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First Meeting

Dabi was a lot of things, a villain, a victim of abuse in ways the strongest minded would flinch at, and an asshole at the best of times.


But one thing he wasn't was impolite.


Especially to sweet looking women that had gentle eyes and the same, sweet motherly aura that all good mothers seemed to emit at all times no matter what, as if it were a passive quirk of their own.


He doesn't speak about the time an elderly woman called him sweetheart and he almost broke down.


He just doesn't.


He has a reputation to maintain.


Which is why when he'd accidentally bumped into a woman that seemed to be in a hurry, spilling her groceries out across the ground, he'd immediately bent down to help her pick them up, gathering the items and mumbling a soft apology that sounded foreign and strange on his tongue. Having barely left the League's base of operations for anything more than missions lately he was finding it somewhat difficult to socialize with anyone really.


So talking to someone normal was an odd experience.


But whether he was acting peculiar or not, the woman gave him a sweet, shaky smile in return, green eyes warm despite the nervous look to them as she helped gather the groceries, her green hair straying free from the bun atop her head falling just over her shoulder.


Now that he'd noticed it she seemed especially nervous and jumpy.


Though anyone would be seeing him, fully covered in a hoodie even in the warm spring weather, with a medical mask to cover his face and bandages wrapped just under his eyes. And as tall as he was coupled with his dark hair and clothing he'd be intimidating to anyone on the street, especially to a woman that just barely reached his chest and looked as small as she did.


Though he took notice of her darting eyes, how she turned her head a bit and picked up a stray packaged meal as an excuse to look behind her, stiffening up significantly right after.


Dabi looked behind her, just a glance, but enough to see the more than shady figure that was watching them both, tucked in the shadow of the alley with a smile straight from every horror movie ever.


Someone up to no good it seemed.


He finished helping her with the last of her groceries, the lady thanking him gently before moving on, leaving Dabi to stand in the middle of the sidewalk, thinking. His steps were slow and purposeful as he started walking the opposite direction, passing the creep in the alley with his head held low and covered by his hood.


Waiting for a couple of seconds he turned on his heel, trailing the guy that was following the sweet looking woman, his posture held with a purpose in his steps and murder bright in his blue eyes.


If there was one thing he didn't tolerate it was men enacting any sort of violence against women. And if he had his way(which he usually did) he'd burn any he could find out of existence.(also something he usually did)


Hell he didn't even let crusty himself lay a hand on Toga, nearly burning the hand creep when he had lifted his hand as if to hit her that one time.


Safe to say he didn't try it again. Though the crusty creep denied having been threatened by him, saying it was too much of an annoyance to acknowledge him instead.


Probably why the leech attached herself to him like she did, annoyingly enough.


It wasn't until the evening crowds had petered out to nearly nothing and the sky darkened that Dabi made his move just as it seemed the creep was as well, quickly walking up on the guy as they came upon an empty alleyway. And with a hard shove of his hand to the other's face to drive him into said alleyway, a deep flash of blue, and the snap of crackling flame the guy was decidedly nothing more than ashes on the trash covered ground.


The only evidence of anything having happened was the soot that covered Dabi's hand as he stepped from the alley, eyes looking towards where the woman had gone, seeing her walk up to an apartment complex towards the building's doors.


On instinct she turned and looked his way, seeming to startle at the sight of him.


Though he didn't linger long enough to see her reaction, turning away from her and continuing on his way, wiping the soot from his hand on his hoodie.



It wasn't the weather or the air conditioning he was currently directing his ire towards, but the frozen section of the grocery store. His scars tended to stiffen and act up near anything remotely close to refrigeration, so winters were of course a bitch for his burns and chronic pain. And his fire just under the surface of his skin didn't help, having to suppress it to where it didn't flare up randomly and end up burning whatever was near.


Bright blue eyes looked irritably over the frozen meal section, wondering what he was in the mood to eat for dinner that wouldn't turn his stomach or have him feeling like shit from the high sodium content.


How did Kurogiri do this on the regular? He might have to actually thank the man one of these days.


"Oh! It's you!"


The sudden voice caught him by surprise, jumping slightly, quirk nearly flaring up in defense. Only to settle at the sight of the owner of said voice, green eyes just as bright and overall expression as warm and gentle as the first time he'd seen her.


"You are the young man that made sure I got home safe the other day aren't you?" She asked again, a hint of nervousness in her tone as she asked him the question. Most likely wondering if she got the wrong person.


He should have said no, should have said he had never seen her before, listened to her apology for mistaking him for someone else, and went along with his day.


"Yeah, I am. Didn't think you'd recognize me."


Oh his brain to mouth filter was a traitor. Hawks 2.0 he should name it.


But he was honestly surprised she had recognized him, considering how covered up he was the first time and still was even days later.


Then again he was wearing the exact same clothes he'd been wearing days prior. League didn't pay as well as the ideals and changes they were promising so the variety of clothing was kept to a minimum. And the only clothes he could wear without irritating his burns were expensive as well.


"Oh! Well thank you for the other day then! I do really appreciate it, I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't been there sweetheart!" She remarked, smiling as brightly as the sun itself, maybe even brighter.


And oh...there it was. Shit. Fuck.





So here he was, a villain of the League eating katsudon on the couch with Inko-San on the other end; a pink, fluffy sweater hanging off his shoulder with the face of a kitten on it, looking oversized immensely on his thin frame, and fish themed sweatpants to compliment the look, some drama playing on the television that he found himself investing in just as much as the woman beside him was, both enjoying the other's company as much as strangers could when one was enacting a thanks in return for a kind gesture from another.


And when he found his bowl empty he was offered a second serving, finding himself unable to refuse when Inko-San had such a fierce and determined look on her face, daring him to refuse the second helping of katsudon she had steaming and ready in her hands for him.


Dabi was smart, while others would say he was a dumbass because he constantly antagonized the man that could ironically turn him to ash, or that he shouldn't be spitting near Chisaki Kai which had nearly signed his death warrant a handful of times, (Magne was still recovering, the man deserved to pay his dues in blood and he was going to get it dammit, no matter how small the baby steps to get there were) or even keeping that damn Noumu that wouldn't revert and listen to Shigaraki's commands anymore, only heeding his words now.(His name was Little Kitty and he'd kill a man for him and had.)


In short, Dabi navigated danger like it was second nature.


Which was why he took the bowl of katsudon and started on it immediately, tension relieved from his shoulders as the woman relaxed and went back to her seat next to him.


And later on even when his clothes had come out the dryer, cleaner now than weeks before, he'd stayed put, only moving to curl into the futon she'd brought out for him, insisting he stay the night.


How she knew he didn't have anywhere safe to go back to he'd probably never know. But the small part of him that still hoped and dreamed was grateful.


Funny, he thought that part had died out long ago.

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