A Hale Love Story @halewolfgirl10
S1 Ep 3 - Pack Mentality

Pack Mentality

Kenzie's POV

"Lia come on, we're gonna be late!" I called trying to do three things at once, I was getting myself dressed having slept in, trying to get my daughter up and ready for school and prepare a quick breakfast otherwise she'd be grumpy and that leads to very stressful behavior.

Derek had heard on the news this morning that some bus driver had been attacked on a school bus and with the things they were saying we were pretty sure the Alpha was involved so he'd left as soon as he could to try and scope out the scene and try to get a lock on a scent.

"Natalia Hale I mean it you have three minutes!" I yelled and she finally emerged from her small room in the motel given we'd decided to remain here for the time being, she was dressed for the day but her hair was a mess from sleep. "Come on kiddo, I made you some cereal" she sat down at the table and I quickly ran a brush through her hair getting it up into a neat ponytail before I quickly gathered my own stuff together, I had the day off work today so I was going to help Derek as soon as I dropped Lia off at the school.

"Where's daddy?"

"He had to leave early, he'll see you tonight" I told her and she pouted about this. "Don't give me that look Lia, he had to go out" I knelt down and helped her tie her shoes then grabbed my leather jacket and slipped into my own boots zipping up the sides then grabbed her school bag. "Alright come on, we gotta get you to school"

I was out the door locking up quickly and helped her with her seatbelt then drove over to the school walking her in since we were late and apologized to her teacher before finally got out to the preserve meeting Derek at the Hale house.

"You okay?" Derek asked when I walked in and sat on the burnt couch with a sigh.

"Yeah Lia was just being difficult this morning and we were late to school" he frowned standing up. "Next time you're going to get her to school because she doesn't listen to me when you're not there in the morning"

"Kenz she loves you-"

"I know that but she's a daddy's girl, she always has been and she gets moody when you're not there" I argued before taking a deep breath. "Did you get a scent?"

"No by the time I got there it was swarming with cops and the ambulance so any chance that I could have gotten a scent was gone but I think Scott was there last night as well"

"What makes you say that?" I asked curious.

"Because I did catch his scent, more so his blood"

"What the hell was he doing there?" I asked myself but then looked up. "Do you think the Alpha called him to hunt, would Scott go with him?" he nodded.

"It's just like how we responded to my mom's howls or Laura's, Scott is this Alpha's Beta so maybe we can use him to find him because this is taking way too long and I don't think we can find him on our own"

"Hey I'm with you" I told him putting my hand over his. "If you think we need Scott's help even though he did get you arrested and announced you being here to the frigging Argents then I agree since the faster we find this asshole then we can leave" I added looking around anxiously since this place still gave me shivers.

That whole day we spent combing the forest trying to find something, anything that would lead us to the Alpha but we knew it was pointless so we'd tried the bus again and just to check up on Scott but couldn't get anywhere near this bus as it was still getting catalogued and Derek was right any scent we possibly could have gotten was washed out by all the other scents now all over that bus so we had no choice but to return to the motel empty handed.

The next day was pretty much the same only it was a weekend and we had Lia with us so we tried to make the boring situation fun for her and provided a little bit of training exercise like we used to as kids.

I was on my computer at the Hale house using a Mi-Fi connection searching into any innocents and freaky deaths here since the Hale fire in hopes it just might provide an identity but Beacon Hills had been a quiet and normal town until the dead deer with the spiral on its side, the one that had brought Laura here.

"Lia ready?" I looked up over the top of my computer seeing Derek smirking down at Lia as they pretend fought and Lia was loving it, she was probably a little too young to be teaching her how to fight but we were giving her a fighting chance. "If anyone comes at you like this-" he grabbed her arm. "What do you do?" she spun and twisted her arm out of his in almost expert defense training. "That's my girl" he high-fived her and just as I was about to say something we heard tires outside and a door closing so we quickly went upstairs since we weren't supposed to be in here.

"It looks pretty deserted, dispatch" I heard someone say as we made it up into Derek's old room and were peering out of the window while I quickly held a finger to my lips looking down at Lia signaling her to be quiet and she nodded before I looked out and saw a cop car outside with the cop walking towards the house. "Did you want me to take a look inside?" I glared down at him since these guys were invading our territory.

"Unit 16 it's county property, orders are to make sure it's vacant" a voice replied over his radio and my glare only got deeper.

"I don't…I don't think anyone's home" the cop argued and the glare turned into a smirk at the fear in his voice.

"For the love of god 16, go inside and see if anyone's in there" the dispatch guy said and the cop sighed agreeing and continued to walk towards the house but the dog in the back barked making him jump and it was then that I got an idea.

"Der the dog, we can scare it" I whispered and he nodded before we both looked out lowering our heads a little letting our eyes show their true colors, mine a brilliant gold and his a sterling blue and the dog started going nuts sensing us in the house and this made the cop scared shitless looking at the house trying to find the source of his dogs freak out but of course we were standing back so he couldn't see us and pretty soon he was the one running back to his car getting in and sped off making me smile but that soon fell when Scott was suddenly walking towards the house.

'Get down' Derek mouthed at me and I nodded crouching down pulling Lia down with me as he went out the door to go downstairs.

"Be real quiet" I whispered right into her ear.

"I know you can hear me…I need your help" Scott said talking normally and I frowned looking up at Derek as he sighed then went downstairs, I heard the front door open and then shut.

Derek's POV

As soon as I walked out I closed the door hoping that would help keep Kenzie's and Lia's scents hidden seeing him right there waiting for me as I put my hands in my pockets since I really wanted to punch him for the arrest but recalled what I said to Kenz about getting his help and punching him wouldn't help, I'd have to save that for later.

"Okay I…I know I was a part of you getting arrested and that we basically announced you being here to the hunters" not just me idiot, I wish I could've told him. "I also don't what happened to your sister but I think I did something last night, I had a dream about…someone but someone else got hurt and it turns out that part of the dream might've actually happened"

"You think you attacked the driver?" I asked him.

"Did you see what I did last night?" he shot back.

"No" I replied since I was with my wife and daughter.

"Can you at least tell me the truth, am I gonna hurt someone?" he asked looking directly at me.


"Could I kill someone?"

"Yes" I repeated since there was no point beating around the bush.

"Am I gonna kill someone?"

"Probably" I nodded and he turned walking over and leant against one of the beams holding the porch roof up. "Look I can show you how to remember, I can show you how to control the shift even on a full moon but it's not gonna come for free"

"What do you want?" he asked but now was not the time to tell him about the Alpha.

"You'll find out" I nodded at him. "But for now I'm gonna give you want you want" he might have better luck on getting this Alpha's scent then me and Kenz since he's been with him before. "Go back to the bus, go inside see it, feel it, let your senses your sight, smell, touch let them remember for you"

"That's it, just go back?"

"Do you want to know what happened?" I asked since if he continued to doubt my help he was in for a rude shock if the Alpha continued to call him out.

"I just wanna know if I hurt him?" he replied but I knew that wasn't it since I was in his shoes once, terrified of hurting the girl you were with…I still do sometimes.

"No you don't, you wanna know if you'll hurt her" I argued and he just looked at me before he walked away and when he was out of sight I turned around and went back inside with Kenzie standing right behind the door.

"That's his first step, what's next after that?" she asked but I didn't have an answer.

"I don't know but if he goes back he might be able to find the Alpha for us" she nodded looking down at Lia who was beside her.

We decided to head back to the motel since there was no point staying here since we weren't gonna find anything and I had a feeling my next plan was not going to go over well with Kenz but before I could ask her she was called into work since they were short staffed which actually kind of left me an opening to get in to see the bus driver to find out what he'd seen.

Kenzie's POV

"She has to be in bed by 9:30 or you know she'll be cranky in the morning" I told Derek as he drove us to the hospital, I was going to work the boneyard shift which meant he was in charge of watching Lia and putting her to bed tonight on his own which is something he's never done, I'd always been there to help and honestly I had a feeling he was gonna get walked all over since he could never be firm with Lia about bedtime.

"We'll be fine Kenzie, right Lia?"

"Right daddy" she agreed but I knew my daughter better than that, she had Derek wrapped around her little finger and she knew it.

"I gotta stop for gas" Derek suddenly said pulling into the service station.

"I gotta pee" Lia quickly added making me laugh a little.

"Alright we'll run in quickly while your dad fills the tank" I helped her out of the car and we went over to the toilets and went inside. "Now Lia please listen to your dad okay, I mean it not candy, no arguments and please make sure you behave"

"I will mommy" she agreed again and she quickly did her business and washed her hands before we headed out but the sight in front of me made me quickly grab her and duck back around the corner shushing her quickly as she started to say something, Derek was boxed in with Chris Argent talking with him and his lackeys standing by the car behind the Camaro.

"Nice ride" Chris complimented as he walked towards Derek more. "Black cars though, very hard to keep clean I would definitely suggest a little more maintenance" he grabbed the window washer. "You have something this nice you want to take care of it, right?" I glared at him as he started washing the front windscreen. "Personally, I'm very protective of the things I love" I pulled Lia closer as if that was a threat. "But that's something I learned from my family and you don't have much of that these days" he added finishing the window and turned towards Derek. "Do you?" I frowned wondering what he meant by that, did he know or suspect us and I looked up seeing Derek tighten his hand into a fist.

"Derek don't, he's baiting you" I whispered knowing he'd hear me and he had to have had before he cracked the knuckle but unclenched his fist revealing a clawless hand.

"There we go" Chris nodded watching his reaction. "You can actually look through your windshield now" he pointed at it smiling but when he turned back to Derek the smile was gone. "See how that makes everything so much clearer?" there was the threat.

"You forgot to check the oil" Derek shot back tying to be smart and I closed my eyes mentally screaming at him for taking the bait Chris was giving him.

"Check the man's oil" Chris replied turning around with a smile towards his lackey's and having countered what came next I put my hand over Lia's mouth to stifle her scream as the younger one smashed in the driver's side window.

"Look's good to me" he said before walking back towards the car behind the Camaro.

"Drive safely, especially with young children" Chris replied and looked over at where I was and our eyes met…the prick knew all along but that didn't stop me from pulling Lia behind me more shielding her with my body as I glared at him as he climbed into his car and they left.

I remained where I was until their cars were gone then walked over to Derek sharing a worried look, he'd known…how the hell had he known I wanted to ask but knew Derek didn't have an answer to that any more than I had, Lia was holding onto my leg tightly and I knew she was afraid which really made me wish that I didn't have to go to work because this changed everything and I didn't want to leave her for a second.

"What are we gonna do?" I asked Derek as he looked down at Lia.

"He won't hurt her, you know as much as I do that Chris has his little code-"

"That doesn't mean shit to me Derek, this is my daughter and I'm not gambling her life" I snapped without really meaning too and his anger showed on his face but he didn't fight back with that and instead went over and opened his door with more glass falling out of the frame. "I'm sorry I didn't mean that I just…I thought we could've gotten away with them not knowing about her longer than this, I don't even know how he found out"

"Probably when you risked her life going to that game" he snapped back at me and I frowned. "He probably recognized you and it wouldn't be that hard to put two and two together" my frown deepened since I knew he had a solid guess and now I felt guilty looking down at Lia again.

"Look before we go attacking each other we just need to stop and think, maybe I should just call the hospital and say-"

"Say what?"

"I don't know but I don't think I can leave her now, it's too risky"

"She'll be with me and it's not like I'm going to go running through the woods with our six year old Kenzie" I sighed nodding my head because I trusted Derek, he was the only other person I'd ever trust with our daughter. "Come on or you'll be late" he climbed in having brushed all the glass out and I sighed nodding getting Lia into her seat making sure there was no glass first then got in myself.

I hesitated looking back at Lia as Derek parked out the front of the hospital to drop me off, I still had another five minutes before my shift started and I knew this night was going to be hell since I wasn't going to stop worrying about Lia and Derek.

"Stay here I wanna go in and have a talk with the bus driver" Derek suddenly said and my head snapped up to him.


"He might've seen something"

"You can't just go walking in there Derek he'd be under police watch"

"I think I can sneak past a couple of cops"

"Not without me, I can distract them and you can slip in"

"Oh yeah and what are we gonna do with Lia" I rolled my eyes getting out and grabbed Lia out.

"Just trust me, wait for my signal okay" I walked in towards the nurse station acting like I was in a rush and luckily it was Melissa sitting behind the desk.

"Hey heard you were on the night shift"

"Yeah it's already been a hectic night" that wasn't a lie. "I had to rush over here and still have Lia but my husband's coming to get her pretty soon so I was just gonna have her wait on one of the chairs"

"That should be fine, I can watch her since I'm done with my shift"

"Really?" I asked and she nodded with a smile. "Thanks Melissa really"

"It's no worries, really"

"Alright Lia this is Melissa, you remember her right?" Lia nodded looking up at her. "You're gonna wait with her while I work and daddy will be here soon" I knew she'd understand and she nodded with a small knowing smile, like I always said she was a smart kid. "Good girl" I told her then stood up. "He should be by soon, thanks Melissa I owe you" she nodded and I took that time to walk away grabbing a few files first that was in my pigeon hole and followed my nose to Derek seeing him around the corner. "Alright let's go" he nodded and we quickly found our way into the bus drivers room with me watching the door.

The man was lying on the bed eyes closed, he had multiple bandages on and around his face and bruising covering most of his body that we could see and I could honestly say he was already lucky to be alive.

"Open your eyes" Derek demanded but he remained still with no sound but his heart monitor. "Open your eyes" he repeated and his eyes finally blinked open. "Look at me" the guy lifted his head as much as he could and met our eyes. "What do you remember?" Derek asked him.

"Hale" the guy said and my eyes widened. "Lupe" he added moving his eyes over to me, he knew who we were.

"How do you know our names?" I asked him too curious not to.

"I'm sorry" he whispered confusing me even more.

"How do you know us?" Derek demanded more forcefully.

"I'm sorry" he repeated then laid back and his heartrate started to deteriorate so I knew what was about to happen.

"Derek you gotta go" I said grabbing his arm pulling him out of the room quickly right as the machine flatlined as he took his last breath. "Go!" I told him more forcefully and he nodded walking away quickly but unsuspiciously right before Melissa ran past me in the hall towards his room and I made a show to follow her acting like I didn't know he'd just flatlined. "Oh my god" I covered my mouth gasping in pretend shock.

When the doctor arrived to do the actual check and call time of death I walked out pretending like it was too much and it actually kind of us since he was still human and he'd died but more shocked that he'd known our names which left us with more questions than it did answers.

"Hey Kenz" I looked up and saw Derek walking towards me like he'd just come from the front door.

"Hey" I tried my best to smile at him.

"You okay?" he asked and I knew he wasn't just asking for show.

"Not really" I replied then looked over at the nurses station and saw Lia sitting in Melissa's chair right as Melissa walked over.

"Hey sorry, I told her to sit there when the alarm went off"

"It's alright" I motioned Lia forward and she went to Derek. "Be a good girl for daddy okay" I told her and she nodded so I quickly hugged her and pressed a kiss to her forehead before standing up straight and shared a look with Derek before he left with her and I sighed going around the desk sitting in one of the chairs.

"That was Derek Hale?" Melissa pointed out and I mentally cursed having forgotten all about the arrest, the whole town knew him now no thanks to her stupid son.

"It's a long story" I replied.

"He's your husband?" I nodded feeling defensive all of a sudden wondering if she was about to start questioning me or doing the whole we can't be friends like we were in middle school. "I'm so sorry about his sister" she suddenly added and I was actually shocked not having suspected that. "It was horrible what happened to her and that he was accused"

"Yeah its put our family through a lot" I nodded speaking the truth.

"I couldn't imagine, if you need anything I'm here okay" I looked up and saw she was actually sincere about that not just saying it like most people did.

"Thank you Melissa that means a lot" I told her then took note of the time. "Now why don't you go home, your well past your shift"

"Your right, I'll see you next time" she replied picking up her bag and left.

Derek's POV

I went back to the house with Lia and settled her upstairs watching a movie and resumed my search looking for any clues Laura might have left for me, there had to be something…anything.

"Derek…I know you're here!" my head snapped up when the front door flew open and Scott's voice yelled up the stairs so I held my hand over Lia's mouth and pushed her underneath my old bed motioning for her to get down and stay there, she looked up scared and confused which pissed me off since it was all his fault my daughter was in danger. "I know what you did!" what the hell was he on about now but if I had to guess it was the bus driver.

"I didn't do anything" I spoke evenly and softly walking out of my room so he didn't even risk going in there.

"You killed him!" it was definitely about the bus driver.

"He died" seriously why assume it was me.

"Like your sister died?" I clenched my fists since he had no right bringing it up.

"My sister was missing, I came here looking for her"

"You found her"

"I found her in pieces!" I yelled letting my anger get the better of me. "Being used as bait to catch me" I could hear him walking up the stairs and this was sending me into overprotective mode since he was getting too close to my daughter for comfort.

"I think you killed them both, I'm gonna tell everyone starting with the Sheriff" he reached the top landing and that was it I rushed out grabbing him and threw him back down the stairs watching roll down before hitting the bottom and he suddenly looked up shifted and roared.

I jumped down the entire flight of stairs and went to throw him out the door but he grabbed me and with strength I didn't anticipate from him he picked me up and pushed me back through a wall sending plaster and wood everywhere as I landed on my back looking back up as I spat the dust out of my mouth sitting up brushing the wood and splinters as I stood and had to admit silently that that was actually pretty good for a newbie.

"Huh…that was cute" I muttered pulling my jacket off since there was no way I was letting him claw it up and dropped it to the ground before walking towards him and let myself shift cracking the kinks out of my neck before growling at Scott as he came charging towards me through the hole he'd created before circling as I continued snarling letting him make the first move.

He moved towards me with speed that I made it easy to grab him and throw him up against the wall slamming his back against it once…twice before I threw him across the room over the coffee table rolling to the ground but he didn't take the hint and got back up.

I jumped slamming my fist down where his head was but he rolled away and got to his feet behind me, I turned around and he threw his fist connecting with my jaw but it was barely a slap so I returned the favor countering his next fist and elbowed him in the face before punching him back sending him to the ground again backing away slightly to the stairs protecting the stairs and that of my cub upstairs listening to all this and knew Kenz was going to kill me but I couldn't help this.

Scott still wasn't done and stood up using the table for support so I growled out another warning running at him jumping over the table throwing my feet and kicked my legs out sending back to the ground before running at him but again he moved out of the way, I flipped off the wall turning to him only to get a wooden paddle to the head sending me over the table just narrowly moving out of the way as he tried doing it again and swept his legs out from underneath him.

He rolled onto his back and I'd had enough so I grabbed his throat and lifted him up only to slam him down again…once…twice before stepping away hopefully with him having enough but started to stand yet again, I kicked my leg out sending him rolling over a trunk and again he got up jumping onto it growling at me before he jumped up and I'd officially had enough and was threw playing nice so when he jumped at me I slashed out feeling my claws connecting with his stomach and he went to the ground panting and groaning so I shifted back breathing heavily before I turned to him.

"I didn't kill him!" I exclaimed at him deciding the time to tell him about the Alpha was now. "Neither of us did, it's not your fault and it's not mine"

"This?!" he yelled standing up straight. "This is all your fault!" he added moving towards me. "You ruined my life!" he was still accusing me of biting him.

"No I didn't" I spat getting back into his face.

"You're the one who bit me!"

"No I'm not"


"I'm not the one who bit you" I spat at him and he looked taken aback stepping back before raising his hand and touched his chest where the wounds had already healed just leaving the blood and torn shirt behind flinching as a memory came back to him and collapsed back onto the couch before looking up at me.

"There's another"

"It's called an Alpha" I explained since there was no way back now. "It's the most dangerous of our kind, you and I are Beta's" I replied turning to face him directly once again leaving our my wife and child. "This thing is more powerful, more animal than either of us" he looked down at his feet. "My sister came here looking for him, now I'm trying to find him but I don't think I can do it without you"

"Why me?" he asked avoiding looking at me.

"Because he's the one that bit you, you're part of his pack" he looked up slowly. "It's you Scott, you're the one he wants" he was taken aback again but didn't say anything as he suddenly stood and left with a last look at me before he was gone and I waited until I could no longer hear him before I went upstairs throwing the bedroom door open. "Lia?" I called and sighed moving towards the bed leaning down pulling the sheets up seeing her curled up hands over her hears. "Hey" I called and she slowly lifted her head.


"Yeah, come here" she quickly crawled out and collided her body into my chest and I hugged her. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry you had to hear that baby" I smoothed her hair out hearing a small sniffle come from her. "Your mom is gonna kill me" I whispered mostly to myself but I heard a small laugh come from her and it brightened my mood. "There's my girl"

"I'll protect you daddy" I laughed as she sat back.

"I know you will, your my brave little pup" I hugged her again and kissed the top of her head. "I love you Lia"

"I love you too daddy"

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