Second Helping @nogenderonlylove Dabi was a lot of things, a villain, a victim of abuse in ways the strongest minded would flinch at, and an asshole at the best of times. But one thing he wasn't was impolite. Especially to sweet looking women that had gentle eyes and the same, sweet motherly aura that all good mothers seemed to emit at all times no matter what, as if it were a passive quirk of their own. 2 years 1.5K 1 5 My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア Teen & Up English Complete Comfort Inko M.Dabi | Touya T. Inko M./Dabi | Touya T. found familyParental Inko M.Dabi | Touya T. Is Bad At FeelingsAccidental Vllain Acquisition By Inko M. Read 1. First Meeting 1546 5 3