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They were warm, cuddling with each other after hanging out around the village. They had done silly challenges in their small walk, relaxing after a mission.

That probably made Lee even more tired, with all the scratches and bruises he got. Neji had spent a while in healing each one, not severe enough to require healing jutsu but still painful to the black haired boy.


Lee gave up in his touch, too exhausted to have his eyes open anymore. The Hyuga smiled softly and carried him to his bed, leaning to a hug once he was in the blankets.


Minutes or hours passed, though Neji wasn't sure which was true. He jus embraced his boyfriend, looking at the dusk with calmness in his gaze.


Dusk... it was getting late. He couldn't spend the night, as he had not informed Hiashi of the unexpe visit.

So he broke the embrace first, surprised to notice Lee was still awake, and mumbling.




"You know I can't", Neji whispered, gently stroking his boyfriend's cheeks. "Hiashi is very strict. I have to go."


"Five minutes more?"

The dusk had just settled in. It wasn't even dark yet.


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