A Hale Love Story @halewolfgirl10
S1 Ep 2 - Second Chance At First Line

Second Chance at First Line

Kenzie's POV

The weekend passed with us not really doing much except hanging out with Lia and occasionally we'd went out to the park while Derek spent his days watching the Beta and hunting the Alpha for most of the night before returning home to tuck Lia in.

This morning however I was up before dawn and escaped out of Derek's arms going downstairs finding the stuff Lia and Derek had gotten the other night since we'd eaten out all weekend and unpacked the bags which surprised me by including a camp stove making me smile since Derek and I knew too much about each other to be dangerous in the way we think alike.

I set it up in what used to be the kitchen ignoring that ninety per cent of the room was burnt away since the fire had affected the back half of the house before I tiptoed upstairs grabbing some clothes without waking my two werewolves and changed before I grabbed Derek's keys and drove to the nearest store picking up the basic breakfast foods like bacon and a carton of eggs along with some bread and peanut butter spread for lunch along with various other food products that didn't need to be refrigerated before returning home.

"Where did you go?" I nearly jumped when I turned around after closing the door and saw Derek standing on the steps in just his boxers letting me get a full few of his abs and it made me wish that we had gone through with his intentions last night.

"To get some food, we have a kid to feed remember" I walked towards the kitchen with him following me as I unpacked the bags getting the bacon on straight away knowing that Lia would be up any minute.

"Well next time wake me and tell me where you're going" he retaliated and I turned to look over my shoulder at him.

"Since when do I need permission to go to the shops?" it's nothing I haven't been doing for six years since I've always been an early riser when getting stuff done because that was when Lia would sleep.

"Since we're in Beacon Hills" he argued and I saw his arms had come to cross over his chest along with the famous Hale glower. "Did you forget that the Argent's are here"

"No I didn't-"

"And what if they'd caught you"

"Derek I was gone five minutes for food not running through the forest" I protested flipping the bacon trying my best to ignore the infamous Hale stare down routine he was doing behind me especially since Derek's muscle and body was all on show.

"Do you think that matters to them, not to mention the Alpha could be tracking us-" I sighed knowing he was grasping at straws so I turned towards him seeing him practically behind me still holding the same posture.

"Derek I was fine, I know what you're worried about" I reached out and grabbed his hands uncrossing them, he was worried that what happened to Laura was going to happen to me but I wasn't going to say that out loud as it was still way too fresh. "But it won't, I promise okay"

"Morning daddy" we turned and saw Lia walk into the room still in her pj's and both smiled at her letting the argument go for now since we would never argue around her, especially this topic. "Morning mommy"

"You hungry?" I asked her.

"Of course" she replied making me laugh since who was I kidding Lia was always hungry, I pulled out the paper plates that I'd gotten as well and put a couple of pieces of bacon on to along with some bread.

"Do you want any eggs?" she shook her head so I gave her the plate and she went over to the sofa sitting down.

"Can I watch your phone daddy?" he nodded walking over to her.

"It's almost dead so it won't last long" he told her as he handed it to her and I went back to cooking as I made up a plate for Derek and myself with the bacon then started cooking some eggs. "We'll talk about this later" he said coming back towards me, I rolled my eyes with a nod right as I felt and heard my phone ringing in my back pocket.

"Watch the food, I have to take this" I pulled it out and answered it going towards the back of the house. "Hello?" I answered.

"Hello is this Mackenzie Lupe?" a voice asked and normally I wouldn't answer that but given I'd applied at the hospital.

"Yes it is"

"This is Beacon Hills memorial, we understand you dropped off a resume with us yesterday"

"Uh yes I did"

"That's great, we've looked through it and we were impressed with your school scores and your professor at NYU had nothing but great things to say about your practical work so we would love for you to come in on a trial period to work for us" wow that was fast.

"Wow that's great thank you"

"We'll send you an email with all the corresponding information and on your first day one of the nurses will get you your scrubs, we look forward to working with you Ms Lupe"

"Ok and thanks again" I hung up walking back towards Derek seeing him look up meaning he'd heard it all. "This going to be a problem now with all your incessant worrying"

"No, you need the work and I'm happy for you" he replied but he didn't sound happy.

"You don't sound happy"

"Not about the job, I'm glad that your finally able to put your degree to work I'm not so happy that you gave them the name Lupe" my frown turned into a small smile.

"Oh babe" I crooned like I would talk to Lia when we was having a temper tantrum and walked towards him. "That's got nothing to do with you and you know that I just think while were here keeping my affiliation to you to a minimum is better especially if and when the Argents figure out were here"

"They still know your maiden name so I don't understand why you can't use the name Hale"

"Okay I'll give you another when I went and dropped off my resume the nurse that I spoke to, she smelt like a werewolf but it wasn't her it was on her clothes"

"So?" he shrugged.

"So how many werewolves do you think are getting medical attention…none which gives me two guesses she's connected to the Beta or the Alpha" he sighed seemingly accepting that as a valid reason.

"What's her name?" he asked.

"Melissa McCall" I told him and he sighed.

"It's the Beta, his names Scott"

"And by your sudden change of heart I take it you didn't tell him about me and Lia last night"

"Didn't exactly come up when we were running from Argent" he shrugged but I could see right through him.

"Mmhmm sure but I get it because the fewest people knowing about Lia the better since the Argents had no way of knowing I was pregnant before the fire or after so they don't know she exists so maybe keeping my name as Lupe at the hospital is a good idea since Melissa saw her"

"Alright I get, doesn't mean I have to like it though"

"I know but remember just because I'm a Lupe out there doesn't mean I'm not a Hale in here with you" I tapped my hand against his chest over his heart and he looked down seeing my engagement ring and wedding band sitting proudly on my left ring finger. "I married you Derek and that's not going to change any time soon" he smiled putting his hand over mine.

"Good" he leaned down and kissed me.

"Daddy your phone died!" Lia called out making us laugh as we parted.

"Are you gonna head out soon to watch the Beta?" I asked as we grabbed our plates which were nearly cold but started eating.

"Yeah, you and Lia gonna be okay?"

"Of course but I have to go to the local library to check my emails for the one from the hospital and I don't think Lia is gonna wanna sit there so maybe you could take her" I had called the school this morning during eating and her transcripts hadn't arrived yet.

"Didn't we just talk about keeping her a secret?"

"I know but I also know you'll keep to the shadows and she'd think it's fun like a spy mission which is a lot better than watching me go through work stuff at a stuffy library"

"Alright fine" he smiled at my spy mission idea. "Hey Lia if your finished breakfast go get dressed your coming with me today" he called out to her.

"We gonna watch the Beta daddy?" she asked.

"Yep which means you have to be stealthy and listen to your dad okay" I told her and she brightened up even more.

"Yay I get to be a secret agent" she skipped out of the room and I shot Derek a 'I told you so' look and his response was to roll his eyes at me.

Derek's POV

I watched Kenzie leave after getting dressed and saying bye to Lia who was bouncing around in excitement as we left ourselves, I gave Kenzie the car since it wasn't that far to the school and if Lia got tired I'd just carry her which ended up being the case as I piggy backed her until we got to the school right as the lacrosse practice was starting making me frown as I remembered my own days on playing a sport it didn't always end well.

"Daddy is that the Beta?" Lia suddenly asked and I looked up seeing Scott in the line to throw shots at the net.

"Yeah good girl" I praised her knowing she'd sniffed him out. "But shh okay we gotta stay quiet" she nodded holding a finger to her lips making me smile briefly before I lookws back up at Scott.

"Let's go…McCall what are you waiting for…lets go" the Coach said as Scott was daydreaming by the looks of it and Scott shook whatever stupid thought was in his head and ran at the goal only for that Jackson kid to knock him out.

"That wasn't nice" Lia said once again making me smile.

"Hey McCall, hey McCall…my grandmother can move faster than that and she's dead" I thought my basketball Coach was bad. "You think you can move faster than the lifeless corpse of my dead grandmother?" I glared at this Coach because who the hell talks about life that way especially with Laura's death still fresh in my mind and I heard Lia's breath quicken so I reached down and pulled her closer to me.

"He's so mean" she whispered looking up at me and I nodded.

"Yes Coach" Scott suddenly said and I looked up hearing the change in his voice.

"I can't hear you"

"Yes Coach" Scott repeated this time more loudly but I could hear it his voice, the idiot was shifting.

"Then do it again" the Coach said and Scott jogged back to the front of the line before charging at the kid Jackson at full strength and rammed into him sending the kid to the ground making my glare intensify even if that kid deserved it, it was how Scott had done it and only proved further when Scott fell to his knees holding his head.

"I can't control it Stiles, it's happening"

"What right here, now?!" his friend said clearly knowing making me roll my eyes since this just got better and better now we had a human in the know. "Come on get up, go!" his friend Stiles pulled him up and dragged him off the field towards the school while I watched.

"Is he okay daddy?" Lia asked me and I looked down.

"No he's not, he's in big trouble" I told her then walked away leading her with me as we left, I'd get to 'talk' with Scott later after Kenzie was done and able to take Lia but for now I took her to a nearby park and let her be a kid while keeping my eyes, nose and ears out for any trouble.

"Daddy push me" she called out making me smile as I walked over and pushed her on the swing while still watching vigilantly for a few more minutes as she continued to run around and get all her energy out which was a lot for a werewolf pup.

"Alright Lia your mom should be home soon, what's say we head home and make some dinner huh since you missed lunch"

"Can we have pizza again?" she asked and I shook my head with small smile.

"Not tonight" I told her then realised I would need to pick up some food since Kenz only got breakfast foods this morning, I really needed to figure out a way to get power and water in the Hale house but this was temporary as I had that appointment with the real estate tomorrow to look for somewhere to live for now.

"What are we doing here daddy?" she asked when I pulled her into a small grocery.

"We need to get some food silly" I smiled grabbing a cart leading the way down the aisle with her holding onto my hand as I threw some basic food items into the cart. "Wait here for a minute and don't move okay" she nodded and I quickly rushed grabbing some steak and returned seeing the cart filled with various junk food. "Lia" she smiled innocently. "We can't get all this" there was marshmallows, chips and at least ten chocolate bars.


"Well for one the chocolate will melt as we don't have a fridge and second your mother would kill me for letting you get hyped up on sugar" I put seven of the chocolate bars back and the marshmallows because I knew she wouldn't actually eat them then dropped the steak in.

"You're scared of mommy?" she asked in that adorable little teasing voice of hers.

"I'm terrified of your mom but don't tell her I said that" I replied and she laughed as we headed to the check-out seeing a young blonde behind the counter as we started loading it up onto the scanner with Lia helping making the girl smile.

"She's so cute, is she your niece?" she asked and I looked up.

"My daughter" I told her to be polite sensing her about to flirt if I said she was my niece.

"Oh wow you don't look old enough" I know that was meant to be a compliment but how old did this girl think I was, she looked seventeen maybe younger.

"He's married to my mommy" Lia interrupted almost glaring at this girl and I smiled since the face she was pulling was all Kenzie.

"Oh" the girl said recoiling a little at Lia and continued scanning everything through before telling me the total and I paid taking the bags walking out before laughing as soon as we were out of the store looking down a Lia.

"You're exactly like your mom"

"Mommy wouldn't like that girl" she replied making me laugh even harder.

"Your right she wouldn't have" I agreed bending down so she could climb onto my back and I was able to walk a bit faster juggling her on my back and carrying the bags.

"Your mommy's and no one else's"

"Your mom tell you that did she?" I asked and she nodded clinging to my back.

"She said girls like to goggle at you and that she has to stake her claim"

"It's ogle sweetie and I'm sure your mother did say that but she forgets that I don't want anyone else besides my two girls, you and your mom are the only girls I'll ever need"

"Good" she said making me chuckle again since she was in so many ways exactly like Kenzie no matter how much she argued that Lia was more like me.

"You ready to hold on tight?" I told her as I approached the preserve and her response was to wrap her arms tighter around my neck, not enough to choke me but she had a strong grip and I ran with her laughing nearly the whole way home.

"Mommy's home!" she exclaimed nearly jumping down off my back once we reached the house so I let her down and she ran up the porch steps reaching for the door throwing it open and ran inside with me following closing the door behind us.

"Kenz?" I called and she came downstairs seeing the bags in my hand.

"Oh I was just about to head out and get food"

"I beat you to it, thought I'd cook tonight since you cooked breakfast"

"Mm how generous" she replied with a smile following me towards the kitchen.

"Daddy's terrifryed of you" Lia suddenly said and I smiled as I turned to her.

"Lia that was our secret remember" I fake scolded her.

"Oh baby that's nothing I didn't know already" Kenzie replied picking Lia up and sat her on the middle counter after making sure it couldn't crumble beneath the weight but it wouldn't not like if I sat on it.

"And some lady was ogling daddy" I laughed shaking my head since Lia just couldn't help telling Kenz.

"Did you set her straight?"


"Good girl, high five" they high fived and I rolled my eyes and started grilling up the steaks, once we ate I knew I had to go and 'talk' with Scott so once Lia had gone upstairs to play with the few toys we'd brought with us leaving me and Kenzie to clean. "So how'd it go today?"

"Found out Scott's on the lacrosse team"

"Lacrosse?" she asked and I nodded.

"He shifted on the field today"

"He shifted?" I nodded and she sighed tying up the garbage bag with all the T-bones in it and our plates. "In front of the team?" I nodded again. "He has to stop playing"

"I know which is why I'm going over to his place and tell him exactly that" she scoffed.

"Yeah right, your gonna threaten him" she argued and I shrugged since she knew me too well meaning I couldn't lie.

"Okay so maybe I am"

"Don't be too intimidating, we need him to like us if he's gonna accept our help"

"He doesn't need to like us" I argued and she just raised her eye.

"Yeah that isn't gonna work on a teenager Derek, in case you forgot being one all teenagers are stubborn…hell your still stubborn"

"I am not" I shot at her and she just laughed.

"Yeah right, just go that way you can get back" I nodded walking over and kissed her forehead before heading to the door.

"I'll be back soon" I told Lia seeing her sitting on the top of the stairs no doubt eavesdropping on us. "And it's rude to eavesdrop Lia"

"I wasn't" she protested with a smirk making me smile as she came down the stairs and hugged me around the waist and I hugged her back quickly before going out.

I got into the Camaro frowning at the seat being moved no doubt from Kenzie and quickly readjusted it then drove to Scott's letting myself into his room by the open window seeing him sitting at his desk video chatting his friend just watching before Scott suddenly turned having been warned by his friend but I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and slammed him against the wall…this was me being nice after all.

"I saw you on the field today" I growled right in his face.

"What…what are you talking about?"

"You shifted in front of them!" I yelled at him. "If they find out what you are, they find out about me, about all of us" I added thinking about Kenzie and Lia. "And then it's not just the hunters after us it's everyone"

"They didn't see anything…I swear" he argued breathing heavily and I could smell the fear coming off him.

"And they won't because if you even try to play in that game on Saturday, I'm gonna kill you myself" I warned him before letting him go and jumped out the window before he'd even turned around.

Kenzie's POV

Derek arrived home late that night after Lia had already fell asleep and I was on my way but I heard him come in and crawl in beside me and I knew he'd hunted the Alpha a little which I didn't mind since one of us had to be with Lia and he'd always had a stronger sense of smell then me.

The next few days went on mostly the same as they had been except for the school calling and telling us Lia's transcripts had arrived so today was Lia's first day at Beacon Hills elementary and she was nervous as we were dropping off and so was Derek scanning the ground anxiously which was enough to make me nervous as I could smell both of their anxiety.

"You'll be fine Lia, it's just like New York okay you remember your first day" I told her as we approached the building, she'd been in school in New York having started this year and it was one of the proudest but dreaded moment in my life sending her off that day and today I was feeling it all over again.

"But what if nobody likes me here?" she asked holding our hands tightly.

"They will baby just remember your manners, be kind and pretty soon you'll have so many friends" I told her bending down to her level.

"And remember what we said if you get scared or angry for any reason to just breathe so that you don't shift and if anyone picks on you-"

"I tell the teacher" she nodded at Derek and he smiled right as a middle aged woman walked up to us.

"You must be the Hale's?" we nodded and stood up, we'd both wished that we could've changed Lia's name but everything regarding her school paperwork in New York had been in the name Hale so we couldn't change it now and just had to hope that the Argents didn't catch wind of a Hale kid starting at the primary school. "I'm Mrs Sally and this must be my new student Natalia" she smiled down at Lia.

"I'm Lia" she said standing behind Derek a little holding on his jeans.

"Do you prefer Lia?" she asked and Lia nodded before she looked back up at us.

"Why don't you go with Mrs Sally Lia and we'll be back to pick you up" Derek told her looking down and pushed her forward a little as Mrs Sally held her hand out. "It's alright" Derek added when she hesitated and with her father's reassurance she took Mrs Sally's hand.

"Don't worry we'll take good care of her" her teacher said and I wanted to groan since you didn't say that to two paranoid werewolf parents while you led their pup away but I pushed it down watching as they walked into the kindergarten building before disappearing.

"God that doesn't get any easier" I groaned as Derek and I walked back towards the Camaro.

"I know I don't think I'll ever get used to her growing up" he agreed and I managed a small laugh. "Next stop the hospital" he added smiling at me and I nodded since today was my first shift at the hospital as well.

I hesitated at the front entrance looking up feeling really nervous, more nervous than dropping Lia off and I knew it was because it was me, Lia was part Derek and we were raising her to be strong but I wasn't, I never have been and it was my mom who wanted me to become a nurse because she had been and deep down I wanted to be like her, I wanted to make her proud by helping others.

"You're gonna be late Kenz" I turned around seeing Derek leaning back against the Camaro and saw his face fall as I imagined what my expression was. "Hey, you okay?"

"I don't know if I can do this" he stood up straight and walked over grabbing my hands.

"You can do anything-"

"No I can't, I'm not my mom" he sighed reaching up brushing some hair behind my ear.

"Kenzie it's not a matter of being your mom, she'd be proud of you no matter what you do and I know you went through nursing school because it's what she wanted but I know you also wanted to follow in her footsteps"

"How can I even think of being a great nurse like she was"

"You don't need to be a great nurse like she was, you need to be the great nurse that you are, you were in the top five at graduation, you studied harder than anyone all while we had a newborn waking you up at godly hours of the night for feedings and you still managed to get your degree so you can do this, your caring, compassionate and I know that you'll do everything in your power to be the nurse you were meant to be" I watched him the entire time he made his speech and smiled leaning up to kiss him when he was done.

"Thank you" he nodded placing a soft kiss to the top of my head when I hugged him then took a deep breath and let go. "Don't forget to pick Lia up" I reminded him even though I knew he wouldn't.

"I won't" I nodded satisfied and went inside up towards the nurse station and saw Melissa sitting behind the desk so at least it was a friendly face.

"Mackenzie, I heard you were starting today it's great to have you on the team"

"Thanks" I smiled.

"Well let's get you settled in and to work shall we" I nodded and followed her back so I could get into some new scrubs and get showed the run downs of this hospital and nursing schedules.

Derek's POV

I was at the house tidying up even more going through some things that were left behind that we could use since I'd just been at the real estate after dropping Kenzie and Lia off and picked up a few listings that would suit our needs, cheap, close to Lia's school and the hospital and far enough from the Argents.

"Derek!" I heard Scott yell as he skidded up out the front on his bike and glared since he no right coming here. "Derek!" I walked around from the back of the house onto the porch seeing him looking over at where the ground was still overturned from burying Laura. "Stay away from her, she doesn't know anything" I rolled my eyes walking towards him dropping off the porch so he didn't come any closer to the house.

"Yeah, so what if she does?" I asked walking straight up to him. "You think your little buddy Stiles can just google 'werewolves' and now you've got all the answers, is that it?" he was barely containing his anger as his shoulders heaved. "You don't get it yet Scott but I'm looking out for you, think about what could happen you're out on the field the aggression takes over and you shift in front of everyone" I looked down seeing his lacrosse stick and picked it up. "Your mom, all your friends and when they see you" I poked him with it and he swatted it away. "Everything falls apart" I tore through the net before throwing the stick up and he followed it leaving me to disappear back in the house before he could see.

When it was time to pick up Lia I'd gone through most of what I could not finding very much that was salvable from the house so we needed to a) look into furnished rentals or b) buy the basics and buying the basics seemed more plausible but after seeing Scott's reaction on Laura's grave I took matters in protection using the only bit of wolfsbane that we had as a cure if one of us was ever poisoned to conceal the scent before I left heading over to the school.

I pulled in a spot getting out and walked towards the kindergarten area seeing a few kids running around meeting up with their parents and looked around trying to spot my own little monster and finally spotted her coming out with her bag on her back carrying a piece of paper that was no doubt a drawing she'd done and I saw she was talking with a little girl around the same age so mostly likely one in her class and they were smiling before she finally looked up and spotted me.

"Daddy!" she run over and jumped into my arms.

"Hey how was school?"

"It was great, I met a friend her name's Lucy"

"I saw" I told her. "And what's this?" I nodded at the paper.

"It's a drawing for you and mommy, they said we had to draw our family" she handed me the drawing and I saw a jumble of things making out some of it, I could tell there were four stick figure people and knew it was Kenz, me and Laura with her in the middle.

"It's great Lia, we'll have to save it"

"Hi you must be Lia's father" I looked up seeing a woman in front of me with the girl Lia had been talking to. "I'm Lucy's mom, thought I'd come over and introduce myself since our daughters met today"

"Yes, my name's Derek" I held my hand out to be polite and she took it.

"Kylie" she nodded smiling down at Lia. "Hi Lia, it's good to meet you too"

"Hello" Lia greeted staying beside me, she had Kenzie's shyness that's for sure especially as I remembered when Kenzie first moved here and joined the pack.

"Well it was good meeting you but Lia and I really should be going I have to pick up my wife" I threw that in there just in case this was one of those single mom's looking to hook up, there was one in New York who'd always try and get me to go out with her whenever I used to pick up Lia.

"Yeah you too" she nodded smiling at me so I picked up Lia again and walked over to my car opening it up and getting Lia into the back putting her seatbelt on before getting in and started driving deciding to have an early dinner with just me and Lia since Kenzie was still another couple of hours.

"Yay pizza!" Lia exclaimed seeing where I'd stopped and I laughed helping her out of the car and we walked into Leo's who was behind the counter seeing us straight away.

"Derek and Lia, what can I get you's?"

"Pepperoni" Lia called out before I could and Leo looked at me asking if that's what I was ordering and I nodded.

"Okay one pepperoni pizza coming up, anything else"

"Yeah can I also get a garden salad" Kenz would kill me if I let Lia just eat pizza.

"Yep, I'll bring them out to you's" I thanked him and took a seat in the same booth.

"Daddy you never added my name" Lia said tracing her hand over Kenzie's and my initials.

"You're right I didn't did I?" I grabbed a fork and smiled as I neatly scribed at N.H below ours and she beamed at me. "That better my princess"

"It is" she agreed making me laugh.

"So what else did you do at school today besides draw?"

"We read a story, we played in the playground which is where I met Lucy"

"Oh yeah?" she nodded engrossing me into the story even more on how they'd met at the monkey bars while they were playing and it was entertaining, I never understood those parents that ignored their kids since no matter how pointless asking how their day was it was always fun to hear them explain it, I never tired of hearing Lia telling me things in her own point of view as it was so imaginative and I could listen to her all day. "That sounds like a very busy day" she nodded right as Leo brough over our pizza and the salad along with a kids apple juice for Lia stating it was on the house again.

We ate and despite a small reluctance to get her to eat some of the salad she eventually had some but not before eating four slices of pizza which wasn't unusual for Lia but still remained that maybe we should give her more food to take to school.

"Alright kid wait here while I pay the bill" I stood up heading over to the counter and Leo was already there waiting since we were the only people in here. "Hey Leo, how much?"

"$26.35" I pulled out my wallet and gave me $30 in cash and as he was counting out the change I turned to the booth but Lia wasn't there.

"Lia?" I called but didn't get an answer. "Lia?" Leo frowned at me looking around too coming around the counter as we looked around. "Natalia!" I yelled bordering on panic now walking towards the bathrooms and knocked on the ladies room. "Lia!?" I didn't get an answer so I started to head back to the front.

"Yeah daddy" I turned around and saw her coming out of the girls bathroom.

"Lia!" I went up to her and grabbed her shoulders. "Where we're you?"

"I had to go bathroom"

"Why didn't you tell me?!" I asked keeping my voice even but my tone told her I wasn't happy.

"Boys arent allowed in the girls room" I sighed willing myself to calm down.

"Don't ever do that to me again, next time just tell me and I can wait out here for you but I still need to know Lia"

"I'm sorry" she apologized sniffling a little since she could tell I'd been upset.

"It's okay you just scared me" I picked her up and walked towards the front seeing Leo sigh in relief so I nodded at him then grabbed the change I'd left on the counter thanking him again before I walked out. "You can't wander off like that, not when were in this town okay there are some bad people that might grab you okay" I didn't want to scare her but I couldn't bear the thought of the Argents grabbing her as leverage or worse the Alpha.

"I'm sorry daddy"

"It's alright just think next time okay" she nodded so I got her into the car and helped her with her seat belt before getting in myself looking at the clock since it was almost time to pick up Kenzie.

"Are you gonna tell mommy?" she asked as I pulled onto the road.

"Yes" I told her sternly but softly, I'd never raised my voice at her.

"But why?"

"Because grown-ups don't keep things from each other especially when married" she didn't say anything after that and I knew she was upset with me and herself so I let her be quiet as I pulled up out the front of the hospital and saw Kenzie waiting.

"Hey" she smiled getting in and we shared a greeting kiss but she sensed the thickness in the air especially when she looked back at Lia. "What's wrong?"

"We had a little trouble at the pizza place" I told her.

"What kind of trouble?" I looked up at Lia in the rearview mirror seeing her looking out the window hand under her chin pouting.

"Lia wandered off to the bathroom without telling me when my back was turned and I went a little nuts with worry"

"Lia you know better than that" Kenzie said looking back at her but Lia was giving us the silent treatment. "Baby you have to be careful and tell your dad where you're going"

"I know, I'm sorry" Lia snapped a little and I looked back at her.

"Hey don't give your mother attitude" she met my eyes with a small glare that Kenz would call the Hale glower.

"I said I was sorry"

"You're on your way to a time out if you keep going Lia" she turned back out the window and I sighed sharing a small look with Kenzie since she wasn't normally like this, sure she's had a few temper tantrums but not lately.

I pulled up outside the Hale house and immediately the hair on my neck stood up and I was looking straight at Laura's grave that was undug and my grip tightened on the steering wheel.

"What the…who did this?" Kenz asked having seen it.

"Did what?" Lia asked and our eyes snapped back at her.

"Nothing, let's get you inside it's getting late and you need to be in bed" Kenzie said sharing a look with me before getting out and got Lia out distracting her as they went inside and I walked over to Laura's grave seeing her body covered in the blanket still but definitely back human and I looked up seeing the wolfsbane was gone. "Derek who did this?" I turned and saw her coming up behind me.

"Scott and his idiot friend"

"Why for what purpose?" she asked frowning down at the hole.

"I don't know but it's not good, the idiot friend is son of the Sheriff" her eyes widened.

"They want to frame us" I shook my head.

"They want to frame me no doubt so Scott can play in that stupid game" I replied then sighed. "I want you and Lia to go to a motel, right now"

"Derek-" I shook my head again cutting her off.

"No I don't want either of you caught up in this, it's already too late the cops will probably be here soon and if you're here they could write you in as an accessory and take Lia so you two have to go"

"What about you, this is a murder charge?"

"They won't be able to hold me long, there's no way their useless department won't rule it an animal attack" she sighed nodding her head.

"I wish I could say we run but that won't solve anything and just make you look guilty" I nodded so we quickly went back to the house and packed up everything so I would look like it was just me then she got Lia back into the Camaro without her seeing the gravesite before getting behind the wheel.

"I'll meet back up with you when I'm out, don't go to the station, don't try and get me out just stay hidden" she nodded so I kissed her then looked back at Lia who was confused and I didn't know what to tell her. "Listen to your mom"

"Daddy what's going on?" she asked and I frowned cursing those two idiots since they were unknowingly causing my daughter pain she didn't need.

"Nothing to worry about, I'll see you and your mom tomorrow night okay I've just got to do some things here and it's not safe for my two girls"

"I don't want to go daddy, I don't wanna leave you"

"I know you don't but you have to, I promise I'll see you tomorrow" I told her then nodded at Kenz telling her to drive which she did.

Kenzie's POV

By morning Derek's arrest was already on the news and with every passing minute I grew angrier and angrier at this Scott kid and his friend since not only did they get my husband arrested but they messed with Laura's resting place which I had to explain to my daughter last night opening up the wound of her Aunt's death which pissed me off more than anything ever has and that's saying a lot.

I turned away from the TV which was down low seeing Lia starting to stir so I quickly turned it off smiling as her eyes opened instantly looking around and I know she was looking for Derek.

"Hey" I moved some messy unkept hair out of her face as she continued to wake up, she was never much of a morning person just like Derek when he did manage to sleep.

"Is daddy back?" I frowned shaking my head at her.

"Not yet you hungry we can find somewhere that makes pancakes" she frowned clearly not happy with not seeing Derek in the morning since this was the first time she's ever woken up with him not here and it made my anger return that when I found this kid I was gonna punch him in the face.

Getting dressed for the day was a hassle since Lia was in a mood but I did my best at cheering her up by taking her out to a local diner and let her order the breakfast works with eggs, bacon, pancakes and toast even though she didn't finish it all then I took her to the park letting her play but her heart wasn't in it as she just sat idly on the swing and I'd had enough of seeing my daughter miserable and was about to charge into that police station and demand that Derek be let go but a mother and her daughter turned up and Lia's head snapped up.

"Lucy!" Lia jumped up and ran over to the little girl with a hug and I saw a genuine smile on her face before something was said between them and they started playing together making me smile.

"Hi, you must be Lia's mother?" the mother asked walking up to me where I was sitting and took a seat on the bench. "I met your husband yesterday after our daughters became friends at school"

"Oh yes, he mentioned something about that" I lied since Derek hadn't had a chance to tell me anything about Lia's school day.

I chatted idly with the girl's mother about the usual stuff that I guess you'd talk about with your daughters friends mother, names, where we're from and she asked about Derek a little and talked about her husband.

This is what I'd learnt about her so far, Kylie Masters – age 28, she had her daughter Lucy at 22 with a man that she wasn't married to and it was a one night stand gone wrong, Lucy's actual father wasn't in the picture but her husband Daniel was the only father figure Lucy has had since she was one…it was amazing how much she was actually spilling especially since I wasn't asking that many questions to warrant all these answers.

"I hope this doesn't seem too forward but you and your husband seem a little young to have a six year old daughter"

"We were eighteen when I fell pregnant" I shrugged since it wasn't that big of a deal and I watched her eyes widen a little. "Yeah typical irresponsible teenage prom night celebration" I joked and she laughed a little at my joking tone. "But it worked out, we got married just after she was born"

I stayed at the park for another hour before I'd had enough of Kylie's incessant ramblings and I'm sure to a normal person this was nice being friends with the other mothers from your kids school but I'd learnt pretty young that having human friends never turned out well and with the Alpha, Scott and just Beacon Hills in general was even more reason now.

"Alright I should go, we have a few errands to run" I told Kylie and she nodded with a smile. "Lia come on" I called and she ran over sounding out of breath as her and Lucy had been running around playing catch for the last half hour.

"Do we haft too?" she asked and while I hated to end this since she wasn't thinking about Derek's absence but I was through being on the sidelines and was actually going to this lacrosse game tonight to make sure this Beta didn't hurt anybody.

"Yeah we do, I promise you we can have a longer play date soon okay" she nodded and turned saying goodbye to Lucy as I turned back to Kylie and saw her scribbling out her number.

"I'd love to schedule a play date, Lucy likes playing with your daughter she wouldn't stop talking after school yesterday and she usually struggles to make friends" I nodded understanding that so I took the piece of paper and quickly put her contact in my phone before calling it so she had my number.

We left the park walking back to the motel since it wasn't that far and we'd walked here then I got her to put on some warmer clothes since the temperature was a lot colder at night and I pulled on a cotton grey jacket before adding my leather jacket over the top grabbing some beanies for both Lia and I if we needed them putting them in my handbag before I made us some food having done a little bit of grocery shopping last night before the shops shut and with a fridge I was able to get perishables.

"Alright eat up then we're gonna go to a sports game okay" I placed the bowl of Mac 'n Cheese in front of her.

"Is daddy okay?" she asked instead of eating.

"Yes, your dads fine and he'll be home soon I promise" I sat down beside her with a bowl for myself.

"Did Argents get him?" I frowned at her.

"Where did you hear that word?"

"I heard you and daddy talking about it"

"It's not nice to eavesdrop Lia"

"I hear from upstairs" my eyes widened a little.

"You can?" she nodded playing with her food a little and I frowned since I'd have to have a talk with Derek and help her learn how to block out hearing everything since it was dangerous at her age. "Well when your dad gets back we're gonna have a talk about it okay" she nodded and started to eat a little but her appetite wasn't there and again I knew it was Derek's absence.

Once she claimed she was full after eating half of it we left driving over to the high school parking in the lot then walked over towards the fields where I saw everyone else heading and climbed the stands sitting up the back watching the team getting ready but a scent suddenly caught my nose and I turned seeing none other than Chris Argent.

"Oh great" I mumbled to myself.

"What mommy?" Lia asked but I just smiled.

"Nothing" I put my arm around her holding to my side.

"Look that's Scott mommy" she suddenly said and I perked up.

"Where?" I asked since I wanted to know who this kid was and she pointed him out, I took in the kid, shaggy brown hair with matching brown eyes that I could see from this distance and I took note of his jersey number '11' so I could keep track of him out on the field.

"Please let this be okay, please" I heard his whisper to himself right as the game was about to begin and frowned with a small glare because he should have taken Derek's warning since if this kid did anything and revealed werewolves to everyone here he would be putting the entire species at risk.

The game began and straight away as the Beacon Hills team ran around the field I could tell there was teen drama going on since not one player was passing the ball to Scott which was bound to piss him off so I was on the edge of my seat anxiously but was still keeping my daughter close watching Argent out of the corner of my eye just in case he looked this way and recognized me.

Scott finally had an opening when the ball was just lying in the middle of the field after a block from the other team and he went for it only to be taken out by another teammate who made the goal instead.

"That's it Jackson, get fired up!" the Coach yelled and I took that name down to memory since he just seemed like he was going to be a problem since he looked like he had a beef with Scott that and he seemed like an egotistical jerk.

I moved my eyes back towards Scott seeing him looking up at the stands so I followed his eyeline and saw a red head and a brunette who were sitting next to Argent holding up a sign which clearly was something endearing to Jackson the jerk and I heard his small growl of anger at this.

"…oh this is not going to be good" I heard someone mutter and looked at the bench at a buzz cut kid with a frown, I recognized the voice from the woods this was Scott's friend and judging by what he just said he knew.

"Only to me" I moved my eyes out onto the field at Jackson seeing him hovering with a few other Beacon Hills players.

"But what if he's open?" another one asked him.

"Who's the captain, you or me?" Jackson asked him and I scoffed since now I knew this kids problem, Scott was obviously showing a little wolf power on the field in practice and Jackson was threatened by it thinking he'd lose his precious captain spot and it reminded me of a kid that used to be threatened by Derek on the basketball court but because he wanted captains spot even though Derek had earned it despite his wolf since Talia had given him the condition that he had to play fair. "…what did I say?"

"Don't pass to McCall" the kid sighed and I scanned my eyes across the field at Scott who was watching and obviously listening to this as well and from where I was sitting over all these people I could smell the anger rolling off him as the team all got into place and watched as Scott hunched over with a constant blast of air coming from his mask meaning he'd lost it especially as his soft growls filled my ears.

"No, no, no" I whispered to myself.

"What is it mommy, is Scott okay?" Lia asked me and I turned to her.

"Yeah it's fine" I told her even though it was a lie. "I need you to be real quiet okay, don't use his name" I added since I didn't want to alert Scott to us if he was listening.

"Which one is Scott again?" my head snapped up towards Argent seeing him leaning into the young brunette.

"Number 11" the redhead replied. "Otherwise known as the only one who hasn't caught a single ball this entire game"

"I hope he's okay" the brunette added with a tone of endearment, I frowned looking back out at the field blocking out the redheads useless worry over this stupid game but did hear that the brunettes name was Allison before they held up another sign and saw Scott look up at it before a low growl came out and I sighed nervously running a hand through my hair pulling Lia even closer to me in assurance and protection.

A ref started the new play and the players fought for the ball before it was thrown up and Scott's head snapped up seeing it and ran straight for jumping over a player completely unrealistically catching the ball then took off down the field towards enemy goal dodging every player that tried to stop him with too quick of reflexes before throwing the ball and it hit the back of the net earning a crowd full of cheers and the Coach yelled out to his team to pass to Scott which I knew pissed off Jackson as I could practically smell the jealously rolling off him.

The new play started and the opposing team had the ball but Scott stepped up to the player that had the ball and he took one look at Scott before deliberately passed the ball to him and I shook my head at his stupidity but Scott wasted no time running down the field towards the goal dodging every player once again before throwing the ball and it ripped right though the goalies net going into the goal and everyone cheered again as that score tied up the game.

The ref went over to the Coach and tried arguing that goal but my focus was on Scott as I watched him looking around and from where I was sitting I could see his golden eyes and fangs so I looked over at Argent praying to god that he wasn't watching that carefully, I had better vision but it wouldn't take long until everyone saw it.

"Calm down, calm down" I prayed as if it were going to help him, I used to calm Derek down during his basketball games after we'd gotten together and slowly became each other's tethers.

The last play of this game started since the clock was counting down to the last minute and Scott had gotten the ball again charging towards the net with the opposing team members backing up whenever they got close scared shitless as Scott looked wildly around and I could see the last bit of control slipping from his body.

"You can do it Scott" I heard someone say and turned to the brunette Allison with a frown especially when Scott seemed to turn towards those words like he'd heard them listening out for her voice…we're they together…one of the opposing players decided to grow some and went to intercept the ball seeing as Scott was hesitating but as if he sensed this Scott finally threw the ball and it went straight into the net right as the final buzzer went off winning the game and the crowd erupted in cheers all running out onto the field in celebration.

"He did it mommy, he won!" Lia cheered and I couldn't help the small smile at her innocent happiness.

"Yeah he did" I replied but was frowning as I watched Scott take off from the field towards where the school was with Allison right on his tail and I would have chased after her to stop her since no doubt he'd lost control but I couldn't help thinking that there was something between them even though she smelt suspiciously like an Argent and given she was sitting with Chris I would guess it was his daughter which made me growl to myself since damn history was repeating itself. "Let's go" I grabbed Lia's hand and pulled her towards the parking lot ready to get the hell out of here but stopped hearing a voice along with a name.

"…Uhuh…and you're sure…okay well let Derek go" it was the Sheriff obviously and I smiled at those words continuing on towards the car.

I sat in the car waiting for the rush to leave also because I just wanted to make sure that everything was good since I'd be able to hear if someone started yelling 'werewolf' or 'monster' as well as the suddenly thought being that this whole game couldn't help make me flash back to distant memories of me and Derek especially with that Allison girl calming down Scott like that so he could score.

Flashback – 2004

I was sitting in the stands in the gym cheering on my boyfriend watching him moving about the court calling out to his teammates for the ball which they obliged since he was the main scorer, we all worried about him though since he couldn't always control it especially since tonight was a full moon and Daniel was being exceptionally pushy tonight body checking Derek for the ball.

Derek was running down the court lining up his shot when he was blocked with the opposite team snatching the ball after it was on the ground and Derek glared at him clenching his fists making me nervous watching him closely as he tore down the court calling out instructions for his team to get the ball back but the opposite side scored a basket.

The game continued on with Beacon Hills down by three and I could sense Derek's anger increasing every score from the opposite side and as I watched closely I could see the subtle changes, the way he held his fists, how he kept his head lower than usual and as he turned ever so slightly trying to get the ball back I saw the subtle hue of blue in his eyes.

"Calm down Der please" I whispered and saw his head turn slightly towards me before a subtle nod and I sighed watching as he suddenly blocked a shot getting the ball back and ran down the court jumping up the ball bouncing off the backboard into the net and I screamed out a small cheer.

Beacon Hills scored two more times tying the game up right as the clock started ticking down its final minutes with the opposite side with the ball but Derek made a move snatching the ball back and ran down the court dribbling the ball along the way before throwing from the top of the key and it was as if time stopped as we all watched the ball fall into the net right before the buzzer.

"Yes!" I screamed jumping up as did everyone else and run down onto the court to celebrate with the team but I saw Derek running out the gym doors so I chanced a glance at Peter who was next to me before I ran out after him following him into the boy's locker room not caring that I wasn't supposed to be in here. "Derek?" I called out approaching carefully not knowing how far he was gone. "Derek" I could hear movement from behind the lockers and when I walked around them I saw him hunched over holding his head. "Hey, hey look at me…just look at me" I knelt down and lifted his eyes seeing the startling blue and his fangs snarling at me. "Shh just focus on me"

"Kenz" he breathed out and I nodded before tentatively bringing his face up so we were a breath apart.

"Just listen to me, you got this okay don't give into the pull" it was hard to give him advice when I had been resisting the full moons pull all night. "Just focus…push back" he nodded with a small smile and I watched as the hair receded, his teeth shorted and his eyes faded back to green. "I love you" I told him then pulled his lips to meet mine and he pulled me to him deepening the kiss.

"Now, now kids let's not get caught up with our lust" we pulled apart seeing Peter leaning against the lockers arms crossed with that smirk on his face.

"We should go, your mom wanted us home as soon as the game was finished"

Back to Present

I was started out of the memory when the passenger door suddenly opened and I raised my fist ready to defend myself and Lia but my eyes widened seeing Derek smirking at me grabbing the fist and lowering it down.

"You're here!" I exclaimed and it brought Lia's attention off my phone which I'd given to her when we got into the car since that game wasn't very entertaining for her.


"Hi baby" he smiled back at her then turned to me. "What are you doing here?" he asked in a playful tone.

"Since you we're…you know I came to make sure Scott didn't hurt anyone, I didn't know Argent would be here" he nodded which told me he'd probably caught his scent.

"Scott's dating his daughter" he knew!.

"You knew?" I asked him.

"I figured it out last Friday during that stupid party when I took her home"

"You were at their house and you didn't tell me?!" I whisper shouted at him before reminding myself that Lia was in the back. "We'll talk when we get back to the motel" I told him pulling my seatbelt on then pulled out of the parking lot.

When we got back to the motel I didn't press what we'd been talking about in the car and just let Derek and Lia catch up and spend time together which in turn made me smile to see Lia happy after her mood today but when she was finally in bed we closed the door to the small bedroom that was separate to the rest of the motel room.

"So how was your day in the can?" I joked hoping to lighten the mood before we got down to business.

"Boring" he replied before he was suddenly pulling me into his arms and his lips pressed against mine, I melted against his lips for just a few seconds before I pushed against his shoulders.

"We still have to talk" he sighed sitting down on the end of the bed. "You knew Scott was dating an Argent and you didn't tell me?"

"It didn't really come up" he shrugged and I rolled my eyes sitting down beside him.

"Derek I might not be involved with the whole watching Scott, looking for the asshole that killed Laura but that doesn't mean I don't want to know especially something like that since it seems history is repeating itself" he looked up when I said that.

"That's not gonna happen-"

"Maybe but that's not the only thing that's bothering me" I admitted looking down into my lap.

"Kenz talk to me…please" he grabbed my hand.

"I don't know what it is really, could just be being back here in this town" I looked up at him. "Your different here, I'm different here…we're different and I don't want it to be like that"

"I know" he sighed looking down at our hands as his thumb traced over my knuckles. "I hate being here especially since once again this town has taken more of my family from me but I can't let whoever this is live"

"I know that, I want revenge too but Lia…I can't bear the thought of something happening to her especially with the Argents right across town and with your arrest they know doubt know that you're in town now so how long is it going to take before they find out about me…about her" he stood up letting go of my hand.

"You know I wouldn't let anything happen to you or Lia"

"But you're not always around Derek, Chris might not hurt a kid but who's to say she's not here or going to come back I definitely wouldn't put it pass that bitch to hurt her" he knelt down in front of me on one knee and took my hands almost like he was about to purpose all over again.

"If she does come back then we'll talk about protecting Lia but I haven't caught her scent in town" he replied then sighed deeply. "Right now we focus on Scott even though those idiots won't accept it and tracking down this Alpha, we take it one day at a time" I nodded my head accepting that since it was the best either of us could do right now and times like this really made me miss Laura, she was good in times like this and practically held us all together when we moved to New York.

"We've both just lost so much and I don't want to lose anyone else especially you and Lia, you two are all I have left" I ran my fingers over the back of his neck into his hair.

"I know, you's are all I have left too" I smiled pulling his lips back to mine and he smiled against my lips as he pushed me back up the bed grabbing my hips sliding them up my thighs when I wrapped them around his waist.

I reached for his belt buckle making quick work of it and the zipper as he pushed my shirt up to bunch up above my breasts leaving the dark purple bra visible as he kissed and nipped at the soft flesh of my boobs that we're visible and I heard a soft growl slip out of his mouth.

"Derek shh, Lia is just in the next room" I scolded him stopping my attempts to remove his jeans to put my hand over his mouth and saw his electric blue eyes looking down at me, he was a master of control except when it came to anger and lust.

He pulled my hand away from his mouth and slammed it down onto the bed moving both my hands up over my head and held them there with one hand before dipping his head into my neck sucking and biting making me moan a little and angle my head to the side as my hips gravitated up towards his to create some friction between us especially as my center brushed against the growing bulge in his jeans.

"Der…take me please…just take me" he growled at those words this time softer than last time before he let my arms go and started kissing down my body stopping at my belly button as he hooked his fingers past my jeans and panties slowly pulling them down hopping off the bed as he pulled them off.

"My bag?" he asked looking around.

"Over on that chair" I nodded past him at a chair as I quickly removed my top and unclasped my bra so as to not waste time any longer, the foreplay was done and I needed him now, he walked over to his bag and pulled out a foil packet coming back towards me pushing his jeans the rest of the way down letting me have full view of my husband's body as we took a second to take each other's nakedness in as he ripped open the condom with his teeth which made the small act seem so sexual as I pulled the covers up from their tucked in state.

If we were at home I wouldn't worry about the covers but if just so happens these walls were as thin as they seemed and Lia woke up there was no way I was scaring her any more than she already would be seeing her parents having sex, Derek climbed back into the bed and got under the covers before resuming his position over me kissing my lips hungrily as I tangled my hands in his hair pulling on it just slightly because I knew he loved it.

"Oh god please" I moaned moving my hips against him again and he growled out a moan before pushing forward making me moan as he rubbed against my entrance. "Shit Der please for the love of-" I cut myself off with a moan as he finally pushed into me holding onto my hips as I wrapped my arms and legs around him. "God I missed you" I moaned into his ear as he thrusted, it had been a few weeks since we'd had sex.

We hadn't found the time to be intimate lately since even before we came back to Beacon Hills Derek had been worried and that usually hampered his mood for sex as surprising as that was because we hadn't agreed with Laura's decision to come here when she got that stupid photo but she came here anyway and that meant Derek worried so when she stopped calling and texting updates was when he decided to follow her here and I wasn't letting him come alone.

"Oh god…oh shit" he pressed his lips against mine to stifle noises we were both bound to make as we were close and with a few more thrusts I felt the first wave crash down as I came around him and he followed though a few thrusts later as he collapsed barely resting on top of me but enough that I felt his weight and I smiled as he nestled his head into my breasts and ran my fingers through his hair, this was always my favorite part of sex…when we're both getting our breaths back and he would just hold me.

"I love you Kenz" I looked down as he looked up and smiled accepting the small kiss before he moved pulling out of me and quickly disposed of the condom before grabbing his boxers and threw his black t-shirt at me to put on before he got back into the bed and pulled me to his side and I rested my head on his shoulder with one leg over his and this is how we fell asleep with me pressed against his side running small patterns over his chest and abs and with him running his hands through my dark hair lulling me into a restless sleep.

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