The quest of a life time @bluegreen118
Chapter one

Ok so this is weird, oh wait I forgot to introduce my self. My name is Sam Lucy, I am the daughter of Poseidon and I have the legacy of Percy Jackson to live up to. Now back to the beginning, when I was 13 my mom sat me down. She told me this, “honey it’s time you learn my secrets. I’m the daughter of Hecate. And your the daughter of Poseidon. You have to go somewhere where you’ll be safe” and I was so confused, what did she mean “daughter of Poseidon” so I asked but she just took me to camp where he claimed me. Why was I the one? Why did I have to be the daughter of this HUGE god? Then was the part we’re everyone asked me “are you going to be the next Percy Jackson???” I usually stayed in my cabin until I met this “great Percy Jackson” (Note: this isn’t my vision of this character it’s Sams view)

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