A Hale Love Story @halewolfgirl10
S1 Ep 9 - Wolfsbane


Kenzie's POV

I yawned loudly and unattractively as I went around on my rounds at the hospital, I'd been here since 6:30 this morning and was already beyond exhausted since I haven't been sleeping well lately with all the stress of the past week not to mention I was single parenting a five year old while trying to keep a full time job, I haven't seen Derek since the night we fought and only got a few short texts letting me know he was okay.

I had dropped Lia off at friend Ryan's place this morning so his mom could drop her off at school since as of late she'd been spending quite a bit of time with them after I'd finally met the boy's mother, her name was Sarah and she was the grade 3 teacher and while I didn't usually trust new people especially with my daughter I didn't really have that much of a choice lately as I had to keep appearances at work and with Derek gone I didn't have any other options so she spent the days I was working at Ryan's and I picked her up after work.

I walked back towards the nurses station just in time to see Jackson stand up from one of the nurse computers and take off with a smirk on his face and frowned wondering what the hell that was about so I continued over seeing Melissa sit back down at that computer and looked over to where Jackson had disappeared before back at the computer before shaking her head.

"What was that about?" I asked her.

"He wanted to look something up, he said he was one of Scott's friends" she shrugged and my frown deepened since that wasn't true which told me that kid was up to something but I didn't have the time or the energy to find out what it was. "You okay, you look exhausted?" Melissa suddenly asked me making me turn back to face her.

"I haven't been sleeping all that great, Lia's been…acting out you could say with this situation with my husband" I replied and she nodded knowing all about the Derek thing and frankly I was surprised she even still talked to me since a lot of the other nurses only approached me or talked to me when it was work related other than that they avoided me like the plague as if I was in on the whole murders and would murder them at any second even though Melissa had more right to be concerned given 'Derek' supposedly had her son trapped at the school but she never acted with ill intentions towards me or Lia as of yet which I was kind of glad of since Lia loved coming to work with me sometimes just to see Melissa.

"That can't be easy" she shook her head and I took a seat next to her on one of the computers to file an update on the patients file I just finished with. "If you don't mind me asking, how are you with everything going on?" she asked and I turned.

"I'm okay but it's been hard looking after Lia on my own, from the day she was born I've always had Derek and his sister there to help especially given I wasn't that confident about being a mother at first but all that's changed now" I replied shocked by my own honesty.

"Well if you ever need any help, I'm here" she replied and I shot her a thankful smile.

"Thanks Melissa, I really appreciate that you don't treat me or Lia differently"

"None of what your going through is yours or your little girls fault and although I can't completely relate I know what its like to have your kids father disappear from the picture" she replied squeezing my shoulder and I nodded since although I'd never asked about Scott's dad it was clear he wasn't around. "Well I'm off to do a few sponge baths" she added and I laughed which actually felt good to do.

It was reasonably slow in the hospital at the moment so I found myself walking into the long term care area and headed towards Peter's room walking in seeing him sitting in his wheelchair which was angled to be looking out the window, I sighed walking over and took a seat on the chair nearby.

"Hey Peter, I still don't even know if you can hear us but I just…needed to talk with someone" he was silent and didn't move, I was starting to wonder if he was never going to get better. "I don't know what to do, you helped me once when I was scared to except Derek as my mate and now I'm afraid for him I could really use your help if you can give me anything" I looked up feeling the water pooling in the bottom of my eyes threatening to roll down my cheeks. "I'm scared for our daughters sake that something is going to happen to Derek if he continues down the path he's on" I knew I wasn't going to get an answer so I sighed and stood up walking over to him. "Good talk Peter, I miss you" I kissed the unburnt side of his face then left.

I headed back towards the nurse station to check in on which patients needed care but my arm was suddenly grabbed and I was yanked into an empty exam room with another hand coming up to cover my mouth stifling my surprised scream.

"It's me" the hand left go and I turned seeing Derek.

"What the hell Derek!?" I exclaimed throwing my arms out to the side.

"Shh" he warned me and I looked outside the small window in the door in case anyone saw or heard that.

"What are you doing here, you know the hospital has cameras right"

"I needed to talk to you"

"You couldn't wait until tonight" I asked him since this was a huge risk coming here.

"No not really" I frowned looking at him.

"Well what?" I spat a little harsher but I was still on edge from our fight the other night.

"Who's this woman that's been watching Lia" my eyes furrowed together since he would only know that if he's been following us which honestly doesn't surprise me but it pisses me off that he seems to not trust me in who I entrust our daughter to.

"Are you serious right now, your questioning me on who I have watching our daughter"

"With the situation were in right now yes" he replied and I glared at him.

"It's her friends mother which you know doubt already know, I've met her and she checks out-"

"Well I don't like it, anything could happen to Lia in her care, the Argents-"

"I know that but I don't have many other options do I?" I spat at him.

"You could stop working for starters"

"Are you kidding me, I need the work Derek to pay for our daughters needs and daily care especially given your off on your revenge quest leaving me to practically single parent"

"It's not a revenge quest" he argued and I shook my head.

"You know what I don't have time for this" I moved towards the door reaching for the handle but just as I was about to open it his hand grabbed my wrist removing it from the handle.

"Were not done talking about this"

"Well I am, let go Derek"

"No" he growled out and I spun my head around to look at him seeing his eyes glowing blue right behind me.

"Derek calm down and back off" I warned him glowing my eyes back at him a little shocked since I had no idea what the hell was happening to us, very rarely if ever did Derek and I face off and fight like this at each other. "We shouldn't talk like this here so we'll talk tonight in the playground across from the motel, midnight" I added when he let go of my hand and stepped back and after a final look back at him I left the room still confused on what was happening to us, hoping it just the stress getting to us.

I walked back to the nurses station pushing down the anger at Derek for coming here like this and telling me how to parent when I was doing the best I can with this situation, I mean what did he expect that I was just going to sit at the motel and wait for him to sort out everything himself…I wasn't designed that way and he knows that.

"Mommy!" I looked up seeing Lia running towards me and it instantly brought a smile to my face as I caught her lifting her up into a hug before I saw Sarah walking up with Ryan holding her hand.

"Thank you for dropping her off"

"It's no problem, she's an angel" Sarah smiled and I smiled back appreciatively as I put Lia down. "Say bye Ryan"

"Bye Lia" Ryan blushed hiding behind his mom, he was a very shy kid which I guess is why he and Lia get along so well.

"Bye Ry" they hugged and it made me smile just glad that she had a friend.

"Thank you again Sarah, I really owe you for your help the last few days"

"It's really no problem, I love having her around and she helps bring Ryan out of his shyness so anytime you need help I'm here" I nodded then watched them leave before taking Lia's hand and led her behind the nurses station where she ran up and hugged Melissa who looked like she was just getting off for the night.

"You off?" I asked her.

"Yeah Scott has a game tonight"

"Oh well wish him good luck" I fake smiled since it wasn't like I actually cared because I was still severely pissed that kid for getting Derek in this mess and blamed him for us fighting.

"See you next time Lia" she smiled down at Lia before saying goodbye to me then left.

"Okay Lia, I need you to stay here while I finish up work then we'll go and grab dinner, your pick" I got her to sit at my station's chair.

"Pizza?" she asked.

"Sure" I laughed and nodded my head since we hadn't had pizza in a little while. "Just remember don't touch anything"

"Can I play games on your phone?" I nodded and gave her my phone before I quickly went around to see my patients one last time before finally heading back to the nurses station to clock off feeling like dinner and a relaxing night in with my daughter was just what I needed but when I looked at my station Lia wasn't there.

"Lia?" I spun around looking in the back room but she wasn't there either. "Natalia?!" I exclaimed starting to panic.

"Mommy" I turned sharply and saw her running towards me with a fearful look on her face.

"Baby what's wrong?" she grabbed my hand and started pulling me. "Lia what is it?" I asked following her but that's when I heard the distant crashes so I didn't argue anymore and ran down the hall with her just knowing something was seriously wrong.

I ran into the long time care facility just in time to see Derek get thrown through an examination room window and my eyes widened when I saw who had thrown him and instinctively pushed Lia behind me.

"Peter?" I breathed out and he turned towards me. "Peter, how…?" I asked but then remembered Derek going through the glass screen and grabbed Lia's hand going after him with Peter stalking in behind us as I saw Derek crawling into a morgue room before leaning against a wall. "Derek?" I slid beside him cupping his cheek seeing blood coming out of his nose.

"Kenzie" he pulled my arm so I was beside him and Lia was between us as we turned to Peter as he came in looking at us, I still had no idea how any of this was happening but by Derek's reaction it wasn't hard to guess…Peter had been the Alpha all along and it had slipped right under our noses I mean I was just talking to him a few hours ago.

"I was going to wait for dramatic flair but…" Peter said as he turned to a small mirror before he suddenly started spinning it and my eyes widened seeing his face completely healed "When you look this good, why wait?" he added staring at himself and I would have rolled my eyes in any other situation at his enormous ego which hadn't seemed to change from when we were younger.

"Who are you?" Lia asked with a shaky voice and I wrapped my arms around her as if to hide her and hope Peter hadn't heard her but he smiled down at her.

"I'm your great Uncle Peter little pup" I growled at him and his smirk turned to me. "Mackenzie, its so great to see you looking all grown up…motherhood suits you sweetheart" this time Derek was the one who let out a small growl and pulled Lia and I all that much closer to him. "You two have to give me the chance to explain, after all were family"

"You killed Laura!" I exclaimed standing up feeling the anger taking control of me moving out of Derek's grasp as he tried to stop me. "You nearly killed Derek, I'm going to kill you!" I roared before throwing a punch feeling it connect against the side of his face before I moved in for another but he caught my fist in his hand.

"Easy sweetheart" he said but I wasn't ready to give it up yet, I raised my other fist but he saw it and caught my other hand before bending my arm backwards forcing me down on my knees as I bit my lip to stop myself from screaming for Lia's sake.

"Let her go!" Derek yelled out now kneeling with Lia cowering behind his arm but Peter wasn't letting up and I couldn't stifle the scream any longer as I felt my bones snapping and shattering underneath the force of his strength.

"Stop…please!" Lia screamed out and as if that finally got through to Peter he let go and I scrambled back holding my shattered arm against my chest as Derek pulled me towards him before Lia threw herself into my lap and I cradled her with my good arm feeling her shaking in fear as we all stared up at Peter.

"Now that that's over, let's talk" Peter smirked and Derek and I shared a look knowing we had no choice, it was follow him or die.

A/N: Not a very long or interesting chapter I apologize but it still needed to be done and I will make it up to you with a double update.

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