nodded.

"I just... I'm the happiest person in Valencia right now, since you're alive," Even though Deacon seemed distant while he said that, that was true - he was probably the happiest in Valencia, considering the rest of the skyway's state.

"Let's just get back to the Machine."

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