I'll cradle you to sleep @strega He doesn’t know exactly what it is that brought him there, at the doorstep of the Stillwater, but he’s not so surprised with himself. He’s been wandering for a while in the city, lost in thoughts and now he’s at the opposite part of Town from his home, so tired he feels like he could faint any moment. So, he goes up the stair and knocks. 2 years 2.7K 0 0 Мор. Утопия | Pathologic General Audiences English Complete AngstHurt/ComfortRomance Artemy BurakhDaniil DankovskyEva Yan (mentioned) Artemy Burakh/Daniil Dankovsky One Shothurt/comfortSelf-Indulgentbed sharing Read 1. I'll cradle you to sleep 2714 0 0