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Prologue Hi there! I'm just moving over this little story over from my ao3. Haven't figured out how to import it, so im just copying it manually, hope you enjoy!

"So, we don't have the music planned yet, but I understood from Shani that you already had someone in mind." Geralt said through the telephone.

His phone was clenched between his head and shoulder, while he quickly navigated to the extensive spreadsheet on his laptop. His other hand was leafing through the files lying on his desk in the meantime, trying to locate the document specifically concerned with entertainment. There was the document on the colour scheme and flower arrangements, the one on Essi’s dress having to match the venue, a small clearing in the woods. He was so engrossed in his task that Essi's voice became background noise, which was honestly not the best when talking to a customer.

"... and I think he'll be really good, you see. He's a close friend and I know he really cares about his craft, you know?" Geralt did not, in fact, know, but there was no need to let Essi in on that. The name she supplied couldn’t possibly be real either, was the man’s name really Ya- something? “… was a few years above me in school and he’s only improved from then.” Essi happily chattered on. His clients usually weren’t the type of people to be in want of a single performer, but then again, a large band would be out of place in such an intimate setting.

"Apologies, but what was his name again, Essi? I'm afraid I missed it.""I've only mentioned it five times," she giggled, "it's Jaskier. I'll email you his details."

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