petals in the summertime @ska1224 Emboldened by Fabian’s acceptance, Gorgug plucks a few more flowers--a variety of yellows, purples, and pinks and various sizes. Each one is gently woven through Fabian’s hair and Gorgug’s fingers linger a little longer after each one. Soon Fabian’s face is framed with carefully and strategically placed flowers. Picking another one out of the ground, Gorgug reaches for Fabian before pullin 2 years 755 0 0 Dimension 20: Fantasy High General Audiences English Complete FantasyGeneralRomance Fabian Aramais SeacasterGorgug Thistlespring Fabian Aramais Seacaster/Gorgug Thistlespring Canon Disabled Character Read 1. petals in the summertime 755 0 0