A Hale Love Story @halewolfgirl10
S1 Ep 11 - Formality

A/N: Three POV's this chapter: Kenzie, Derek & Lia's


Kenzie's POV

I practically jumped out of the car as soon as I got to Sarah's and ran up to the front door and rang the doorbell while keeping my eyes on the surroundings before I rang it again hating this since they were probably asleep given it was late but I had to get my daughter, I had no idea where Derek was and if he was even alive, the door finally opened and I sighed seeing Sarah's surprised look.


"Sarah I'm so sorry, I got caught up at work and-"

"It's alright I understand since your Uncle explained everything" she replied and my eyes widened.

"My what?" I asked and her face fell with confusion.

"Your Uncle, he came by like thirty minutes ago and explained that you were running late and that you'd asked him to pick up Lia" my eyes widened before anger replaced my shock.

"You just handed her over?" I asked since who the hell does that.

"He showed me photos of you, Lia and your husband after I asked him to prove it, I didn't think it was a problem…is something wrong?" she asked and I frowned. "Do we need to call the police?"

"No!" I exclaimed looking around before I turned and jumped back into my car pulling my phone out and tried calling Derek just in case he'd been able to get away but it went straight to voicemail so I quickly hung up not leaving one since if he wasn't answering then…the Argents had to have him. "Damn it" I cursed driving back to the motel praying that is where Peter had taken my damn daughter if not I was going to rip his damn throat out!.

They were not at the motel and I was starting to panic since now not only was my husband missing but so was my daughter and my heart was beating so fast I was afraid it was going to trigger a shift since the sun was now rising so I went back to the animal clinic to get Scott's help.

I pulled up and walked in through the back seeing Deaton straight away and he looked up surprised to see me back but I went straight towards Scott and started trying to wake him up and his eyes snapped open with a gasp before he tried to stand and nearly toppled back over.

"Welcome back to the land of consciousness" Deaton said before he came over and steadied Scott. "You doing okay?" I rolled my eyes since I didn't have time for this. "Maybe you should sit down"

"No I need his help, Peter took my daughter!" I exclaimed and Scott looked over at me as if shocked to see me here but before he could answer we heard the front door open and his scent filled my nose.

"Hello?" Deaton called out but I'd already moved towards the front with Deaton soon following me and I growled at Peter.

"You son of a bitch!" I exclaimed ready to jump over the room divider but Deaton grabbed my hand.

"Were closed" he said holding me back despite me struggling to get at him.

"Hi there, I'm here to pick up" Peter smirked and I glared at him but found my eyes looking for Lia but she wasn't with him.

"I'm not sure I remember you dropping off" Deaton argued with him as I moved my eyes back up to Peter's face to glare at him again.

"This one wandered in on its own" Peter argued stepping closer to the barrier.

"Even if he did I'm afraid I can't help you, were closed" Deaton replied still holding onto my arm and I didn't think he didn't deserve it I would have snapped his arm to get at Peter.

"I think you could make an exception this one time" I growled as he continued to step closer and even had the balls to smile at me. "Don't you?"

"I'm sorry that's not going to be possible maybe you should come back during regular hours" Deaton replied and I rolled my eyes having enough of this.

"You have something of mine, I'm here to collect it" Peter said after sniffing the air and must have picked up Scott's scent.

"We have a fair trade then since you have something of mine" I growled wanting to slap the smug look right off his face.

"Like I said, we're closed" Deaton shot back stepping a single step towards Peter to show he was not going to be intimidated and even I'll admit that he had serious balls but frowned when Peter reached for the gate but stopped hearing the soft sizzling sound before his nails dragged across the wood and I looked around realizing why Deaton had stopped me…I could feel it all around me now…mountain ash.

"Mountain ash, that's an old one" Peter smirked coming to the same conclusion but it didn't deter him as he picked up one of the chairs and threw it into wall behind us and while I flinched just slightly as it broke on impact Deaton stood firm and didn't even move.

"Let me be as clear as possible, we are closed" Deaton spat and Peter finally took the hint fixing his jacket before he moved towards the door but he hesitated looking back meeting my eyes for a spilt second.

"There are others who can help me get what I want Scott" I heard him whisper before he was gone and I listened to his footsteps leaving before a smaller set joined his and my eyes widened.

"Lia" I said to myself then turned to Deaton. "Open the barrier!" I exclaimed feeling my eyes heat as they glowed and he listened opening up the barrier letting me slip through as I ran outside seeing Peter waiting with Lia behind him and I roared running up and pushed against his chest. "Why did you take her?!" I yelled at him.

"I saved her" Peter argued glaring at me.

"Bull shit you asshole" I yelled punching him in the face and went for another when he threw me backwards over his head and my back hit the ground.

"Kate was coming after her, I grabbed her before she could get there…you should be thanking me little wolf" I kicked up knocking him away from me.

"Stop it!" Lia yelled and ran over wrapping her arms around me and I sighed burying my face in her hair breathing in her scent and it calmed me down a little having my pup in my arms. "Mommy, where's daddy?" she asked and I frowned looking up at Peter before I stood holding her in my arms.

"I don't know but I'll find him" I told her before I started walking back to where I'd parked my car.

"We can find him together Mackenzie"

"I don't want or need your help" I spat without even looking back at him as I got Lia clipped into her car seat then jumped into the drivers seat and sped out of the parking lot. "You are never, never to go with Peter again do you understand me" I told Lia looking back at her. "You gave me a heart attack Lia"

"I'm sorry, he said you and daddy wanted him to get me" I frowned feeling like I wanted to go back and kill him again.

"Lia you never go with someone just because they said your Dad and I sent them okay"

"But I go with Sarah all the time" she argued and I frowned since she had a point there which means this was half my fault, I'd always taught her to be weary of strangers and I put her in a situation where she forgot that.

"I know baby but that's different" I sighed feeling horrible but it got even worse when I was suddenly hit from behind nearly swerving off the road. "What the hell?!" I turned around and saw Kate smirking at me from behind the wheel of an SUV. "You bitch" I stepped on the gas but she continued to keep up. "Lia hold on" I turned sharply down a side road and watched as Kate missed the road giving it was last minute and breathed out a sigh of relief that was unfortunately short lived as another SUV came out of nowhere and ran directly into my side and my head smacked against the side window hearing Lia scream in the back ground.

Things were distorted for a little bit before I shook of the concussion and turned seeing Lia in her car seat which was thankfully in the middle seat holding her hands over her ears before I looked around seeing Kate talking to the guy who'd hit me and immediately dropped my hand to remove the seat belt but it was stuck.

"Lia unclip yourself" I told her frantically when I saw Kate and her lackey approaching but Lia was in shock and didn't love. "Lia listen to me, unclip yourself and run" Kate wouldn't hurt a kid. "Natalia Hale!" I snapped and she finally snapped out of it and unclipped herself jumping out of her seat and opened up the door. "Go run!" I told her and she jumped out and ran.

"Get the kid!" I heard Kate order as I tried to free myself but the seatbelt was still jammed even with my strength pulling at it since it was a damn safety feature and I cursed Derek's choice in cars now. "Hello Kenzie" I heard right before a smoke grenade was thrown in through my smashed window and it went off immediately filling the air with a sickly odor that I recognized.

"Wolfsbane…" I muttered feeling myself go weak as everything started distorting again.

"Did you get the kid?" I heard Kate ask but it sounded like I was under water.

"No the little brat squeezed through a gap in the fence and ran into the woods"

"Go after her!"

"She's long gone Kate, we got her we don't need the kid" the guy spat back before everything went black as I passed out briefly relieved that Lia got away.

Lia's POV

I did as mommy asked, I ran away from the bad men slipping through a small gap in a fence seeing the woods and ran into them since daddy always said to run towards trees when I was in trouble and that he would find me but he wasn't here and now mommy was gone too.

I walked around through the forest and came up on a road seeing cars hesitating scared that the bad people would find me so when there wasn't any cars I ran across the road but my shoe caught and I fell right as I saw headlights coming towards me and I screamed covering my head but heard a squealing sound before I heard people talking.

"Hey are you okay?" I heard and uncovered my eyes to see a boy standing in front of me and behind him was a blue car that had almost hit me, I stood and ran for the trees but he yelled out and grabbed my arm so I kicked his shin. "Ow hey were trying to help you!" he exclaimed.

"Stiles let her go" I heard another voice and I looked up recognizing it. "Hey…it's okay" it was Scott.

"Scott!" I exclaimed and ran over to him wrapping my arms around his waist.

"You know this kid?" the other boy asked Scott.

"It's Derek and Mackenzie's daughter" Scott replied then looked down at me. "Are you okay, where's your Mom?"

"She gots taken, I ran" I told him tears building up in my eyes.

"Taken by who?" the other boy asked me.

"I didn't see" I cried feeling the tears spilling over.

"It's okay, it's okay" Scott quickly said and lowered down to my level. "I'm gonna find your parents okay, can you trust me to do that?" he asked and I nodded my head. "What's your name?" he asked and I frowned since mommy and daddy told me never to tell a stranger my name but Scott wasn't a stranger…was he?.

"Lia" I finally said and saw them share a look.

"Okay come with us, we'll take you somewhere safe and then I'll find your parents okay" I nodded and took his hand as he led me to the car but I frowned since there wasn't a seat for me.

"No seat" I pointed out and they both frowned.

"What?" the other boy asked me.

"There's no seat" I told him and he frowned as if confused.

"I have seats in the back" he argued and I glared at him. "Wow you are so Derek's daughter"

"I think she means there's no car seat Stiles, she's too young to sit in a regular seat" Scott said to his friend…Stiles…yuck what kind of name is that.

"Oh…well I don't have one, she can sit in the back and I'll drive carefully"

"Daddy says I have to have a seat" I told him and he rolled his eyes.

"Great the sour wolf values safety" I glared at him again since he was taking about my daddy.

"My daddy nots a sour wolf" I said and heard Scott laughing at his friends face.

"Dude you just got told by a…four year old?"

"I six" I told him and he looked down.

"Sorry a six year old" he corrected himself still laughing.

"Whatever we have to go" Stiles said and I frowned.

"She can sit in the seat with me" Scott suggested and I knew daddy wouldn't want me too but he wasn't here so I went with them sitting in Scott's seat with him sharing the grown up seatbelt as Stiles drove.

Derek's POV

"Come on Derek, he killed your sister" Kate said searching through my jacket on the table referring to me not talking when she continuously asked me where the Alpha was but I was refusing to talk. "Now either your not telling me because well you want to kill him yourself…or for some reason your protecting him" she went on searching through my wallet and I saw her take the cash before she pulled something out then scoffed and walked over to me. "Cute kid" she said and I looked up seeing she had the photo of me, Kenz and Lia. "But look at that sour face" she grabbed my chin. "I bet you always used to get people coming up to you saying, 'Smile, Derek why don't you smile more' don't you just wanna kick those people in the face?"

"I can think of one" I spat.

"Promise 'cause if I thought you'd be that much fun I'd let you go" she said walking back over to the table and picked up my phone. "All right let's see, nothing, nothing, nothing. god I hate this detective crap" I rolled my eyes.

"Are you gonna torture me or are you just gonna talk me to death, huh?"

"Oh, sweetie I don't…I don't wanna torture you, I just wanna catch up, remember all the fun we had together?"

"Like the time you burned my family alive?" I growled out.

"No, I was thinking more about the hot, crazy sex we had behind your girlfriends back but the fire thing, yeah that was fun too" I jerked forward against my chains and she laughed. "I love how much you hate me, remember how this felt?" she licked up my chest and I growled snapping at her with my fangs "Mm sweetheart, I really don't want to torture you but he does' she turned and one of his guys walked in. "We also brought a guest to watch" she added right as Kenzie was thrown into the room barely conscious.

"Kenz!" I exclaimed and she looked up.

"Der…Derek?" she sat up slowly but Kate got impatient and went over pulling Kenzie up and moved her over to a chair and started tying her down and by the way Kenzie looked barely able to stand upright I would guess they've drugged her up with wolfsbane.

"Kenzie, look at me" I told her and she looked up and I asked one simple question with my eyes.

"Safe" she muttered too low for human ears and I sighed quietly in relief to know that Lia was safe…well that we knew of.

Lia's POV

I missed mommy and daddy but Scott had taken me back to his house and lead me towards his bedroom telling me not to leave unless I was with him or his friend but I didn't trust his friend since he wasn't like us and luckily Stiles left but soon Scott was grabbing stuff that told me he was leaving too so I stood to go with him.

"You have to stay here Lia" he said when he saw me stand and I pouted.

"But why?"

"Because I have to go somewhere and I can't take you with me since you could get hurt and I'm pretty sure both your parents would kill me if that happened" he said and I smiled nodding my head since my daddy would do that. "I'm gonna get you something to eat and then you have to stay in this room okay, don't leave for any reason because if my Mom sees you then it would be a lot of trouble explaining why you're here okay" I frowned but nodded since I didn't want to get in trouble and I didn't want Scott to be in trouble either.

"Do you have pizza?" I asked him and he smiled.

"I can order you pizza" he nodded and I smiled. "I'll be right back okay" I nodded and he left the room so I sat back down on his bed looking around the room seeing a photo of him and some girl and I picked it up…she was pretty. "Okay I got you a meat pizza, is that okay?" he asked coming back in.

"Is this your girlfriend?" I asked him and his face fell.

"She was but we broke up" Scott said coming over and took the photo from me.

"Why?" I asked.

"It's complicated" he shrugged and I frowned.

"My mommy says love isn't comlicated, it's special" I told him and he smiled at me. "Specially when it's right"

"Your Mom is right" he nodded before the doorbell rang and he went downstairs coming back up with the pizza. "Okay I'll be gone a few hours so I wouldn't eat it all in one go and the bathroom is in there…you can use the toilet right?" he asked and I rolled my eyes just like my mommy does when someone says something stupid.

"I'm a big girl"

"Okay well remember what I said-"

"Don't leave this room" I nodded and he smiled at me.

"Thank you" he said then left shutting the door so I sat on his bed with the pizza and ate two slices before I remember Scott saying not to eat it and daddy always said that too much pizza would give me a belly ache so I saved the rest for later and stayed in Scott's room curling up in his bed as I thought about where my mommy and daddy was and when Scott was going to find them for me like he romised he would.

Kenzie's POV

I had to watch that son of a bitch beat Derek continuously as I cried and begged for him to stop but the sick bastard continued on as if I wasn't even in the room before he finally left and I looked back at Derek seeing him on the verge of passing out but I was worried he had a concussion.

"Derek look at me, focus on me and don't go to sleep" I told him fighting against the restraints seeing as we were alone but I was still weak from the wolfsbane Kate had been shooting me up with for the past couple of hours to keep me that way. "Talk to me babe please"

"L…Lia…where is she?" he asked seeing as we were now alone and could talk about her.

"She got away, I told her to run and she went straight towards the forest like we taught her to" I replied and although I wasn't completely confidant about my daughter in the woods alone she had keen instincts and I had to trust that she'd found someone to take her in for now. "Come on Derek keep talking" I warned him when he went silent and his head was lulled to the side. "Derek!" I snapped and he jerked awake. "Talk to me, you need to stay awake until your healing kicks in" I told him but with the constant flow of electricity Kate had running through him I knew it wasn't going to be for a while since that was enough to stop our healing abilities.

"I'm sorry" he mumbled.


"I'm sorry you're in this mess…I'm sorry about Kate" I frowned looking at him.

"Derek that's old news, I forgave you years ago" I argued but he shook his head.

"You shouldn't have because the fire…it was all my fault" I glared at him since what the hell had Kate said to him. "I…I told her everything about our families gathering that night and she used it to kill your family…it's all my fault"

"No it's not Derek, you were a kid and she manipulated you"

"I never even told Laura because I knew she'd hate me and she'd leave me…everyone leaves me"

"I won't…I'll never leave you Derek and I know for a fact that Laura wouldn't have hated you, you two were twins and she would have told you the same thing I just told you, Kate took advantage of you when you were hurt and confused so if anyone's to blame it's me" he looked up. "If I hadn't of made you doubt I was still into you by being distant then you never would have been with her, I was the one who was scared to admit my true feelings for you so enough with the blame game because right now it doesn't matter because right now we have a daughter out there who needs us to fight our way out of here stop feeling sorry for yourself and think of your daughter" I ranted and he looked up determination setting back into his body making me smile watching as he fought the current and watched the bruising begin to fade.

Lia's POV

Scott had to drop me off at school this morning and when it was over I went out and saw him waiting for me making me frown since he still hasn't found my mommy and daddy and I was worried he lied to me about finding them for me.

"What's wrong?" he asked me.

"Where's my mommy and daddy?" I asked him and he frowned.

"It's complicated" he said and I frowned. "I don't know how much you know about what's going on but the Alpha-"

"Uncle Peter?" I asked frowning thinking what he had to do with my mommy and daddy being gone.

"Yeah…he's after the girl I was dating because he thinks she knows where your parents are and I have to stop him from hurting her" I frowned but nodded as I understanded. "I know I promised you that I would find your parents and I will as soon as I know where they are but I also have to protect my friends"

"I undystand" I told him and he smiled at me.

"Thanks Lia" he held out his hand so I took it and he rode us to the shops on his bike which was a lot of fun as I got to hold the handle bars. "Okay be really quiet okay and if anyone asks why we're here, I'm babysitting you and we have to buy you new shoes"

"Buts I don't need new shoes?" I said confused.

"It's a cover story Lee" he said and I frowned at what he called me since I never gots called that before. "Kind of like a lie" he added and my frown deepened.

"Daddy says it's not nice to lie" I said and he frowned back.

"Who knew Derek could teach manners" he said and I glared at him again since him and his friend said a lot of mean things about my daddy. "Okay remember you have to be quiet okay" he told me again as we walked into a shop and I saw his girlfriend looking at pretty dresses buts then I saw Uncle Peter and I went to call out to his girlfriend but Scott covered my mouth pulling me behind a shelf. "Shh" he whispered in my ear. "I've got it covered" I squirmed until he let go of my mouth and watched Uncle Peter talking to he before she left and I looked up at Scott seeing his look and knew he had done something to get her away from Uncle Peter and I smiled since my Uncle Peter wasn't very nice.

Kenzie's POV

Kate was back trying to get us to tell her who and where the Alpha was but Derek and I remained silent not knowing where Lia was and in the remote chance that she was with Peter we stayed silent and because we knew if we told her we'd be dead so delaying it as much as we could meant more time to figure out a way to break out.

Hey it's me, I'm getting tired of leaving you messages I want to know where you are, call me now" I heard Chris Argents voice as she was replaying her voicemails.

"Unfortunately if you two aren't going to talk I'm just gonna have to kill you" she said and I frowned as she reached for the dial that would turn up the electricity that was strapped to Derek still. "So say hi to your sister for me" she added and I could hear the smirk in her voice as I glared at her but she suddenly hesitated. "You did tell her about me, didn't you?" she asked and my glare intensified. "The truth about the fire?"

"Shut up" I spat at her but she ignored me standing up and approached him again.

"Or did you…" she fake gasped. "Did you tell anybody?" she whispered and Derek remained silent but I could see the guilt on his face. "Oh sweetie that's just a lot of guilt to keep buried" I growled low in my throat threatening her. "How does it feel to know you're the reason your wife is an orphan because of you"

"Shut up bitch" I spat and she turned to me.

"It's not all his fault though is it, he got tricked by a pretty face but if it wasn't for you Mackenzie breaking his heart he never would have been in the situation" I glared at her but knew deep down that she was right, I was just as much to blame for the fire as Derek was. "A handsome young heartbroken werewolf seeks comfort with a super-hot girl who comes from a family that kills the werewolves" she laughed.

"I wouldn't say super-hot more like disgusting and black as your heart" I scoffed and she glared at me.

"Is that ironic?" she asked ignoring my comment. "Is it ironic that you two are inadvertently helping me take down the rest of the pack…again?" she laughed. "Were just a little bit of history repeating" she added moving back towards the electricity machine tapping her nail on the top and from where I was I could see the cogs in her brain working over something. "History repeating" she mumbled to herself before she turned back to us. "It's not Jackson is it?" she asked and I frowned worried now. "Oh no, no, no he's got a little scratch on the back of his neck but…he's not in love with Allison…not like Scott" my eyes widened especially as she left and I knew Scott was in danger.

Lia's POV

Scott was going out again tonight to watch his girlfriend and he'd told me to hide in another room since he was getting dressed and his mommy was with him so I had to be quiet and I hated it since I just wanted my own mommy and daddy back but he didn't seem to care, the door suddenly opened and I panicked for a second but Scott poked his head in and I relaxed.

"I got you some nuggets and fries" he dropped a McDonalds bag onto the bed and I smiled immediately jumping onto it and ripped the bag open. "Uh…okay"

"Mommy says I'm not aloud McDonalds" I told him as I dug into the nuggets.

"Oh…uh please don't tell your parents" he said and I giggled nodding my head as I held out my pinkie to pinkie promise and he laughed linking pinkies with me and we shook on it. "Your too cute for your own good" he laughed and I smiled. "Alright I gotta go just remember to stay in here, my moms gone to work so you shouldn't have any one come in but-"

"I hide if someone does" I nodded and he nodded with a small smile before he stood up and it was then I noticed he was in fancy clothes, like daddy wore when he and mommy gots married since I saw the photos.

"You marrying your girlfriend?" I asked and his eyes widened.


"Buts you are wearing fancy clothes" I frowned confused. "I's only saw my daddy wear something like that in photos when he and mommy gots married" I told him and he sighed.

"Suits have more purposes then just getting married, I'm too young to get married" I tilted my head confused since he didn't look that much younger then my mommy and daddy when they gots married.

"Okay" I said instead of asking any more questions and went back to eating my food but slapped his hand away when he tried to steal a nugget. "This is mine" I pouted and he laughed making me laugh.

"Behave little Hale" he said and I smiled at him.

"I will" I told him and he left so I could eat my food then I tried to read my book that I's got from school since Mrs Sally asked me to read but I struggled and it made me miss mommy since she always helped me with my reading.

I don'ts know how long Scott was gone but it had gotten really dark in the room so I could not read my book no more and my eyes were growing heavy as I got sleepy but then I's heard a howl and covered my ears with my hands in shock before I looked outs the window since the howl had come from out there but then I's heard a reply and recognized my daddy.

"Daddy!" I yelled getting to my feet and ran downstairs throwing open the front door stopping when I's saw the lady from earlier…the one who took mommy.

"Hello" she smiled but it wasn't a happy smile and she grabbed me but I bit down on her arm and ran buts she wasn't alone and another girl grabbed me and I looked up and saw it was Scott's girlfriend and she frowned seemingly sad before I saw the bad lady again right before I felt her press something to my mouth and I went to sleep.

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