The Dead Robins Club @robin It wasn't often that they'd all come together like this, but when they did, it was because it was necessary. Stephanie would usually be the one to round them up - she'd give Jason a call, who would give Dick a call, who would let Damian know exactly what rooftop to meet them on, and then they'd sit down, dressed in civvies, legs hanging off the edge and gazes either trained on the skyline or the s 2 years 1.8K 0 0 BatmanDC SuperheroesDCU General Audiences English Slow Updates AngstFamily Jason T./Red HoodDamian W./RobinBarbara GordonStephanie B./SpoilerStephanie BrownJason Todd Cross-posted from AO3BatfamilyDead Robins ClubBatfamily (DCU) Read 1. 1 1084 0 0 2. 2 748 0 0