Send Jon Cat Pictures. It's The Only Joy He Has Anymore. @needscaffeine

send me cat photos√ @thecatguy im quitting my job and im going to go live on a farm with a bunch of cats Cat Guy Is The Best @Rachelisrad Replying to @thecatguy Can I join you? send me cat photos√ @thecatguy yes. but you have to bring your own cat. im not sharing. Cat Guy Is The Best @Rachelisrad That's fine. When and where? send me cat photos√ @thecatguy im not sure. ill get back to you More Replies Georgie√ @whattheghost Replying to @thecatguy If you're planning on kidnapping the Admiral, give me a heads up first send me cat photos√ @thecatguy i will be over after work to pick up the baby Georgie√ @whattheghost Alright. But just so you know he's in a mood. send me cat photos√ @thecatguy when has that ever mattered?? i love all cats. even grumpy ones. and the Admiral loves me back. Georgie√ @whattheghost Yes. I'm aware my cat likes you more. send me cat photos√ @thecatguy and he always will Glasses are for nerds @iwearglasses You two know each other??? More Replies --------------------------- send me cat photos√ @thecatguy @thedistortion you can't send me one cat photo and then not send more. thats not how it works Michael @thedistortion Replying to @thecatguy You did this to yourself send me cat photos√ @thecatguy how?? what did i do??? Michael @thedistortion You wouldn't open the door for me send me cat photos√ @thecatguy 😑 More Replies --------------------------- Avatars? More like Avastars Archivist: @webby tell Michael to be nice to me Webby: @Michael be nice to jon Michael: You can't control me, Annabelle Webby: sorry jon, i tried Archivist: it wont send me cat photos Annabelle Webby: why not?? Archivist: i wouldnt open *the door* for it Webby: michael. you know the rules Michael: do I? Webby: yes. you do. we send jon cat photos and he 'forgets' to invite elias to the chat when he asks him to Oliver: Don't mess this up for us Michael. Peter: I don't understand why we cat invite Elias Mike: I'm assuming you two are between divorces? Peter: Yeah. Why? Webby: no reason. michael stop throwing a pity party and send jon cat photos Archivist: :) Michael: :( --------------------------- Michael @thedistortion You're a snitch @thecatguy send me cat photos√ @thecatguy Replying to @thedistortion perhaps, but you cant prove anything. now send me the pictures. Michael @thedistortion :((

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