A Hale Love Story @halewolfgirl10
S1 Ep 5 - The Tell

The Tell

Kenzie's POV

"You all good in there?" I called out through the bathroom door.

"Yes mommy" Lia called back and I smiled walking back over to the bed where Derek was laying back watching the news.

"I can't believe this" I sighed sitting down on the bed before flopping back. "Since when does she want to take a bath by herself?"

"She's six years old Kenz, she's probably going through an independent stage"

"Exactly she's six, I'd understand if she was eight but not six" I exclaimed quietly and heard his chuckle.

"Is someone having empty nest symptoms"

"No I'm not having empty nest symptoms, she's my baby and she doesn't…she doesn't need me" I argued punching his side.

"Kenzie relax your overthinking this just because she wants to bathe herself doesn't mean she won't need you, your still her mother and she'll always need you whether she realizes it or not" I sighed since he spoke some sense but it didn't mean I had to like it.

"I guess I just miss it you know" I said closing my eyes.

"Miss what?"

"Having a baby around" I admitted. "Lia's so grown up and I miss those little moments when she was my little baby" my mind flashed through all the tiny moments when Lia was just a newborn especially the first time I laid eyes on her.

"Well we could always-" my eyes snapped open as I sat up to stare back at him knowing what he was about to say.

"Don't go there Derek…just don't" I stood and walked towards the bathroom again and knocked on the door again. "You finished in there, you're gonna get wrinkles"

"Okay mommy" I smiled and opened the door shutting it to avoid Derek's eyes which were staring at me and helped Lia out of the bath and dried her off all while thinking about what Derek had started.

I knew he wanted more kids but I wasn't so sure I did, it's not because of him in fact I wanted to give him a big family because we'd always talked about having at least two…maybe three but after the fire and everything else we've had to suffer through I just didn't want to risk anything happening to anymore family especially my pups because I wouldn't survive it.

"Okay bed time" I told Lia shaking off those thoughts.

"I don't wanna" she argued running over to our bed and jumped up crawling over to Derek. "Daddy don't make me go to bed" she whined looking at him with such big eyes and the cutest pout I had to bite my lip just not to laugh.

"You have to go to bed Lia, it's late and you have school"

"I don't want to go to school"

"Don't you want to see Lucy?" I cut in moving across the room to sit down on the bed.

"No we're not friends no more" Lia argued and I frowned since they were friends the other day when we were at the park.

"What happened?" Derek asked her.

"She said you we're bad" Lia replied looking up at Derek. "She said you killed Aunty Laura" my breath caught in my throat as I stared across at Derek who met my eyes since we didn't think kindergarteners would even concept what the police had said about Derek.

"Did she say anything else?" I asked her and she nodded.

"She said her mommy said she couldn't be my friend, I tolds her I don't wanna be friends cause my daddy's not bad"

"Oh Lia I'm so sorry" Derek frowned hugging her while I grew angry since how dare someone tell their kid not to be friends with my daughter just over an arrest one which was stupid in the first place. "Kenz calm down" Derek warned making me look up and all I saw was red…my wolf vison meaning my eyes had shifted so I took a few deep breaths to calm down and my vision went back to normal.

"Why is our eyes different to daddy's?" Lia suddenly asked completely changing the subject and I saw Derek flinch.

"Because they just are like how my normal eyes are blue and you and daddy's are green" I told her knowing it was too hard for Derek to talk about especially admitting it to Lia and frankly I didn't want her knowing yet either. "Now bed time"

"No" she whined.

"Yes" I told her sternly. "It's nine o'clock so bed now" she pouted looking back at Derek.

"Listen to your mother Lia" he said and her pout got more intense.

"But daddy" I rolled my eyes but glared at Derek when he looked to be caving but was replaced with a smile when he suddenly pulled her up off the bed by her ankles and she started laughing as he carried her to her bedroom putting her down on the bed.

"Bed" he told her.

"No" she argued still laughing.

"Bed or I'll start tickling" her eyes went wide and quickly got under the covers because she hated being tickled just as much as I did. "Good girl" he tucked the blankets around her.

"Where's wolfly?" I looked down at my feet and picked up the stuffed black wolf plush and placed it in her arms, she'd had this thing since she was born Laura had gotten it for her and while we usually carted it everywhere with us she'd started demanding it sleep with her ever since we buried Laura.

"Goodnight Lia" I kissed her forehead.

"Night little pup" Derek added pressing his own kiss to the top of her head then we walked out flipping off the light and closed the door all but an inch before we walked over to our own bed and sat back down. "Kenz what I said earlier-"

"Derek" I sighed since he should just let it go. "I don't-"

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up I know you don't want any more kids" I turned to look at him.

"It's not that I don't want any more kids Der, we always talked about having at least one more but that was before the fire and Lia, I just…I barely know how to be a mother to Lia let alone more kids"

"Kenzie you're an amazing mother I don't know why you think you're not, she adores you and you know she loves you"

"I know but it's not the same thing with what you have with her" I argued.

"It's a phase, the saying is girls love their dads and boys love their moms at a young age and we both know she's gonna hate me in the teen years when I forbid her from boys" we shared a small laugh at that since it was so true. "We both know you're not ready right now to have any more kids and frankly I'm not sure if I am either with everything going on but I don't want you thinking that you're a horrible mother and shouldn't have any more kids because it's so far from the truth" I avoided his eyes. "You loved the idea of having a huge family and if you still want that then we can talk when the times right but I'm not the kind of guy to force you to have kids if you've changed your mind"

"I don't know what I want anymore" I shrugged then fell back looking up at the ceiling.

"We don't have to talk about this right now" Derek replied and I nodded my head.

'…a brutal attack at Video 2C tonight' both our heads snapped towards the tv as I sat up seeing a news reporter standing in front of a video store with police and ambulance surrounding it. 'Police are yet to divulge what happened but reports say a single male victim has fallen prey to yet another murder…' I looked over at Derek when he looked down at me and sighed nodding my head.

"Go" he frowned hesitating. "I'm serious go, we can talk later"

"Okay" he stood and grabbed his jacket. "I love you" he leaned down and kissed me quickly then was gone.

"Love you too" I muttered and continue to watch the news my eyes widened when they revealed that two teenagers had been inside and although they didn't reveal names when the camera zoomed in on the ambulance I saw none other than Jackson and his little girlfriend.

Derek's POV

I hated leaving Kenz after what we just started talking about but we both knew I had to, I grabbed Scott on the way over surprised when he actually did come with me with little argument and I showed him the scene from the safety of the roof.

"Starting to get it?" I asked him as we looked down.

"I get that he's killing people but I don't get why, I mean this isn't standard practice right we don't go out in the middle of the night murdering everyone do we?"

"No" I replied taking in the scene myself trying to get a lock on a scent but once again it was already tainted by the cops. "We're predators, we don't have to be killers" I added thinking about what my mom used to say.

"Then why is he a killer?"

"That's what we're gonna find out" I replied then turned and walked down the steps to the other side of the roof with Scott following me getting back into my car and drove over to the house to protect some of my secrets since they'd found out about Kenzie but I'd be damned if this idiot found out about Lia or where we were staying.

"I have a life" Scott insisted following me inside.

"No you don't" I scoffed.

"Yes I do, I don't care what you say about him making me his pet or…"

"Part of his pack" I cut him off.

"Whatever I have homework to do, I have to go to a parent/teacher conference tomorrow because I'm failing chemistry" he argued.

"You want to do homework or do you wanna…not die?" I shot back at him but my mind flashed to Lia since her teacher had requested Kenz and I to sit down for a parent/teacher conference and I was a little worried about it. "You have less than a week until the next full moon, you don't kill with him he kills you"

"Okay seriously who made up these rules?"

"It's a rite of passage into his pack"

"You know what else is a rite of passage…graduating high school and you don't have to kill anybody to do it" he argued again and I was ready to leave this kid to fend for himself if I didn't need him. "Why can't you and your wife just find him yourselves, why can't you just sniff him out when he's a human" I almost growled at him for mentioning Kenzie.

"Because his human scent could be entirely different it has to be you" I yelled exasperatedly at him. "You have a connection with him a link that you don't understand if I can teach you to control your abilities, you can find him"

"So if I help you, you can stop him?" he asked after a couple of seconds.

"Not alone we're stronger in numbers, a pack makes the induvial more powerful"

"How am I supposed to help if I have no idea what I'm doing?" he asked and I seriously wanted to punch this kid since he didn't listen to word I've said.

"Because I'm going to teach you" I exclaimed seriously Lia had better concentration then he did. "Do you remember what happened that first night you were shot in the arm, right after you were hit?"

"Yeah I changed back?" he nodded.

"Mm-hmm and when you were hit by his car, same thing right?" I asked walking down the stairs towards him. "What's the common denominator?" I asked and he shrugged so I grabbed his arm and bent it back snapping his wrist as he dropped to his knees yelling out in pain.

"What is….what the hell are you doing?"

"It'll heal" I told him then stepped back letting him go.

"It still hurts!" he glared up at me.

"And that's what keeps you human, pain" I told him as he wiggled his fingers as the bone healed. "Maybe you will survive" I pointed out before heading upstairs letting him find his own way home waiting until he was long gone before I went back to the motel walking in seeing all the lights out and Kenzie fast asleep already making me sigh since there just weren't enough hours in the day lately.

I stripped down to my boxers after quickly checking on Lia and used the bathroom then climbed into bed with my hands behind my head looking up at the ceiling just thinking about the last few weeks and how everything's changed…I was mid thought when Kenzie suddenly rolled over head falling against my chest and she wrapped an arm around my waist I looked down and saw her eyes open.

"Hey" I smiled reaching my hand up into her hair.

"Hey" she replied with a yawn. "Was it the Alpha?" she asked and I nodded. "Scent?" I shook my head and she sighed before recoiling. "You took Scott with you?"

"Yeah thought I'd show him firsthand what this Alpha's capable off, I'm going to start training him" she nodded nestling her head in the crook of my shoulder making me laugh as I continued to run my fingers through her hair.

"I want more kids" she suddenly whispered making me look down. "Just…just not now" I smiled nodding my head.

"Whenever you're ready so am I" she nodded pulling her arm up to rest beside her head right over my heart.

Kenzie's POV

As soon as Derek left I'd been unable to stop thinking about what we'd been talking about even though I tried so hard not to but the reality was that I did want more kids but my fear of losing any more family outweighed that and along those lines of thoughts I couldn't help remember something my mom used to say 'Fear shouldn't overcrowd your happiness no matter how suffocating it might be at the time' and it made me think about how much I know she would have loved to have seen me this happy.

Despite my dad's reluctant first initial thought that was purely our age and for the fact that Derek and I had had sex which no father wants to hear they'd been ecstatic and proud to become grandparents but it was taken away from them and my daughter at knowing her grandparents on either side which is another reason I was reluctant to have more kids as I would have to explain again why they had such a small family, it had been hard enough just telling Lia.

The next morning I was on the early shift so I'd had to leave at dawn which left Derek with the school drop off and went along with my rounds as normal as ever which just included some new dressings for patients out of surgery, updating pain medication and alerting the doctors if they were needed.

When my shift was coming to the end of my shift I wandered over to the nurses station and saw Melissa looking like she too was getting off her shift, I walked up grabbing my coat and bag.

"You got parent/teacher conferences tonight?" I asked.

"Yeah Scott's failing some classes, what about you?"

"Yeah Lia's teacher wanted to talk with me and Derek"

"I wouldn't worry, Lia seems like a really good kid"

"Thanks" I smiled. "Well see you soon Melissa"

"You too Kenzie" my smile widened since most of the nurses had started calling me Kenzie and I knew it was a lot easier since my full name could be a bit tedious after a while, Derek had the car so I called a cab and paid them to drop me off near the preserve since Derek and I had agreed to meet at the Hale house before we'd go to Lia's school for the parent/teacher conference.

One the car was gone I hiked up the familiar road and walked up the front steps opening the door quietly and saw Derek doing pull ups in the doorway into the parlor room and stopped to ogle just a tiny bit as he was shirtless and torso glistening with sweat.

"Your drooling" I smiled raising my eyes back up as he stopped dropping back down to his feet.

"I'm not drooling, I'm admiring" I walked up to him and run my hands up over his arms down the front of his chest towards his abs stopping just shy of where his jeans sat on his hips. "I'm allowed to admire my husbands body"

"That so?"

"It is" I smirked wider hooking my hands into the front of his jeans and pulled him towards me so our hips were pressed together and our faces inches apart.

"Then it seems only fair I get to admire too" he whispered breathing over my face as his hands fell to the hem of my scrub top and pulled it up leaving me in my sports bra. "Still as beautiful as the day I met you"

"That before or after I punched you in the face?" I asked and he smirked.

"Both" I laughed rolling my eyes at him before wrapping my arms around his shoulders threading my fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck, I never tired of my love of teasing him about that day as we both remembered it fondly and I brought it up whenever he needed reminding.

Flashback – 8 years ago

We'd just moved to Beacon Hills…literally just finished unpacking the last boxes and tonight mom and I were officially going to meet the Alpha of this town…Talia Hale who was a long term friend of my dads since he'd grown up here and went to school with Talia and his best friend which had been Talia's husband before he died.

After the stress still of losing our pack and moving to this unfamiliar place I needed to run and changed into a sports bra top, some jogging pants and put my iPod into the armband strapped to my upper arm then promising my dad I'd be back in time to shower and head over to the Hale's I left jogging through the back gate of our backyard which lead directly into the Beacon Hills preserve and just ran burning off all the pent up strains.

I stopped at a creek to have a drink after assuring myself it was clean water but right as I went to take a sip I heard a twig snap under something big so I stood up scanning the tree lines for whatever was trying to sneak up on me.

"Hello" I screamed a little and spun swinging my fist out and collided it into something solid hearing whoever it was grunt from the force and looked down seeing a boy.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry" he looked up holding a hand to his nose which was gushing out blood and with my werewolf strength I wouldn't be surprised if it was broken.

"I guess that's how you say hello" he said and I couldn't help the small laugh.

"No definitely not, again I'm sorry"

"No it was my fault I shouldn't have snuck up on you, totally my bad" he stood up straighter and removed his hand after wiping away the blood.

"Maybe we should get you to a hospital, I'm stronger than I look and your nose might be broken" I said feeling god awful.

"It's fine, I'll heal" he replied and I looked up with confusion and caution but could visibly see the bruising already fading.

"Your…you're a werewolf" I stated in a little bit of surprise but I should have gathered it especially since I could now smell it on him…along with something else that had me seriously taking him in now and saw the forest green hues of his eyes and the spiky black hair…he was gorgeous.

"Yeah and so are you judging by that right hook" he replied and I smiled a bit right before I felt my phone buzz and pulled it out seeing a text from my dad telling me to get back, I didn't want to leave yet for some reason but knew I had to.

"I have to go"

"Really?" I nodded and he looked disappointed almost. "What's your name just in case we run into each other again" I smirked feeling playful all of a sudden.

"Where's the fun in that, if we see each other again then maybe I'll tell you" I took off without letting him process half expecting him to follow and demand my name but he didn't and I swear I saw him smile right as I took off.

When I got home I showered and made myself look presentable with a nice top and jeans with my usual boots before we left with dad driving up a private road int the preserve until a massive house came into view, it was beautifully contrasted by the trees and when we got out a middle aged woman with black hair and brown eyes came out and with one whiff I knew this was Talia.

"Alexander, it's so good to see you again" they kissed each other's cheeks. "Natalie" she smiled doing the same to my mom before her eyes fell on me. "And you must be Mackenzie" I nodded and she brought me into a hug making me smile since she was so warm and not in the usual way, to be near her seemed to ease all the pain and I was pretty sure it was because she was an Alpha.

"Talia I have to thank you again for letting us move here" my dad said.

"It's fine I told you Alex I'm happy to have you and your family as apart of my pack" she replied right as four more people came out of the house. "You remember Peter" she pointed to the oldest male who smiled at Alex.

"Of course though the last time I saw you, you were in middle school" my dad said shaking Peter's hand before my mom did and I followed when Peter's eyes fell on me.

"And these are my kids, Laura, Cora and Derek, kids this is Alex, Natalie and Mackenzie" Talia added and I looked around before my eyes fell on him…the boy from the woods and when his eyes met mine they widened.

"You" we said at the same time and everyone turned to look between us.

"You've met?" my dad asked confused making me look up.

"Uh in the woods today on my jog" I said and Derek smiled.

I was pulled out of the memory when Derek suddenly pushed me up against the nearest wall with a hand over my mouth and just as I went to protest he shook his head and looked towards the door so I knew then that he'd heard something and when I trained my ears I heard it too footsteps heading towards the house…three of them so we quickly moved towards the back of the house right as the door was kicked in hitting the wall.

"No one home?" a male voice said.

"Oh he's here" I heard next and visibly tensed clenching my fists at the sound of her voice as it filled me with such rage that Derek clamped a hand down on my shoulder to keep me from rushing out there to rip her throat out. "He's just not feeling particularly hospitable"

"Maybe he's out burying a bone in the backyard" a new younger male said and I rolled my eyes since that wasn't even funny and I've heard some really bad dog jokes over the course of my life.

"Really, a dog joke" Kate said seemingly reading my thoughts which just angered me more and I looked up at Derek who shook his head at me. "We're going there and that's the best you got, if you wanna provoke him say something like…to bad your sister bit it before she had her first litter" Kate added and this time Derek tensed anger in his eyes. "Too bad she howled like a bitch when we cut her in half!" I didn't have time to grab Derek before he roared and was gone rushing towards the guy that had come close to where we were and threw him back screaming before he continued on jumping over the banister of the stairs disappearing from my view.

I heard another crash before the round of electricity and a grunt followed by a mass hitting the ground and pure instinct from our mate bond told me it was Derek so I ran out with fury in my eyes seeing Derek on the ground whiting in pain as Kate stood there with a cattle prod.

"Knew you wouldn't be too far behind" she smirked at me as I circled her getting her away from Derek snapping my fangs at her when she took steps forward. "Aw what's the matter Kenzie still jealous I slept with your boyfriend" I growled and stupidly charged at her only to get jabbed myself with the current and dropped to my knees still glaring up at her especially as she was now between me and Derek and she looked down at him. "Wow this one grew up in all the right places" I snarled as she moved towards him as he continued to groan and roll onto his stomach from the pain that was still coursing through our bodies. "I don't know whether to kill it or lick it"

"Just get away from him" I spat trying to stand up through the pain but fell back my body shaking with the current watching as Derek crawled towards me with Kate stalking after him before he turned using the couch for support and went at her again but she zapped him again and he rolled right beside me where our eyes met for a second before we both looked back up at Kate as she laughed.

"Oh…900,000 volts, you's never were good with electricity were you…or fire" she added the last part with a sadistic laugh. "Which is why I'm gonna let you in on a little secret and well maybe we can all help each other out" I glared at her taking Derek's hand as he shook more from the recent current coursing through his body. "Yes your sister was severed into pieces and used as bait to catch you, unpleasant and frankly a little to Texas Chainsaw Massacre for my tastes but quite true" she laughed again as Derek and I stumbled back leaning on the wall behind us gripping each other's hands. "Now here's the part that might really kick you in the balls Derek, we didn't kill her" we looked at her impassively. "You's think I'm lying"

"Wouldn't be the first time" Derek spat at her.

"Oh sweetie, well why don't you's listen to my heart and tell me if I am okay, we didn't kill your…sister" the whole time she spoke slowly there was no tells that she'd been lying and we kind of already knew the new alpha killed Laura but that doesn't mean I'd ever just Kate. "Do you hear that there's no blips or upticks, just the steady beat of the cold hard truth"

"You think that matters bitch" I spat at her and she smiled standing up straight again.

"Found bite marks on your sisters body Derek, what do you think did that…a mountain lion?" she asked completely ignoring my existence. "Why arent we helping each other out?" I scoffed looking up at her. "You might as well admit what you've been guessing all along which is the alpha killed your sister and all you have to do is tell us who he is and we'll take care of it for you, problem solved everyone goes home happy…unless you's don't know who he is either" she chuckled and we looked up at her with glares. "Wow guess you two just became totally useless" with that and the knowledge of Kate's next move Derek and I stood running from the house.

We ran until we knew we were at a safe distance before stopping and Derek turned back to the direction of the house with a hard glare and clenched teeth while I took a more out loud anger approach and yelled out punching the nearest tree hearing the bone in my wrist snap under the force.

"Every god damn time!"

"Kenz calm-"

"Don't tell me to calm down Derek!" I snapped at him. "You of all people understand why I get to be angry at her…at all this, she ruined our lives and there's nothing we can ever do about it no matter how badly I want to" I added before taking a breath to relax before grabbing my broken wrist and squeezed popping the bone back into place and felt my healing kick in before I looked up and took note of the suns position to judge the time. "We have to get to the motel and change or we'll be late to pick up Lia and attend her teacher conference" he didn't say anything as we left running back to the motel leaving the Camaro for now and quickly changed seeing as our shirts were still in the house then returned for the car after being sure Kate was gone then drove over to the school in silence.

We pulled up late and saw Lia waiting with her teacher which made me feel terrible as we got out and walked towards them seeing Lia look up with tears staining her cheeks and she ran straight towards me throwing her arms around my waist.

"Lia, we're so sorry" I leaned down and hugged her.

"Were sorry you had to wait, I ran into some car trouble and should have called" I heard Derek apologize and looked up seeing Mrs Sally had walked up.

"It's quite alright that happens but Lia here did get quite upset when she left the classroom, I saw her waiting and knew you wouldn't be too far off so we waited didn't we Lia" Lia nodded still holding onto my waist as we stood up. "Seeing as the conferences start in a few minutes why don't we head inside, you's can go first" Derek and I nodded following her back into the kindergarten building. "We'll get Lia to wait out here on these chairs, is that okay?" I sighed nodding my head with a little reluctance.

"Lia sit here for us okay, your dad and I will just be inside okay" she sat down on one of the chairs outside the classroom and I wiped her cheeks. "We'll be out soon, don't move okay" she nodded so we went inside and sat down in a couple of chairs that had been placed near her desk as she sat on the other side.

"Okay, let's get started shall we" she pulled out a thin manila folder. "Lia is a very bright child and seems very well advanced for her age I must say" she smiled and I smiled back having already known that.

"Before she started school at the beginning of the year in New York we both worked closely with her to build the fundamental skills, English…Math" I told her and she nodded looking down at the notes teachers take on the kids of their class.

"I do however have noticed that she has trouble making friends" she added and my smiled faded remembering her one friend Lucy and her mother saying she wasn't allowed to be around Lia anymore. "Particularly lately" she added looking at Derek and I understood what she was suggesting.

"Yes we're aware of that" Derek nodded clenching his jaw a little as if he were thinking along the same lines as I was.

"Not just that but just the other day there was an…altercation in the playground during morning tea" my brows furrowed together since Lia hadn't mentioned anything. "Another student in my class was pushed down by Lia, now I know that things were said but that kind of behavior is concerning, has anything like that happened at her old school"

"No" I replied straight up since she's never done anything like that since she knows better to control her anger especially lately. "She's usually very well behaved but the past few weeks have been stressful on her and she's told us that some of the other parents have expressed concerns just by who her father is" I spat angrily and felt Derek take my hand to calm me down.

"I'm sorry to hear that I hadn't know but this kind of behavior is not the correct way to express her emotions of this matter"

"We know and we'll be talking with her" Derek nodded and she seemed to take his word for it.

"Well other than that I'm very pleased with Lia's progress, she reads, writes and despite her troubles making friends she shows great leadership qualities during group activities" I nodded since I didn't need to be told that, Lia was Talia's granddaughter after all.

She continued and showed us some of Lia's work which was great as she was always was a good student in the way of completely her assignments on time and with knowledge that was far beyond what a six year old, werepups always progressed faster than human children.

"Well thank you for your time this evening" we stood up and shook hands with Mrs Sally.

"You too" I replied as we walked out and saw Lia exactly where we told her to wait and she jumped up as soon as we exited her classroom and she attached herself to Derek's waist so he bent down and picked her up and she nestled her head against his shoulder.

"See you in class Lia" Mrs Sally said and Lia just nodded so we thanked her again then left putting Lia in her booster seat and clipped her seat belt into place before we got in and started driving back to the motel and got Lia into bed and she passed out pretty quickly so I tiptoed out of her room shutting the door and saw Derek sitting on the edge of our bed eyes focused on the TV with his elbows on his knees and his hands entwined together with his chin resting on them.

"What's wrong?" I asked since this was Derek's worry pose, I walked over and turned to the TV seeing it was on the local news and the headline made my eyes widen. 'Mountain lion shot dead at high school' "Like an actual mountain lion?" I asked and Derek only nodded. "A normal mountain lion wouldn't wander into such a crowded place, their pretty shy creatures especially around humans"

"Not on its own" Derek replied looking up at me and I caught onto his train of thought.

"Why would the Alpha be covering it's tracks?"

"I don't know" he breathed out rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Hey please don't stress over this" I quickly said walking over to the bed and sat down beside him running my hand over the back of his shoulder blades as my chin rested on his left shoulder. "We'll figure it all out"

"It's not just the Alpha Kenz, I have to start training Scott and I have no idea how since I've never taught anyone control…hell I'm not even sure I ever mastered control myself and the full moon is almost here and yet again I'll probably be running after him when I should be here with my daughter"

"Derek I know your worried about Lia but right now we really need to be focusing on Scott, he's a ticking time bomb and Lia is still coming into her powers so right now I'm pretty sure we're safe, I didn't get the ability to completely shift until I was eight so we might still have time with her"

"We can't know that for sure, every werepup is different I shifted when I was seven and I remember Cora was five and it surprised the hell out of us"

"Well if it happens then I'll be with her"

"I don't want to miss her first shift either" I moved my other hand up to cup the opposite side of his head and turned his face towards me.

"I wouldn't let that happen, if I even thought for a second on any full moon night that she is going to shift I'll call you…you know that, I wouldn't take that away from you" he nodded then leaned in and captured my lips before he suddenly grabbed my hips and had me sitting on his lap in seconds moving back up the bed and I smirked going with his lead.

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