Genya and Katsuki Share a Voice... and a Body @aglobuzzy
I'm You, Exactly the Same but also Your Direct Opposite A Genya and Katsuki body sharing AU. AKA the random ideas that crawl into my head at 3 AM, #52 Inspiration from Genya and Katsuki having the same voice actor. Mildly, sorta based on Greeling's dynamic from FMA:B Also, when I first had this on AO3, I'd post it as multiple stories, each with five chapters. Since the series feature is a bit harder to grasp here then on there, I'll be posting each one as its own chapter. Beware, that means all the chapters are going to be really long.

It all happened in a second.

“This is your fault! I hate you!” The villain screeched at All Might, and, almost as if on command, Nomu began to emerge. It was as if they were warped in from thin air- but the Warp Gate villain was still knocked out, right? What was going on-

Something began to bubble up in his throat, like bile. It burst from his mouth. A black, slimy goo.

“The hell-”

“Young Bakugo!”

All Might extended a hand out to him. He wanted to reach out - pride be damned - but the goo began to envelope him. Covering his mouth, nose, everything. His body was being compressed, squeezed. He was being warped somewhere.

Everything went dark.

In the darkness, he heard a voice. It took him a moment to realize it was his own voice.

“My nii-chan… is… the sweet...est… person… in the world…”

What? He didn’t have an older brother. He was the only child of Masaru and Mitsuki Bakugo. Why was he hearing his voice describe things that made no sense?

“Th...ank… you… nii...chan…”

The horrid, slimy feeling of the goo vanished, and Katsuki fell to his knees. He coughed and hacked, trying to rid his mouth of the sensation of the slime. It felt like his head was splitting open.

“Get a grip. Assess the situation-”

“What the hell? Where am I?”

A voice in his head identical to his own, but not his.

“What the fuck?”

“Where am I? And what’s that voice in my head?”

“Excuse you? You’re in my head.”

“Apologies, Bakugo.”

Katsuki looked up at the scenario before him. This- this had to be the boss villain. The suit and tie, the ominous mask, the purely evil feeling in the air.


Suddenly, Katsuki felt like he was in the backseat of his own body, looking out through his eyes but unable to move his limbs. A mere passenger. He hated this feeling, the feeling of not being in control. His body staggered to its feet on its own accord.

The man seemed both mildly surprised and amused. “Hmm. You’ve got quite the odd aura around you. It almost feels as if a Nomu transformation is occurring. I wonder, how is that possible?”

“Nomu? The fuck?”

Katsuki felt a laugh rise out of his throat. It was a pitiful sound, an obvious mask for the fear both he and his body’s hijacker were feeling. “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, or why the hell you’ve got that stupid mask, but we’ve won! Your precious Upper Moons are all dead! The rest of the Pillars will be here soon, I’m sure!”

Katsuki growled, and flickered back into control. He hunched over and cradled his forehead in his arms.

“Get… out… of my… head!”

“Look, I don’t know who you are or what’s going on, but that guy’s dangerous!”

“Do you think I’m an idiot or something?!”

Katsuki heard a noise behind him. More of those gooey portals opened up, and the members of the League of Villains from the bar appeared.

“A teleporting Blood Demon Art? Are they demons? They feel like humans. Can I hold off both them and Muzan- wait, where the fuck is my gun?”

“You have a gun?”

“I should.”

Katsuki eyed the area as the villain went on monologuing to Shigaraki about something. That was not something he could trouble himself with at the moment.

“Alright, listen here, you hijacker. Why the fuck are you in my body?”

It took a moment for the other to answer. He seemed dazed. Katsuki could practically feel their fear melding together, rolling into something bigger.

“I-I don’t know. The last thing I remember was- I was with nii-chan. We just beat Upper Moon One and nii-chan and I were talking and then I was here.”

Katsuki recalled the words he heard as he was being teleported. Was that this guy talking to his brother? It still didn’t make much sense. What the hell was an “Upper Moon One?”

“Okay, I’m gonna find a way to get rid of you later, but for now, we need to get out of this situation.”

“You’re not doing a very good job of convincing me to side with you.”

“Just listen! We’ll figure your shit out later! For now, let’s focus on not dying or getting captured.”

“Fine, fine. We gotta fight and stall for time. Let me take the wheel. I know how to fight.”

“So do I, dumbass. I’m a hero-in-training.”

“Hero-in-training? Like a Demon Slayer?”

“What the fuck is a De- you know what, that doesn’t matter right now. Point is, I’m pretty fucking amazing, so let me handle this. Those villains are no joke, and I’m not gonna trust someone who needs a gun to protect my body.”

“... Okay. I’m Genya, by the way.”

“... Katsuki.”

Just as they finished making their plan, Katsuki tuned back into the villain’s speech. “I knew you’d come.”

All Might, in all his glory, flew in from the sky, clashing with the villain. “I’ll have you return my student, All for One!”

“Are you here to kill me a second time, All Might?”

To Katsuki’s horror, the villain - All for One, did All Might say? - did not even seem phased. He grabbed hold of All Might’s fists and pushed him back.

“Who is that? What’s going on?”

“How do you not know All Might?”

“You’ve gotten weaker, All Might,” the villain said. “It’s only five kilometers from here to the bar, but it took you nearly thirty seconds to get here.”

“You’re one to talk with the fancy life support mask you’ve got on,” All Might called back. “I’ll lock you up for sure this time, along with your miserable League of Villains!”

“I’m so confused.”

All Might charged at All for One again. “Sounds like it will be tough for the both of us.” With a single blast, All for One sent All Might flying back down the block.

“All Might!”

“Do not fret, child. It will take more than that to kill him.”

“Shit. Where are the Pillars?”

“Tomura, take this child and escape. Use Kurogiri’s portal to get away,” All for One turned to Shigaraki.

“What about you, Master?”

“You’re not thinking clearly.” As All for One spoke, All Might rushed back, bruised but not giving up. “There remains much room for you to grow.”

“Let’s go, Shigaraki,” said the villain in the top hat. “While our masked liege keeps All Might busy, go claim your prize.”

The League of Villains turned their attention to Katuski. He crouched into a fighting stance.

“This is gonna be fun!”

The fight began.

The villains attacked in force this time. They weren’t going to let him get away this time, clearly. All Might and All for One were locked in a standstill, but the former was clearly not using the full extent of his power. Because if he did, Katsuki would get hurt, too.

He dodged around Mr. Compress with an explosion. “Can’t let the magician touch me or it’s a one hit KO.”

“How’d you make that explosion? Is it a Blood Demon Art?”

“Huh? What are you even-”

“Left! On your left!”

Katsuki barely dodged the knife Toga threw at him.

“Alright, new deal. I fight, you focus on my peripherals and warn me. No more questions!”

“Got it! Rinse and repeat until sunrise!”

“What? No!”

“Left again!”

Katsuki felt control momentarily slip away as Genya dodged Twice’s measuring tape.

“Huh? What happened to his eyes?”

Katsuki retoke control with a grimace. This was getting worse by the minute. It was a six on one - er, two - battle. Things weren’t looking good for him. He jumped back again, using an explosion to propel himself.

Just as he was about to get pinned, Katsuki heard the sound of the wall behind him breaking apart with a mighty crash. A sudden chill ran through the air as a wall of ice rose up from the hole.

“What now?”

“Hang on, is that-”

A trio of figures flew up the icy ramp, soaring over their heads. Glasses, Deku, and-


The boy with red hair stretched out his hand. His voice, filled with desperation, carried across the battlefield.


Shigaraki was reaching for him. It only took a fraction of a second for Katsuki to put out two massive explosions, propelling him towards his frie- temporary allies. He grabbed hold of Eijiro’s hand.

“YOU IDIO- Gah!”

His jesting cry of relief was cut off by control being abruptly snatched away from him again.

“Wait wait wait wait this wasn’t part of the plan!” Genya screeched, clinging to Eijiro’s hand by pure instinct. “We can’t leave we need to go back!”

“Kacchan, calm down!” Izuku yelled. “We need to get out of there so that All Might can fight at his full power!”

“You don’t understand!” Genya yelled back. “The only thing that will kill that guy is the sun! We need to draw out the fight until sunrise! We need to go back! The Pillars will be there soon! Nii-chan will be there soon! I need to help him!”

“What are you talking about?” Eijiro yelled. “Look, just hang on for now!”

“Brace yourselves!” Tenya yelled. “We’re going to land! Bakugo, on my mark, give us a big explosion to keep our momentum up!”

Katsuki shoved his way back into control. “You match my mark!”

“Don’t argue right now!” Izuku screamed. “Get ready!”


Katuski let out an explosion behind them, propelling them forward. Tenya skidded against the ground, going from a sprint to a run to a jog. The others let go of each other, though Eijiro kept a tight clasp on his hand.

The rough landing shook Katsuki from control, and Genya immediately tried to run back in the direction they came from.

“Bakugo!” Eijiro yelled, keeping a tight hold on him. “What’s going on with you?! You gotta know that guy’s bad news. You can’t beat him!”

“Don’t have to beat him!” Genya yelled back. “Just- keep him there till the sun rises! You guys don’t understand how much trouble we’re in!”

Tenya and Izuku ran over to join them. “Kacchan, what’s wrong?” Izuku asked. “You’re not making any sense right now. You don’t have any siblings. And who are these Pillars? And- what happened to your eyes?”

“Hang on,” Tenya said, carefully observing Katsuki’s face. He grimaced. “Something’s wrong. They’ve done something to Bakugo!”

“I don’t know what your deal is!” Genya screeched. “I need to go back-”

Katsuki managed to grapple control back. He breathed heavily. “This- fucker… hijacked… my body!”


Control was once again swiftly taken from him.

“I didn’t hijack anybody! I don’t know what’s happening! I just know that that guy is Muzan fucking Kibutsuji! He’s dangerous! You’re all in danger!”

He glanced around wildly. “Where are we? Where the fuck are all the Demon Slayers and the Kakushi?”

Genya once again tried to scramble away. “Oh, no,” Eijiro practically growled, his normally good going nature gone. “We’re not letting you go anywhere with our friend’s body.”

“Is this some kind of brainwashing Quirk?” Izuku mumbled to himself. “Memory manipulation? Or- did the League of Villains already perform some experiments on him? There’s no way Kacchan would have joined them willingly, so they must have tried to make him join by force! We need to get him to Recovery Girl, or Mr. Aizawa! They’ll know what to do!”

Tenya’s phone rang. “Todoroki,” he murmured, picking it up. “Yeah, we’re safe… But, Bakugo’s acting oddly. We believe the League might have done something to him. He says his body has been… hijacked.”

“I didn’t hijack anybody!” Genya repeated in desperation. “Please! Just let me go or my friends could die!”

Eijiro’s grip faltered. “Friends?” Katsuki knew why Eijiro felt confused. Even if, in some deep down, almost fully obscured part of his soul, he thought of them as friends, he’d never say it out loud.

“Yes, my friends! They’re probably fighting Muzan right now! And my big brother, too! We only just reconciled! I can’t lose him again!”

Izuku, Eijiro, and Tenya looked at each other in confusion. Katsuki tried to claw his way back to the pilot’s seat, but it seemed as if Genya’s pure adrenaline rush kept him locked in. Katsuki vaguely became aware that there were tears rushing down his face. Great. Not only did Genya hijack his body, but he was also making him look like a fool, like a weakling-

“Hey, Baku- dude,” Eijiro said uncertainly. “Are you okay?”


Tenya took an authoritative step forward. He leaned down a little. “Alright, let’s get to the bottom of this. Are you or are you not Katsuki Bakugo?”


“No, my name is Genya Shinazugawa. I’m a member of the Demon Slayer Corps.”

“The Demon Slayer Corps?” Eijiro repeated, sounding even more lost now.

“Yes! We kill demons! And the biggest, baddest demon is wreaking havoc right now! You have to let me go!”

“We are not done yet,” Tenya said. “Okay, uh- Genya, what year is it?”

“It’s the beginning of December, 1915.”

This caused Eijiro to stumble back in shock. Tenya’s eyebrows rose up. “1915? You’re- you’re off by nearly half a millennium. It is the end of July, 2403.”

“Wh-what?” Genya stuttered. His voice grew weaker. “No. No, that can’t be- No-”

He drifted out of control, lost in thought. Katsuki was quick to retake control of his body.

“Let’s get out of here, before that hijacker comes back,” he grumbled, quickly swiping at his eyes to brush away the tears that fool had shed.

“Bakugo? Are you back?” Tenya asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Katsuki growled, yanking his hand away from Eijiro. “And not a word about this to any of our classmates. I’ll deal with this on my own.”


Genya was not having a good day by any stretch of the word. Any sense of accomplishment he might have felt by helping defeat the strongest Upper Moon was gone. Everything felt off.

His head felt hot and stuffy. Everything was too warm. He came to realize that this body - Katsuki’s body - had a full head of hair. It was so hot and disorienting compared to his mohawk. And, these people who were clearly teenagers like him matched his height, or even towered over him. Was this a world of super tall people? Or was this body just smaller than what he had grown accustomed to?

And, most concerning, according to the super tall blue haired guy, he was five hundred years in the future. But, then, why was this happening? Did they fail to defeat Muzan? Why did all the humans have Blood Demon Arts? Well, if it really was the future, it would explain all the technology he couldn’t understand.

Some big flat screen outside the building was broadcasting the fight between Muzan - at least, he was pretty sure it was Muzan - and the not-so-buff-anymore man that Katsuki called All Might.

“What’s that screen? How is it showing the fight even if it’s far away? I don’t understand what’s going on.”

Katsuki ignored him.

Why was All Might fighting without a Nichirin sword? Didn’t he know anything else was pointless? Why were all the people just crowding around and cheering for him instead of running away? Didn’t they know that it was dangerous, that Muzan doesn’t care about casualties?

Through some extraordinary means, All Might won. They started to stuff Muzan into some giant metal crate.

“What are they doing? He needs to burn up in the sun. It’s too dangerous to keep him alive. We need to tell them that they need to drag him out into the sun!”

Katsuki ignored him.

“Now it’s your turn,” the bruised and battered All Might said as he pointed at them. For some reason, the broccoli haired kid burst into tears. For some reason, Katsuki looked at him with an expression of mild confusion mixed with realization.

“We should go,” Tenya said. “We still need to get Bakugo somewhere safe.”

“I’m fine on my own,” Katsuki grumbled.

“No, Iida’s right,” said Eijiro. “We need to at least find the police or some Pros so that they know you made it out okay.”

Katsuki grumbled again. The others didn’t seem to pay that any attention, as they started walking with the expectation Katsuki would follow. After a moment, he did.

Another pair of teenagers joined them. Both a bit taller than him, even the girl. Genya had never met a girl taller than him. At least after his growth spurt. They both looked at him with acute suspicion. So they must have been notified of his and Katsuki’s… situation.

Tenya pulled out the small rectangular device he had used earlier and pressed it to his ear. He started saying something.

“What is that? Please, I’m just very confused.”

Katsuki ignored him. As if thinking “If I ignore him, maybe he’ll leave.” 

“I just notified the police that we found Bakugo,” Tenya announced. “There’s a police station a few blocks from here. They said to take Bakugo there. They’re going to contact Mr. Aizawa, too.”

“Who’s Aizawa-sensei?”

They all but marched him to a building, where two officers in blue were waiting. Is this what the police looked like now? The teenagers waved goodbye as the officers led him inside. Katsuki was still scowling, and the men scowled back. They were suspicious of him, Genya realized. Because of the “hijacking.”

He wanted to take back control, if only to explain that he wasn’t a hijacker, and that he was just as confused as the rest of them. But Katsuki was keeping a firm grip this time. Genya wished he’d stop scowling. He couldn’t even change his facial expression to show how he was feeling.

The two officers led him to a small booth and told him to wait inside.

“Katsuki, please. We can figure this out. We just need to-”

“Don’t talk to me like we’re friends.”

Despite them having the same voice, their tones couldn’t be more different. In a way, Katsuki reminded Genya of himself from a long time ago, before he learned to trust his friends. Hadn’t he said those exact words to Tanjiro at one point?

“We’re not in danger anymore, so now we’re going to figure out how to get rid of you.”

“Get- rid of-”

“Did you forget, dumbass? Our ‘cooperation’ was only temporary. You’re intruding into my life and I want you gone!”

Genya wanted to sob. He had only just got confirmation that his brother still cared about him, that he didn’t hate him, and now he was unwanted again. A dream! This had to be some weird, nightmarish dream! He- he got knocked out after the fight against Upper Moon One! That’s it! That had to be it! He got knocked out and he was gonna wake up soon, he and ‘Nemi would talk things out and be brothers again. That had to be it!

The door behind them opened. Two men walked in. One was wearing a large coat and hat. The other was wearing a suit and tie, with tidy black hair.

“Mr. Aizawa,” Katsuki grumbled, slouching over.

“It’s good that you’re safe,” the man in the suit and tie - Mr. Aizawa - said. He and his partner sat across from him. “You remember Detective Tsukauchi from the USJ incident, right?”

Katsuki nodded.

“Let’s just get to the point,” Aizawa said. “We’re not going to ask you to recount the event right now. We want to get you home as soon as possible, so we will have an officer contact you by phone at a later date. However, we do need to speak to your ‘hijacker.’”

“I’m not a hijacker!”

“Why?” Katsuki asked, narrowing his eyes. “I just want to know how to get rid of him.”

“That is what we’re hoping to find out,” said Tsukauchi. Genya felt something in him shatter.

Katsuki made a short “tch” sound.

“Make this fucking quick.”

In that moment, Genya found himself in control of the body.

“I’m not a hijacker!” He said immediately. “I don’t know why this happened. I- uh, why and how is your hair floating?”

Aizawa’s hair was floating over his head as he glared at him. “I’m using my Quirk to make sure you don’t try anything. I will not allow you to bring any harm to my student.”

“I’m not going to do anything!” Genya insisted. “And what the hell’s a Quirk?”

“How do you not know what a Quirk is? Don’t lie to us.”

“He’s not lying,” said Tsukauchi, his facial expression indiscernible. He leaned forward. “My Quirk - it’s basically a superpower - allows me to detect lies, and everything he’s said so far is genuine.”

“See?” Genya said. “I’m not lying! I’m not a hijacker!”

“Alright, just tell us about yourself for now,” Tsukauchi said. “We’re going to figure this out. Try to stay calm.”

Genya took a deep breath. “My name is Genya Shinazugawa. I’m a member of-” He cut himself off. Demon Slayers weren’t recognized by the government. Was it really a smart idea to talk about this with a police officer?

“Member of what?” Aizawa asked, still suspicious. “The League of Villains?”

“What, no!” Genya yelled. “I don’t even know what that is!”

“Then, tell us the full truth,” Aizawa said. “Who you are, who you work for, and what were you doing when you ended up in Bakugo’s body.”

Looked like he didn’t have a choice.

“I’m a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. I- I didn’t want to tell you because we’re not government recognized.”

“I’ve never heard of a vigilante group by that name,” Tsukauchi murmured. He pulled out a notepad of sorts and started jotting things down. “Please continue.”

“Well- as you can probably guess from the name, we kill man eating demons.”

“You expect us to believe a children’s story?”

“It’s not! Man eating demons exist! You should know that, too, given who that All Might guy was fighting against just now.”

Tsukauchi raised an eyebrow. “And who would that be?”

“Who? Who could it be but Muzan Kibutsuji? The first and strongest demon. He can only be killed by the sun, so you guys have to take him back outside.”

“We’re Heroes,” Aizawa said. “We don’t kill. And that man was not a ‘demon.’”


“We can discuss that later,” Tsukauchi said. “But, I assure you that we have strong evidence to suggest All Might’s opponent was not a demon, as you call it. Now, Shinazugawa, what were you doing before you ended up in Bakugo’s body?”

“Well… I was fighting against Upper Moon One- basically Muzan’s second in command,” he explained after seeing their inquisitive glances. “I was with nii-chan, Himejima-san - my mentor - and Tokito-san- all three of them are Pillars, basically the top Demon Slayers. We were all fighting, and then-”

The memories he pushed down started to well up in him. In a second, Genya was back on the battlefield, pointing his gun at the demon as the others swarmed in for a finishing strike. And then- “He- Upper Moon One- he cut me in half.”

His vision was starting to water. He could barely process the looks of shock on Tsukauchi and Aizawa’s faces.

“I- I got cut in half? I- I died? I did, didn’t I? No no no, this can’t- nii-chan and I were supposed to talk things out everything was supposed to be fine I’m dead aren’t I what about the others did we win is this why th-that blue haired guy said we’re in the future oh no am I spirit I didn’t mean to possess his body no no-”

His voice died off as he struggled to breath. No, this wasn’t good. He couldn’t use Breaths, he was going to run out of air. Even Katsuki’s shouts - was it anger or concern? he couldn’t tell - from within their consciousness didn’t fully register.

“Kid, I’m going to need you to breathe.” Aizawa’s voice was now coming from his right side. Did he move? He didn’t notice. His voice was no longer warily suspicious, taking on a more comforting tone. “Breathe.”

“C-can’t,” he gasped. “Don’t know how!”

“Yes, you do. Take a deep breath in.”

Genya gasped and whimpered. He tried to breathe. His lungs filled with ice, tears flowed from his eyes. His vision was getting spotty.

“Repetitive Actions! Use Repetitive Actions!”

With a few shaky breaths in, he started chanting his sutras. Slowly, his vision returned as his breathing evened out. His body slumped over, feeling tired and weak. He felt himself slip out of control.

“What the hell just happened?” Katsuki asked. His voice sounded… drained. Was he also affected by what just happened?

“Panic attack,” Aizawa explained. His hair was once again lying flat, looking more frayed than before. “Can you ask if he’s okay?”

“Hey, hijacker, you still alive in there?”

Genya didn’t have the mental energy to correct him that no he wasn’t a hijacker and no he wasn’t technically alive- he was still reeling from that realization.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Said he’s fine,” Katsuki grumbled. “So, what now, Teach? Was everything he said true?”

Tsukauchi nodded. “He didn’t lie about anything, so, at the very least, he believed that what he was telling was the truth.”

“What are we going to do about him?” Katsuki asked.

They were still trying to get rid of him. He was still unwanted.

“For now, we’ll ask you to coexist with him, Bakugo,” Aizawa said.


“We don’t have enough information on the situation right now,” Aizawa continued. “We don’t want to make any hasty or irrational decisions. I will investigate his claims as we observe the situation. After some time has passed, we will come to a decision on how to handle this.”

Katsuki still didn’t look happy about it. “Fine. But how am I going to keep him from taking control?”

“Actually it will be easy to tell who is in control of your body,” Tsukauchi said. “While your voices are the same, Shinazugawa speaks in an entirely different dialect. If he is indeed from the past, that would make sense. In addition, when you are in control, you have red eyes. When he is in control, not only do his irises become purple, but his sclera also turn black. So, people will know the difference with little difficulty.”

So, that’s how people will tell them apart.

“That’s all for now,” Aizawa said. “I’ll give you back your phone that you left at camp. And Detective Tsukauchi will drive you home and explain things to your family.”

“Fine,” Katsuki said, taking the small rectangular device from Aizawa.

“Is that a phone? I thought they were supposed to be big and bulky.”

“... Well, things have changed.”

So Katsuki finally decided to talk to him.

Katsuki followed Tsukauchi out of the building and to… Genya assumed it was a car. They started driving. The entire drive was silent.

“I’m dead. I’m really dead. And, if this is really five hundred years in the future, so are ‘Nemi, and Tanjiro, and Himejima-san, and everyone.”

Katsuki didn’t answer. Either he was ignoring him again, or they couldn’t hear every single thought. The second option probably made sense.

The car pulled up in front of some house. They looked nothing like what Genya was used to. It was all blocky and stony. He was too tired to give it too much thought.

“I’m going to talk to your parents first, explain the situation to them,” Tsukauchi said as he got out of the car.

Right. Genya was “the situation.”

“Sure,” Katuski grumbled, remaining seated. Tsukauchi walked to the house in front of him.

“This is gonna go fucking great. Just peachy.”

“Are your parents going to be mad about me?”

“The old hag will find some reason to be unhappy.”

Old hag? Was he talking about his mother?

Tsukauchi came back to the car and told Katsuki that his parents were waiting for him. His expression looked worried.

Katsuki got out of the car and walked towards the house. Behind him, the car started up and drove away.

“Look, when we go inside, you do nothing, got it? Don’t butt in, don’t say anything. Nothing at all. Got it?”

“Okay, okay.”

Katsuki opened the unlocked door and stepped inside. The second he crossed the parlor, long nails dug into his forearm. A jolt of pain. Even when he was not in control, Genya could feel it, and all of his inner alarm bells screamed “Demon!” as he willed himself to reach for the gun he no longer had.

“What the hell happened, Katsuki?!” The woman gripping Katsuki’s arm was a woman with spiky yellow hair. Probably Katsuki’s mother. She looked furious.

“First you get yourself kidnapped, make us worried sick! And now, you’ve gotten yourself possessed by some centuries old ghost!”

“Quit it, you hag!” Katsuki yelled back. “I’m not fucking possessed! It’s all under control.”

It wasn’t all under control. There was anger, and more so, fear. Genya couldn’t tell if it was his, Katsuki’s, or a mix of both.

“It better be,” his mother said. “No son of mine will be so weak as to be possessed!”

Weak. That word cut Genya deeply.

“Now, now, dear,” a man this time, probably Katsuki’s father, came in. “What’s important is that Katsuki is back and safe-”

“Safe?! It’s not even fully our son anymore!”

“Are you crazy, woman!” Katsuki screeched, yanking his arm free. “It’s still me! No stupid ghost is gonna control me!”

He stomped up the stairs, marched into a room, and slammed the door behind him. He threw himself onto his bed and glared up at the ceiling.


“Don’t fucking talk to me.”

“You know, it’s okay to be weak. I used to think it was a bad thing, too. But then one of my friends told me ‘the weakest person has the most potential in them.’ So, weakness can be good.”

“Don’t fucking talk to me.”

Genya’s head was still reeling from the exchange. It felt so foregeign, so strange… But also familiar.

“My brother called me a lot of those things. ‘Weak, worthless.’ Said I wasn’t his brother. But, at least he never blamed me for the things that happened. He never blamed me for lashing out, and he didn’t blame me for getting sliced in half. He never blamed me for being weak. He only ever tried to protect me.”

Katsuki was silent for a moment. Maybe they could reach an understanding, bond, not hate each other-

“I said… don’t fucking talk to me.”

“... Alright. Have it your way.”

Still unwanted.


Katsuki spent the next two days doing his best to ignore Genya. He didn’t let him take control and he refused to indulge his attempts at conversation. Instead, he tried to focus on other things.

He searched himself up online. Not for egotistical reasons. He just wanted to see if anyone in the general public found out about what happened to him yet. No results came up. That made him feel a little better.

All Might was officially retired now. Footage of the fight, talks shows, everything. It was all over the Internet. Katsuki felt shame and guilt twist in his guts. He closed the news tabs on his phone and checked his text messages.

Mostly stuff from his classmates. Asking questions about “the situation.” Looked like someone failed to keep their mouth shut, like they promised.

Mina Ashido, 2:11 PM- So Blasty, Ei told us about how your body got hijacked. Wanna spill the news?

Denki Kaminari, 2:12 PM- Yeah, we’re all just curious and concerned!!

Minoru Mineta, 2:13 PM- It must be so freaky to have a voice in your head that can take control of your body! Have you figured out how to get rid of it yet?

Kyoka Jiro, 2:14 PM- Dude, just talk to us!

Katsuki closed the messaging app. He didn’t want to talk to any of them at the moment. He was still tired, drained.

The police called. He answered their questions. He ate meals with his family. His mom apologized for last night and said of course he was still their son and she was just worried. He said sure whatever and tried not to get on her nerves.

He suffered from - no, not suffered, just experienced - nightmares. Some of old, familiar scenes, some a bit newer. Still others that were entirely foregeign. No doubt because of Genya’s influence. Well, if he really had… died before possessing his body, then no wonder he was plagued with a plethora of bad memories to inspire nightmares.

After a few days of the rinse and repeat song and dance, there was a knock on their front door. Katsuki looked out his window and saw All Might - Katsuki bit down the sensation of guilt when he saw the frail, bony body and excessive bandages - and Aizawa. This was probably important, so he made his way downstairs. As he was at the middle of the staircase, he heard his mother call, “Katsuki! Get down here!”


They sat him down in the living room, with the Bakugos on one of the couches, and the teachers on pulled up chairs.

“As you probably know from our correspondence, this meeting is to discuss the new dorm system UA is implementing,” Aizawa said. “The new on campus living will ensure better student safety. I know your son has been through a lot because of our negligence, but I sincerely hope you will give us the opportunity to right our wrongs and give us another chance to mentor Katsuki.”

“Hell yeah, put him in a dorm!” Mitsuki exclaimed, smacking the top of Katsuki’s head.

“What was that for, hag?!”

“Oh, shut up! If you weren’t so damn weak and gotten yourself kidnapped we wouldn’t be in this mess! You caused trouble for everyone!”

Katsuki hissed. Again with the weakling comments! In front of All Might and his homeroom teacher, no less.

“Come on, you two, don’t fight in front of the teachers.” His father’s words almost fell on deaf ears. Katsuki could barely focus on All Might’s look of muted horror and Aizawa’s barely masked anger.

“So, do you agree to the dorms?” All Might asked, clearly in a hurry to get the meeting over with.

“Yeah,” Mitsuki said, giving Katsuki one final smack for good measure. “We’re grateful actually. I know our son is a lot of trouble, but I think I can trust you with him. Take good care of him and turn him into a good, hardworking Hero.”

Aizawa gave a curt nod. “We have one more topic that needs discussion. Katsuki, please let us speak to Shinazugawa one more time.”

His mother’s expression turned sour in an instant. “Is that the ghost? Why would you need to speak with him?”

Katsuki scowled. “Fine,” he conceded, partially to tick his mother off. He let Genya come into control, not missing how he instantly scooted away from Mitsuki and looked down.

“What did you want?” Genya asked. “Find a way to get rid of me?” It was impossible to miss the hint of bitterness in his voice.

Aizawa leaned forward. “No, but we have a potential way to give your soul rest.”

“How is that any different?” Genya thought to himself.

“What is it?” He asked out loud.

“I have been researching the Demon Slayers since our initial interrogation, and I believe I found something.” He handed Genya a pamphlet. Genya hesitantly flipped it open. His eyes shot wide open, and a sense of unexplainable nostalgia shot through Katsuki.

“This- this is-”

“The old estates of those ‘Pillars’ you talked about,” Aizawa finished for him. “They offer tours. Perhaps returning there will give your soul closure and allow you to rest. While this idea is not the most rational, nothing about this situation is rational.”

Genya scoffed. “Sure, whatever. Do I really have a choice?”

“Don’t be rude to your teacher-”

“Except he’s not my sensei!” Genya cut over Mitsuki. “I’ve literally met him once!”

“It’s fine, Mrs. Bakugo,” Aizawa said, already standing up. All Might followed after him. “I do need your’s and your husband’s permission to take Katsuki and Shinazugawa on this tour. I will be there as a protector, and proper precautionary measures will be taken into account.”

Mitsuki crossed her arms, exchanged a glance with her husband. “Fine, the sooner this guy is out of my son’s body, the better.” Genya grimaced and looked back down at the floor.

“In that case, Shinazugawa, I’ll schedule a tour for tomorrow noon. Be ready.”

“Got it.”

As soon as the teachers were out the door, Mitsuki rounded her anger at him again. “Now listen here, you hijacker-”

“I’m not!”

“I will not allow you to mess up Katsuki’s perfect future!”

“I got it already,” Genya scoffed. “Everyone wants me gone. Here.”

He let Katsuki retake control, who wasted no time stomping up to his room.

“Guess you’ll have your body back by this time tomorrow if everything works out.”

“Yep. Looking forward to it.”

“... Right. Okay.”

The next day, Aizawa once again greeted him at the front door at ten thirty. He was dressed in a dress shirt and had his hair tied up. To Katsuki’s surprise, Izuku was there, too.

“What’s he doing here?” Katsuki asked, annoyance setting in once the initial shock had passed.

Aizawa sighed. “It’s not much, Kacchan,” Izuku piped up.


“Sorry, I was just really worried and didn’t stop pestering All Might until he told me. So I asked Mr. Aizawa if I could come along to make sure… he doesn’t do anything.”

“Look, I get you’re worried, but I’m seriously not gonna do anything,” Genya said with a grimace as he retoke control.

“Ah,” Izuku almost jumped. “Uh- it was uh- Shinazugawa, right?”

“You can talk in the car,” Aizawa cut in. “We need to get going. Shinazugawa, Bakugo, you will wear this hat and sunglasses to hide your identity. It will also hide when the two of you switch.”

Genya hesitantly took the items from Aizawa, putting the orange baseball cap on his head and the sunglasses over his eyes. “How do I look?” He asked.

Katsuki took control and adjusted the cap. “Let’s get this over with.”

They went to the car and started driving, with Katsuki and Izuku in the backseat.

“Uh, Katsuki? Can I talk to… whatever his name is?”

Katsuki groaned and seceded, allowing Genya to take control.

“I don’t think I ever got your name.”

“Oh!” Izuku piped up. “I’m Izuku Midoriya. Uh… nice to meet you, I guess.”

“You don’t like me all that much, do you?” Genya asked with a sigh.

Izuku looked down in what appeared to be guilt. “It’s not that. I- I guess that since Kacchan and I have known each other since childhood, I was just worried about him. I don’t think you’re bad, per say, it’s just-”

“Tell him to shut up.”

“Uh, Katsuki is telling you to ‘shut up.’”

“Oh,” Izuku said with a sheepish look on his face. “So…” he murmured, trying to change the subject, “Mr. Aizawa, what is the tour going to be like?”

Aizawa didn’t look away from the steering wheel. “We’ll be arriving at the starting point soon. Some place called the Butterfly Mansion.”

“The Butterfly Mansion?!” Genya piped up.

“What is it?” Izuku asked.

“It’s basically the healing and recuperation house,” Genya explained. “Where all the injured Demon Slayers went to get better.”

Izuku nodded seriously, pulling out a notepad and scribbling down in it.

“From there, the tour is supposed to take us through the old estates of the ‘Final Generation of Pillars,’” Aizawa continued. “The tour should take about an hour and a half.”

“And… seeing all of that is supposed to bring my soul peace?” Genya asked.

“That is what we are hoping for,” Aizawa said. He must have spotted Genya’s downtrodden expression in the rearview mirror. “Do not take this as us not valuing you. If you are indeed a deceased spirit, then the closure is what you need.”

“Sure. Whatever you say.” Genya turned his head to the window, looking out at the changing scenery as they drove to their destination.

“Well, I hope they do a good job of honoring our legacy,” he murmured. “So many gave their lives in this fight.” A wave of nostalgia washed over him as they drove up to the Butterfly Mansion.

“It looks so familiar,” he murmured. “But also… different. All the cars, and… building additions. Why did they change it?”

Aizawa parked the car and turned off the ignition key. Izuku opened his door and scrambled out. “Come on. The tour starts in ten minutes.”

Katsuki roughly retoke control and got out of the car, slamming the door behind him. He trailed after Aizawa and Izuku. A small group was gathered at the entrance to the mansion.

“Is everyone here?” Asked the woman who appeared to be the tour guide. “Great! Let’s get started. My name is Himami Kiyama, and I’ll be your tour guide for today.”

“This feels weird,” Genya complained to himself. “Coming back here… It feels like only last week we were still training here. And now five hundred years have passed.”

“Now let’s begin with the history of the Demon Slayers…” The tour guide began rambling. Izuku took vigorous notes.

“Hey, stop spacing out,” Katsuki all but hissed. “How the fuck do you expect your soul to get peace if you don’t listen to the damn guide.”

“I’ve literally lived through this history,” Genya shot back. “I don’t need to learn this.”

The tour guide finally finished rambling about the history of the Demon Slayers and moved onto the actual Mansion. “The starting point of today’s tour is the Butterfly Mansion, the building behind us. It was founded during the first generation of Flower Pillars as a place for recuperation and healing for injured Demon Slayers. Up until four years before the Sunrise Countdown battle, it was run by the final Flower Pillar, Kanae Kocho. After her death at the hands of Upper Moon Two, her younger sister Shinobu took over as the head of the Mansion. In the final months of operation before the Demon Slayers officially disbanded, it was run by Aoi Hashibira and Kanao Kamado-”

Genya burst out coughing. “Sorry, sorry-” he half whispered as he straightened back out, trying to ignore the confused looks of the other tourists.

“What the hell? So, Aoi married Inosuke and Kanao married Tanjiro?!”

“Is that surprising?”

“Kanao and Tanjiro; not really. Never took Inosuke as the marriage type, though. This feels even weirder now. I mean, I hoped that they all survived and got the chance to be happy, but hearing about them getting married is honestly surreal.”

Katsuki could only imagine that feeling. Hearing about your friends - who would have probably been around your age when you last saw them - being married was probably a surreal experience.

Himami began leading them through the mansion. However, Katsuki found Genya’s internal commentary a lot more thrilling than the guide’s. Probably because he was more informed.

“And that was the training room. There were these three girls - Kiyo-chan, Sumi-chan, and Naho-chan - who helped lead the rehabilitation exercises. And those gourds were used to test your Breaths. You have to blow into them and shatter them with your Breaths alone! I… never managed to do that. And that’s the hospital ward. And at the end of the hallway is Kocho-san’s office.”

“And this is the courtyard. And where that stone monument stands, there used to be a cherry blossom tree. It was planted by the first Breath of Flower user, and was given the name ‘Victory.’ Unfortunately, as the years have passed, the tree has withered away, which is why there is a stone now instead.”

Genya seemed to sigh unhappily. “What is it? Katsuki asked.

“I’ve figured out why this feels off,” Genya replied. “It’s as if this place has lost its touch. The Breath of Flower has been around for centuries before my time, and that tree never wilted before. Now another few centuries pass, and it’s gone. How is this place supposed to soothe my soul when it’s lost its soul?” 

Another tourist raised their hand. “Are there any descendants of those Demon Slayers still around today?” Genya perked up.

“Excellent timing!” Himami exclaimed. “Because that is our next destination! The Rengoku estate!”

She led them out of the Butterfly Mansion and to a tourist bus. Everyone got on and the driver started the engine.

“All of the Pillars’ estates are within driving distance, though they did not have cars back then, making the journey from estate to estate much more difficult,” Himami exclaimed. “In anticipation of the Sunrise Countdown Battle, the Pillars organized a large training session for all the Demon Slayers to attend. They traveled from estate to estate, honing their skills.”

“I remember that. It was hell on earth.”

They arrived at the Rengoku estate. It was a bit larger than the Butterfly Mansion, indicating a significantly higher status. The bus stopped and everyone got out.

Inside the estate gates was a man, waiting for them. He introduced himself as Tojuro Rengoku, a descendant of the revered Flame Pillar Rengoku line. He led them around the estate, commenting on the impact his ancestors had, making special note of the final Flame Pillar, Kyojuro.

This time, Genya mostly stayed silent. He also didn’t say much at the Sound Pillar’s estate.

“Despite Uzui being the second of the final generation to leave the force, he was the one who lived the longest,” Himami went on. “He lived well into his seventies as a retiree, since the two Pillar survivors of the Sunrise Countdown Battle had both awakened Demon Slayer Marks, resulting in a premature death for them both. This was also the starting point of the Pillar training. We will be visiting the estates in order.”

“That means Tokito-san is next,” Genya noted.

“Next is the Mist Pillar, Muichiro Tokito.”

“Called it.”

The Mist Pillar estate was a lot smaller and simpler than the ones that came before. “Tokito was by far the youngest Pillar at one fourteen,” Himami said. “However, his age did not stop him from being a bright and influential figure among the Pillars. He was the only one among them to defeat an Upper Moon - Upper Moon Five - all on his own. And, despite being the weakest member present, he was the one who turned the tide in the battle against Upper Moon One. Even though he sacrificed his life-”

“Excuse me?”

Genya spoke up, raising his hand. Izuku and Aizawa looked at him with confusion. Himami nodded for him to continue.

“I- I think you forgot about someone. I mean- Tokito-san- uh, I mean Tokito- he wasn’t the weakest present in that battle, right? There was one other-”

“Oh, right,” Himami waved him off. “A lesser ranked Demon Slayer was also present, and he was obviously weaker. I forgot to mention him because his contributions were nearly nonexistent.”

Katsuki felt something shift, shatter. “B-but-” Genya’s lip was trembling. He’d better not start crying. He didn’t, instead floating down and surrendering control.

“But, I helped. I helped. She didn’t even mention my name.”

That exchange made Genya so distraught that he stayed entirely silent for the next two estates as Himami rattled on about the star crossed love Mitsuri and Obanai.

“Kacchan, what’s going on?” Izuku whispered in the middle of the story. “Is he getting closure.”

“No,” Katsuki whispered back. “I think this is just making it worse.”

“Should we ask Mr. Aizawa to leave?”

“And next is the estate of the Wind Pillar, Sanemi Shinazugawa.”

Izuku did a double take. “Shinazugawa? This means-”

“‘Nemi. Nii-chan. My big brother.”

Hearing this seemed to rejuvenate Genya once more and he retook control.

“‘Nemi was a really strict teacher, but he was also super strong. His entire training section was literally just raising pain tolerance. I just wish we could have gotten along better. Tanjiro tried to help us, but it didn’t work. Oh, ‘Nemi also loved ohagi. He made the best ohagi. And he was so strong!”

“You know, he really doesn’t sound all that intimidating when you call him ‘Nemi.”

“Hey, he’s my big bro. I’ve called him that since we were little kids.”

They arrived at the Wind Pillar estate, and this time, Genya was the first one off the bus. “And that’s the courtyard where we trained, if you go down there by the engawa are the sleeping quarters-”

“Stay with the group, please!” Himami called. Genya begrudgingly obliged, trudging after her. She led them the estate, giving her commentary along the way.

“Shinazugawa was best characterized as violent and sadistic-”

“Don’t you dare-” Katsuki growled, trying to keep Genya from snapping. They ended up tripping over their own feet.

“She’s completely mischaracterizing him!” Genya protested. “I mean, yeah, he was all those things, but she’s not giving the context. We were fighting against man eating demons! And, given what happened in our childhood-”

“This is Shinazugawa’s personal quarters,” Himami announced. “As one of the Pillars who survived the Sunrise Countdown Battle, he lived out his final years here, before the Mark took his life at age twenty five.”

Another tourist raised his hand. “Is it true that Shinazugawa and Tomioka became romantically involved after the Corps disbanded?”

Genya choked again. “There is nothing to suggest that,” Himami countered. “While they did exchange many letters and visited each other often, nothing has been discovered that suggested anything beyond a completely platonic bond.”

“Yeah, now I’m doubting that,” Genya mumbled, looking around to distract himself.

Genya and Katsuki looked around, but Genya’s gaze instantly zeroed in on one object on the wall. An old yukata in two shades of purple. He stepped forward, reaching for it.

“Please don’t touch anything.”

“But that’s mine. That’s literally mine. That’s my yukata. See, ‘Nemi cared about me. He kept it.”

“Who does that belong to?” Izuku, having also noticed the yukata, pointed to it. “Was it his? It does not seem to match with the rest of the color scheme here, so I thought-”

“Oh, yes, that yukata belonged to his younger brother Genya, who lost his life during the Sunrise Countdown Battle.”

Izuku glanced toward them, as did Aizawa. Genya looked at Himami pointedly, expecting her to continue. She didn’t.

“That’s it? That’s it! Don’t treat me like an afterthought! I was important to him!”

“Well, maybe you weren’t as important as you thought,” Katsuki cut in.

“Don’t you dare! Don’t you-” Genya’s voice was losing its conviction. “‘Nemi cared. I know he did.”

Next, they journeyed to the Stone Pillar estate, home of Gyomei Himejima.

“He was my mentor,” Genya murmured. “Maybe they’ll mention me here.”

Himami led them around the estate, pointing out the large training grounds and the Buddist architecture.

“That was my room,” Genya pointed out as they reached one of the hallways. “That used to be my room.” He started walking towards it.

“That area is under renovations. Please stay back.”

“Renovations?” Genya sounded like he wanted to sob. “Why would you need renovations there? Please, just let me see it. How the hell is my soul supposed to rest if I can’t even see or touch the things important to me?”

Katsuki was beginning to wonder the same thing. If anything, Genya seemed to be getting a tighter grip on his body. Genya stayed in complete control all throughout the tour of Tomioka’s estate. He seemed dazed and lost. This time, he was the first to get on the bus, and climbed to the back numbly. Aizawa and Izuku sat down next to him.

“I don’t think this is working,” Genya mumbled. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” Aizawa said. “This was my attempt to solve an irrational situation with an irrational solution. As it appears, two wrongs don’t make a right.”

“Besides, it’s probably hard… to see all this,” Izuku said.

“No, it’s hard not being able to see the places that are actually important to me.”

The bus started off. “Our final location will be the Ubuyashiki estate,” Himami said. “It is the home of the leaders of the Demon Slayer Corps. The leader, also known as Oyakata-sama, played an essential role in the downfall of the demons. On our way there, we will pass by the graveyard for the fallen Demon Slayers.”

This made Genya jolt up and look out the window. Indeed, tombstones flew past them.

“Kiyama-san- I mean Ms. Kiyama, can we go inside the cemetery? To pay our respects to them?”

Himami shot him a confused look. “No. That area is restricted for preservation purposes.”

Genya glowered at her. She glowered back. “What’s with you and wanting to go to restricted areas?”

Genya looked away. “Well, there goes my one chance. If anything could have brought me soul peace, it would have been that.” He floated back down, allowing Katsuki to come forward. He looked away from the window, not wanting to look at an endless sea of graves.

“And that brings us to the end of our tour.” The bus stopped in front of the Ubuyashiki estate. The driver parked the bus as the other tourists scrambled out. “Now, let’s go inside.”

Katsuki felt his legs move numbly towards the door, trailing after Aizawa and Izuku.

It was… a gift shop. Whatever used to be here was converted into a gift shop. Katsuki could see books, drawings, stuffed toys! Every tourist trinket imaginable.

It suddenly felt very stuffy. He was dizzy and nauseous, burning up and freezing cold at the same time. He felt like he was going to be sick.

Or, at least, that’s how Genya felt.

“What… what is this? What the fuck?”

Katsuki could feel his breath grow shorter. Panic was setting in. Why? He had no reason to be panicked at the sight of a fucking gift shop!

But, Genya did. And this was the final straw.

“Aizawa-sensei, we’re done here,” he said. Or Genya said. He really didn’t know who was in control at that point. “I want to go home.”

Aizawa seemed to understand the implications instantly. “Problem Child, let’s go.” Izuku put down the book he was looking at and joined them at the door. Aizawa ushered them to the car in silence. Only when they got inside did Genya fully take control and scream his lungs out.

“Kacc- I mean, Shinazugawa!” Izuku exclaimed.

“What was that? What was that?” Genya screeched. “What are they doing profiting off that?! Don’t they attend their own tours?! Don’t they know what happened?!”

“Unfortunately, that is one of the facets of today’s society,” Aizawa said. “I take full responsibility for this. It was a mistake to take you here.”

“Damn right it was! What was the point of showing me all that?!”

Izuku leaned in a bit closer. “Well, now you know that people remember the Demon Slayers. And this is their way of honoring and remembering it. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

This seemed to only make Genya angrier.

“Yes, they should remember it! But why the fuck are they commercializing it?! Don’t they understand how many people died? They won’t let you go pray at the tombs and shrines, but sure, here’s a minifigure of the demon that killed me and my friend!”

He broke into a sob. “I fucking saw one. A fucking minifigure of Upper Moon One. And a bunch of other demons, too. That monster killed me and Tokito-san. Honoring us? Hah, hilarious!”

Izuku squirmed in guilt. “I didn’t- mean it like that-”

“Or, according to these guys, only Tokito-san,” Genya continued on his rant. “They just don’t care about me. I was just ‘the Wind Pillar’s brother’ or ‘the other guy who died.’ They mentioned my name once, as an afterthought. Why did they leave me out?”

“Well, maybe the tour guide is new?” Izuku tried to suggest. “Maybe she didn’t know everything.”

“But they must have studied this somewhere, right?” Genya said. “You’d have to understand the subject well to be a tour guide. So, what? Did the books about this leave me out, too? Was I ever mentioned anywhere? Did- did anyone care? Did nii-chan care? Did my friends care? Or did they just… forget about me?”

“You’re overthinking it,” Aizawa said bluntly. “I thought you were against the commercialization a mere minute ago.”

“I just want to be remembered,” Genya said with a whimper. “I just don’t want to be forgotten. Is that so much to ask for?”

His grip on the body was fading. Katsuki started to take back the reins.

“Look here, you hijacker. Your problems are in the past, and I’m just trying to figure-”

“Look, can you stop calling me that?! I’m just as confused and upset and scared as you are! And don’t you dare tell me you’re not! You think I wanted to be shoved in here?! I had no say in this! I don’t know where I am, everyone seems to hate me, and everyone I ever loved and cared about is dead! So, no! I’m not a fucking hijacker!”

Genya had just yelled all of that out loud. Aizawa and Izuku were both staring at him in shock.

The hyperventilating was coming back. “Just- stop… Just stop already-” He was crying. “Why can’t you understand-”


Izuku’s uncertain, fearful voice brought Genya back to the present moment. Aizawa was looking at him with a mixture of concern and suspicion. Once again worried he was going to do something to hurt Katsuki. Of course. Katuski was his student. Of course he was worried about him and not Genya.

“I- am sincerely sorry about my outburst,” he said in his unsteady voice. “You won’t have to concern yourselves with me anymore.”

Genya faded out of control, leaving Katsuki to take up the reins. His breathing stabilized. Aizawa and Izuku were still staring at him.

“Let’s just get out of here,” he grumbled.

Aizawa complied. They drove in silence.

“Hey, you alive in there?”

Genya didn’t answer.

Aizawa dropped him off at his house, walked him to the door. Said to move in on campus in three days. Only his dad was home.

“Hey, kiddo. How was the tour?” He asked.

Katsuki grumbled. “Peachy. Got the ghost mad at me.”

His father’s face took on a look of concern. “He’s not going to… do anything to you now, is he?”

Katsuki scoffed. “As if I’d let him.”

“Still think of me as the bad guy, don’t you?”

Genya’s voice didn’t even sound accusatory anymore. Just… sad.

“I’m gonna go take a nap,” Katsuki said, dragging his way up the stairs. He walked into his room and closed the door behind him.

“Hey, Katsuki. Or whatever you want to be called.”

Again, Genya’s voice sounded sad, hopeless.

“I don’t care what you call me. What do you want?”

“Look. I know you don’t like this. And… I’m sorry that this happened to you. I don’t know if you can get rid of me, but I can just stay quiet, I guess. I won’t butt in, I won’t take control, nothing.”

… What? Genya was just offering… this, out of nowhere.

“You and everyone else clearly don’t want me around, so it’s probably better this way. Just, forget about me, alright? It would be better if you and everyone else just don’t know I exist.”

“Hey, hold on! Weren’t you the one saying you wanted to be remembered less than an hour ago? What’s with the sudden change of heart?”

“Like I said, you guys clearly don’t want me around. And, I really wouldn’t be losing much. You still have your life. You have friends, mentors- people who care about you. You have dreams and aspirations, goals to fulfill. All of those died for me centuries ago. I’m not sacrificing anything here. Anything of value, anyways.”

Katsuki listened in shocked silence. What was-

“Goodbye, Katsuki.”

“Hey! Wait! Hold on, Genya-”

Genya didn’t answer.


Genya stayed completely silent for the next two days. No matter what Katsuki said or did, the other wouldn’t respond. Katsuki wondered if he could even hear him.

“Well, this is what I wanted, right? He’s gone, I have my body and mind completely to myself again. So, this has to be a good thing.”

Then why did he feel so empty?

He chose not to dwell on it.

Katsuki instead passed time by packing some of his belongings for the dorms. The essentials, a couple All Might figurines (stuffed into a pair of socks so that no one would notice), his drum sticks (wrapped up in a scarf so that no one would notice). A moving van sent by the school came by to take his furniture to the recently completed dorm buildings, leaving him to sleep on an inflatable mattress. He set aside some money to pay for Eijiro’s night vision goggles, because he wasn’t about to be in anyone's debt.

He texted the Class 1-A group chat, said that the situation was taken care of.

Mashirao Ojiro, 9:17 AM- Oh? How did that go?

Hanta Sero, 9:19 AM- So… what happened? Did you work something out or did the ghost just… leave? Why now and not earlier?

Katsuki didn’t feel the need to explain. If they kept pestering him, maybe he could try to explain it in person later.

He told his parents that the situation was taken care of.

“Good,” his mother said. “That’s my little Katsuki. Knew you were strong enough to best him.”

But Katsuki didn’t feel strong. When Genya said his final goodbye, he didn’t feel like a strong Hero that vanquished a body possessing villain. He felt like he hurt someone who was already hurting.


Tried to start up a conversation on the second day.

No answer.

“Genya? Shinazugawa?”

Maybe he’d respond if he called him by name.

No answer.


Maybe he’d respond if he aggravated him, maybe he’d pipe up to insist he wasn’t a hijacker.

No answer.

“Fine. Look, you can talk to me, okay? Just don’t take control of my body, but you can come back.”

Even the offer of compromise was met with silence.

It was around noon on the second day that he got another text. This time, not to the group chat. A private message, specifically for him.

Fumikage Tokoyami, 12:03 PM- Can we talk?

Katsuki Bakugo, 12:07 PM- What do you want, Bird Boy?

Fumikage Tokoyami, 12:08 PM- Dark Shadow and I wish to discuss the past few days with you. Do you prefer a text or call?

Dark Shadow? Fumikage’s Quirk wanted to talk to him? What could it want to say that would be of any worth. Then again, it was a rare, sentient Quirk.

Katsuki Bakugo, 12:11 PM- Fine. Call.

It only took a few seconds for his phone to vibrate. Fumikage’s profile picture showed up on his screen. After locking his bedroom door, Katsuki swiped his thumb across the phone to accept the call.

He expected a dimly lit, gothic room, given Fumikage’s temperament. While the room that came up on screen did have a gothic aesthetic, it was actually rather well lit. Probably in order to keep Dark Shadow under control. He turned on his own video feed and took a seat on his bed. He put his earbuds in his ears.

“Bakugo, you there?” Fumikage’s voice came from the speakers. The raven headed boy came up on his screen as he positioned his phone camera, as did his shadowy Quirk.

“Yeah, yeah, Bird Boy,” Katsuki grumbled. “You wanted to talk, then talk.”

“Does the spirit possessing your body have a name?”


This is what Fumikage wanted to talk about? Katsuki figured it was going to be another drawn out, unnecessary apology for what happened at the training camp, and had been confused as to why it needed to be over call. But this-

“I’d rather not refer to them as a hijacker.”

Katsuki was starting to feel irritated. “Why do you care?”

“Because I believe that Dark Shadow and I can empathize with your situation.”

Once again, Katsuki was just confused.

“What do you mean?”

“Dark Shadow and I live under similar circumstances to you and-” Fumikage paused, waiting for a name.

Katsuki sighed. “He goes by Shinazugawa.”

“- to you and Shinazugawa,” Fumikage continued. “We are both sentient beings that are connected through our body and mind. We can share thoughts, speak to each other telepathically, and, in certain situations, Dark Shadow is capable of taking control of my body.”

“What’s that gotta do with me?” Katsuki asked. “What you have with Dark Shadow is completely natural. My body got invaded-”

“Did Shinazugawa invade it on purpose, or was it unintentional?”

“What does it matter?”

“Because, it determines if he is another victim, or the perpetrator.”

Katsuki scowled. “Well, he said that he didn’t hijack my body on purpose.”

“Then he’s not a hijacker.”

Dark Shadow piped in. “I’m sure he’s friendly, too! Don’t be mean to him!”

“I’m not being-” Katsuki growled. “Look, he offered to stop showing up himself. He’s made up his mind. I don’t need him!”

“Your souls have bonded in an unforeseeable and unalterable way,” Fumikage remarked. “Have you experienced any odd emotions lately? Anything that felt out of place?”

Well, now that he mentioned it, Katsuki recalled the genuine feelings of mourning, and discomfort, and even panic. He had no reason to be feeling like that in those situations, but Genya certainly did. And even now, this feeling of emptiness and sorrow-

“You and Shinazugawa are empaths, as are Dark Shadow and I,” Fumikage explained, scratching under Dark Shadow’s chin. “It’s a powerful link, and severing it might have severe ramifications.”

“But I don’t want him to take control of my body,” Katsuki argued. “I’m not losing control. What if he does something that I’m not okay with, and then I have to suffer the consequences for it?! No, I won’t have it!”

“But you two can talk!” Dark Shadow insisted.

“This is where our cases do differ significantly,” Fumikage said. “There is little say in when I lose control of Dark Shadow, other than the factors I can directly manipulate. But you and Shinazugawa can discuss and negotiate. I know all too well that losing control is not a pleasant feeling. But, if that’s how you feel, then he must feel similarly.”

Katsuki scowled and broke eye contact. “Fine, I’ll think about it. Bye.” He hung up the call.

Was this it? Was he expected to share his mind and body with someone who was still mostly a stranger? Then again, Genya was also put into that situation.

“Hey, you want to talk? Come on, damn it, we can’t figure this out if you don’t talk to me.”

Still no answer. Genya was either ignoring him or had managed to find some way to tune him out. But, he wasn’t gone. Katsuki could still feel his presence - or lack thereof - in the corners of his mind.

He tried not to dwell on it and went downstairs for lunch. His dad was working from home. Katsuki prepared kimchi and the two of them ate in silence.

The doorbell rang.

“I’ll go get it,” his father said, opening the door. Katsuki spotted Izuku’s curly green mop of hair behind the door frame.

“Ah, Izuku! It’s been a while.”

“Good to see you, Mr. Bakugo,” the other boy said. “I’ll be quick. I just want to give Kacchan something.”

“Uh- sure. Katsuki, Izuku has something for you!”

Katsuki slouched his way over to the door. Izuku stretched out a flat, rectangular parcel. Looked like a book. Katsuki cautiously accepted it.

“Well, I’d best get going. See you at school tomorrow, Kacchan!” With that, Izuku took off. Still confused, Katsuki took the parcel back up to his room. He took the wrapping paper off.

Indeed, it was a book, titled “The Unsung Heroes.” Izuku had written a note to go along with it. Katsuki decided to read that first.

Dear Kacchan and Shinazugawa,

I realized I was insensitive to your plights the other day. I completely ignored Shinazugawa’s feelings, and I’m sorry for that. This is the book I was looking at in the gift shop that day. I found a copy online and bought it. I thought it might give Shinazugawa some reassurance. And, Kacchan, I know it’s not my place to decide for you, but I don’t think “getting rid” of Shinazugawa is going to solve anything. We’re Heroes, right? And Shinazugawa is very much someone who needs saving. Maybe this book can help you two understand each other.”


Katsuki sighed, flipping over the cover of the book. He glanced at the table of contents.

“Hotaru Haganezuka: Forging the Unbreakable Sword”

“Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru: The Kunoichi Wives who Fought to Survive”

“Aoi Kanzaki: The Healer Butterfly Sister”

“Genya Shinazugawa: ‘The Weakest Person has the Most Potential in Them’”

That phrase sounded familiar. Katsuki realized that Genya himself had parroted it to him on the first night. He grimaced. That phrase still didn’t sit right with him. He was supposed to be strong from the start. Sure, the weak can have potential - Izuku was a testament to that - but the strong have instant, limitless potential. Isn’t it better to be strong right away, than be weak and hope for that potential? He flipped to that chapter.

He was greeted by a washed out, black and white photo of a young man, probably a teenager. He had a jet black mullet hawk and a scar running across his face. His eyebrows almost nonexistent, a sliver of smile he attempted to hide behind a scowl.

“Hey, this you?”

No answer.

Katsuki checked the caption. “Photograph of Genya Shinazugawa, age 16. Taken two months before his death during the Sunrise Countdown Battle.”

He died at sixteen. He was their age. And he had died. Katsuki felt something inside him sink. Sure, he had known that Genya was dead this whole time, but- seeing that he was their age hit him harder.

He clenched his teeth and started reading.

This entry is something of an outlier compared to the previous ones. With all of the previous Unsung Heroes, they often slipped under the radar because they were almost never direct participants on the battlefield. This made their field of expertise less appreciated. With Genya, however, his importance and contributions are often glossed over despite him being a major combatant participant.

When it comes to the fight against Kokushibo during the Sunrise Countdown Battle, the exact extent of Genya’s contribution is called into question by scholars and historians. Of course, of the participants, Genya was the only one who was not a Pillar, and the only one without a Breath style (this is including the demon).

This underestimating of Genya’s influence and impact is the exact reason I decided to include him in this book, despite him not fitting in with the other entries.

Some historians believe that the impact of Genya’s actions during the fight against Upper Moon One cannot be measured, since the only participant of that fight who went on to survive the Sunrise Countdown Battle was his older brother, a biased source. Those historians also tend to ignore the existence of the much more objective crow reports. And, even if one could theoretically argue over his impact on the battlefield, they cannot deny his impact on people, the rest of the Final Final Selection unit, and his family.

Under the introductory text was the transcription of a letter. The caption read, “An anecdote from one of the numerous letters Sanemi wrote to Genya after his death”

Katsuki chose not to read the letter, electing to flip back to the photograph of Genya. It was probably personal, and it would be better if Genya read it first. If he ever showed himself, that is.

“The weakest person has the most potential in them.”

That quote… it clearly meant a lot to Genya, if he tried to use it to cheer Katsuki up, even if it didn’t work out. To him, it was a motivation in his darkest hour, something that kept him going.

Genya had lost almost everything. And Katsuki tried to take away the one thing he had left. His free will.

“Hey…” He tried to come up with a nickname. “Mohawk Head. Talk to me, dammit. Okay, I get it. I fucked up. Do you want to work this out or not?”

No answer. Could Genya really not hear him?

“What’s this supposed to be, karma?”

Still no answer.

Katsuki sighed, closing the book and plopping down on his bed.

He had to weigh his options. Speaking objectively, the current arrangement was nothing but beneficial to him. He’d have his mind and body to himself, no need to deliberate or compromise. He wouldn’t have to give up control.

But, by doing that, he’d be forcing another to give up their control. And… did that make it worth it?

He was sullen through dinner. His parents sent him questioning looks. He tried to eat quickly to avoid them.

“Gonna take a shower before bed,” he announced, finishing off the leftover kimchi and setting his plate in the dishwasher.

“Alright, just don’t stay up too late,” his dad said. “Tomorrow’s a big day.”

“I know.”

When he got to the bathroom, Katsuki locked the door and turned on the shower water. But instead of climbing in, Katsuki pulled out a shaver from the sink cabinet.

If his internship with Best Jeanist taught him anything, it was how to style hair. He had seen the Pro do it enough times, both on clients and on himself. He always hated those sessions. He didn’t like people messing with his hair. And this- this would be permanent.

“Jeanist is gonna have field day next time he sees me- us, I guess.”

Making sure the water was still running to drown out the sound of the razor, Katsuki clicked the shaver on and got to work.


Genya opened his eyes. Blinked. Oh, right. Not his body anymore. Katsuki was probably going to be mad at him for going back on his promise. He had been drifting around in the unconsciousness for the past while, and must have drifted back to the front. Maybe if he just goes back to sleep, Katsuki wouldn’t notice.

The phone buzzed next to him. 6:30 AM. That meant it was really early, right? Genya was pretty sure Katsuki had that school thing to go to today, right? But why wake up so early? Was the phone supposed to buzz? He was so confused.

“Katsuki… Your phone buzzed. Are you getting up?”

No response. Was Katsuki ignoring him because he broke his promise? But, before, Katsuki was always quick to rush in and take control of his body. So, why was he being lenient now?

Hesitantly, Genya crawled off the mattress. His head felt lighter. He almost felt more comfortable now. He reached up and ran a hand over his hair.

The sides of his head were shaved.


There was a mirror in front of the closest. Genya walked over to check his reflection. Indeed, he had a short, spiky, bond mohawk. It was a bit different than the one he had before, shorter and more spiky than floofy, but it was undeniably a mohawk. Who-

“If you have any complaints, you style it on your own next time.”

“Katsuki… Did you- do this for me?”

“Look, don’t be all cheeky and think that this was for you. It just so happens that a mohawk looks cool as hell. I wouldn’t have done this if it didn’t look awesome.”

Katsuki was clearly lying. Still, to go out of his way for this, to make Genya more comfortable in this body- Genya saw his reflection begin to smile.

“Thank you, Katsuki.”

“There’s no reason to thank me. Now, let’s get outta here before Mom finds out.”

Genya nodded to himself, still smiling giddily. He rushed to the door.

“Whoa, wait! We need to get my backpack first.”

“Oh, right,” Genya thought sheepishly, turning around to grab the backpack. He noticed a book sticking out of the corner. He picked it up.

“‘The Unsung Heroes?’ What-”

“Deku got it for you since you’ve been so upset and thinking you’re useless and all. You can read through it later.”

Genya flipped through a few pages, finding the portrait of himself. “Is this how you found out I had a mohawk?”

“Yeah, now let’s go. I already wrote out a note for my parents.”

“Hey, Katsuki… You know you don’t have to do this, right? I mean- I appreciate it and all, but… are you willing to hand over part of your control to me?”

Katsuki seemed to give off an exasperated sigh. “Don’t tell me what I already know. Don’t think I haven’t thought this through. Whatever this is… we’ll figure it out. Whatever feels right, schedules, whatever. Got it?”

Genya smiled a little. “Got it.” He slung the backpack over his shoulders and snuck out of the room. However, he stopped when he was out of the house.

“What is it?”

“I… don’t know where to go.”

“... Oh, right. Guess I’ll take control for now.”

Genya let himself slip back down and Katsuki took control.

“UA - the school we go to - is a pretty short walk from my neighborhood. Only half an hour or so. Just wanted to leave early.”

Katsuki pulled out something and put it in his ears.

“What’s that?”

“Wireless earbuds. You can connect them to your phone and listen to music.”


Katsuki turned on something, and loud sounds blasted in his ears. Genya wanted to wince.

“What’s that?”

“Heavy metal. Driver picks the music, so you can choose something else when you’re in control.”

Genya decided he didn’t like heavy metal. He made sure to express his discomfort, much to Katsuki’s chagrin, as they walked.

“Whoa! Is that the school!? It’s huge!”

“Yep! Welcome to UA High, home for prospective Heroes! Mr. Aizawa said that the new dorm buildings should be off to the side. It’s another short walk.”


Katsuki turned around, and Genya saw the blue haired boy from a few nights ago running towards them in the least intimidating manner possible.

“Who’s that?”

“Glasses. Class rep.”

“Bakugo, so you have arrived early, as well! Now, explain the change in hairstyle. Have you checked with the dress code?! Are mohawks allowed-”

“It’s fine, Glasses!” Katsuki insisted. “Let’s just get to the dorm building, already!”

Tenya still looked at him suspiciously, but seemed to decide that getting to the dorms on time was worth more than rattling on about the dress code.

“So, when am I going to introduce myself?”

“When everyone is there, so we don’t have to do it multiple times.”

Katsuki and Tenya walked down a path leading away from the school campus. They reached a stone building labeled “Class 1-A: Heights Alliance.”

Slowly, other classmates started trickling in, some in pairs or trios.

“Hey, Bakubro! Nice haircut!” shouted Eijiro. “Looks manly as hell!”

“Eh, Katsuki. These guys are all… humans, right?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Well, things like pink skin and bird heads and multiple arms weren’t really something humans had back in my time. But, demons shouldn’t exist anymore, so they all have to be humans, right?”

“Yeah, they’re all humans. It’s Quirk stuff. I can explain it to you later.”

“You know, all things said, it’s great to have Class 1-A back together!” Momo said.

“I’m so glad that we all got permission to come back, I was so worried my parents wouldn’t let me,” piped up an invisible girl.

“Well, it makes sense. You and Jiro were the ones knocked out by the poison gas,” remarked a boy with a tail.

“I am very confused.”

“Long story. I’ll explain later.”

“So, Bakugo, you gonna explain the mohawk?” Hanta asked. “I mean, it looks rad, but why the change.”

Izuku and Fumikage looked at him with what seemed to be understanding.

“Should we tell them now? Is this everyone?”

Before Katsuki had a chase to respond, Aizawa walked out of the building and walked towards the group.

“Good morning,” he said in a tired voice. He looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks.

“I’m so glad you’re back too, Mr. Aizawa,” pointed out a girl with frog-like features. “They were going pretty hard against UA in the press conference. I was afraid they were going to rework the faculty.”

“I’m surprised, too,” Aizawa said. “But, it is what it is. Now, I will give you a brief overview of the dorms shortly, but first- the goal of the training camp was for you to earn your provisional licenses. That is still your goal by the end of summer break.”

“Provisional licenses?”

“This is important, so listen up,” Aizawa continued. “Todoroki. Kirishima. Midoriya. Yaoyorozu. Iida.” The five people he called out jolted at the sounds of their names. “The five of you broke the rules and went to rescue Bakugo that night.”

People started murmuring around them.

“Broke the rules to rescue you?” Genya asked in confusion. “What’s wrong with rescuing you? Isn’t that what heroes do?”

“You can’t use your Quirk without a license,” Katsuki explained. “It’s against the law.”

“Judging by your reactions, the rest of you were at least aware of their plan.” Aizawa’s tone was icy cold. “Let me make this clear. If it wasn’t for All Might’s retirement, I would have expelled everyone here, except Bakugo, Jiro, and Hagakure. The five who went, but also the twelve-”

“Are you kidding me?!”

Genya snapped into control. “You’re punishing your students for doing exactly what they’re training to do! You can’t hesitate when someone’s life is in danger! Is this what government regulation creates?!”

Aizawa looked down at him with an unreadable expression. The rest of the class was whispering behind him.

“You just had to be all mighty and righteous, didn’t you?”

“... Sorry.”

“As Shinazugawa-” this earned more whispers, “pointed out, what you did was noble, but also reckless. Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, you three should especially know the risks. The rest of you betrayed the trust we put in you. From now on, you must follow every rule to the letter to earn that trust back.”

Genya grumbled. “They were the ones who got Katsuki and me out of there that time.”

Aizawa started walking back to the building. “Look alive. Welcome to your new home.”

“We’re supposed to look alive after that,” Eijiro said with a half chuckle.

“So…” Denki drawled out. “Bakugo, want to explain what just happened?”

Taking that as a cue to leave, Genya slipped the control back to Katsuki. “Later.”

“That’s just your default answer to everything, isn’t it?”

“It’s not my fault things are so complicated right now!”

With Katsuki leading the way, the students filed into the building. They gasped and cooed in awe of the sight.

“Wow! So spacious! And… futuristic! Or I guess it’d be modern for you!”

Aizawa explained the building's layout and handed out dorm assignments. Genya and Katuski had a room on the fourth floor, along with Eijiro and Mezo.

“Today, just focus on unpacking,” Aizawa said. “I’ll explain more about the remainder of summer vacation tomorrow. Bakugo, meet me in my office. The rest of you, start unpacking.


“He’s not going to do anything. It’s not like we have a way to get rid of you even if we wanted to.”

“That’s really reassuring.”

Katsuki shuffled after the teacher, ignoring the questioning and concerned looks of his classmates. Aizawa had a small office on the first floor.

“So, I’m assuming from the outburst outside the dorms that Shinazugawa is here to stay?”

“Yes, he is,” Katsuki said, crossing his arms. “Is there a problem with that?”

“No,” Aizawa answered. “Whatever method or schedule you have is between the two of you. I’ve already made the rest of the staff aware of this possibility. However, Shinazugawa-”

“Yes?” Genya asked as he came into control.

“If you are here to stay, you must understand that we are not Demon Slayers. There are laws and regulations you must follow. You are no longer a vigilante; you are a Hero-in-training. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Aizawa-sensei,” Genya said.

“I still think the law is stupid.”

“Good, now go unpack.”

Genya allowed Katsuki to retake control as they exited the office. They climbed the stairs up to their room. Katsuki spent most of the day unpacking.

“Is there anything you want for the room?” He asked as he set up an All Might figurine on his bookshelf. “We can discuss that.”

“Well… I used to grow bonsai trees. Can we get one and put it on the desk? And maybe clear away one of the corners for a shrine?”

“Alright, that’s something we could probably figure out.”

“So, Katsuki, do you think you explain things to me now? I’m still really confused about how things work here.”


Katuski explained as they unpacked, giving a general rundown of the formation of Quirks, the rise of Heroes, and all the crazy shenanigans that happened that year to him and his classmates.

“Then Icy Hot is the stoic badass. I’m gonna beat him fair and square eventually. Sparky’s dumb, but he’s got spirit. Dumb Hair is probably is the most tolerable; I still need to pay him back for the night vision goggles-”

A knock came on the door. “Yeah?” Eijiro, his hair pushed back by a bandana, peeked his head in.

“Speak of the devil and he appears.”

“Hey, Bakubro, a lot of us are done unpacking and are gathered downstairs. Came to see if you wanted to join us.”

“I think it’s a good idea. I can finally meet all your friends.”

Not my friends.”

“Sure, Katsuki. Whatever you say.”

Katsuki gave a loud exasperated sigh. “Sure, Dumb Hair. And, before I forget-” he shoved a small bundle of money into the other boy’s hands. “For the night vision goggles. Not a word to anyone.”

Eijiro furrowed his brows. “How did you know I bought night vision goggles?”

“Word gets out fast. Now you can’t say I never gave you anything.”

Eijiro grinned. “Sure, whatever you say. You coming or not?”

“Whatever. Let’s go.”

The rest of the class was gathered in the lounge. “Hey, Blasty!” Cheered Mina.

“Wow, Kirishima, you managed to convince him to come down,” Kyoka remarked as she looked through a small notebook.

“So, Bakugo, are you going to explain what happened with Mr. Aizawa earlier?” Tsuyu asked, holding a hand to her chin. “Does this have to do with… the situation?”

Once again, Izuku and Fumikage seemed to look at him with understanding.

“I guess there’s no time better than now.”


“Listen up, you extras!” Katsuki yelled, calling everyone to attention. “As you guys know, my body got hijacked-”


“Though I’ve come to realize that that term might have been… harsh. We’re going to work this out. So, Mohawk Head is a permanent resident now. Get used to him.”

Genya found himself in control and with everyone staring at him. Great, this was going to be awkward.

“Uh, hi! I’m- Genya Shinazugawa. I know this is sudden and all, but I hope-”

“Is it true that you’re a Demon Slayer?” Momo asked. “I did some research on them after all the stuff I heard and-”

“Uh, yes I am. Or at least, I used to be,” Genya explained sheepishly. “This is definitely going to be weird for all of us at first, but I hope we can become friends.”

Everyone stared at him as if he had grown a second head.

“And there goes my reputation.”

Denki and Hanta burst out laughing.


“I’m sorry,” Hanta said through wheezes. “It’s just hilarious to hear someone with Bakugo’s appearance and voice to say he wants to be friends. Out loud, no less.”

“Come on, boys, don’t be mean,” Mina chided, coming closer. Genya took a step back. She grinned cheekily. “I think we can get along. It will take some getting used to, but then again, it took some getting used to to Bakugo in general. Look, we both have ‘Racoon Eyes.’ We can be buddies.”

“Guys, look!” Toru screeched. “His face is totally red!”

“It- it is?!” Genya covered his face in his hands as the class laughed again.

“And there goes my reputation again.”

“S-sorry,” Genya mumbled. “I-I just get nervous around girls. I- This doesn’t- I’m sorry-”

This was beyond embarrassing. He was suddenly thankful for the smaller and less noticeable body. He wanted to melt through the floor. His face felt like it was on fire. Well, there went his chance to make a good first impression on his new potential friends.

Mina clapped him on the back. “Ease up, will ya? We don’t bite. It’s just a bit of fun. It’s just- in some ways you’re just like Bakugo and in other ways you’re his complete opposite.”

“I-I can see that.”

“Anyways, the girls and I have been thinking about having a dorm room competition!” Mina exclaimed. “Let’s go see who has the coolest room!”

“Yeah, not us,” Katsuki said as he retoke control, shrugging Mina’s arm off his body. “I’m going to bed.”

“Party pooper!” Denki yelled behind him.

“I think that a room contest would be fun.”

“Well, I’m tired.”

Katsuki closed the door to his room behind him and plopped down on the bed.

“Actually, Katsuki?”

“What is it?”

“Can I read that book now? The ‘The Unsung Heroes’ one?”

“Right now?”

“Is it a bad time?”

“No, it’s fine. Just don’t stay up too late. We need to be well rested for class tomorrow.”

Genya slipped back into control. He dug through Katsuki’s backpack and picked up the book. He thumbed through the pages. He flipped to the chapter on him and skimmed over it. There was a section of what seemed to be a letter from Sanemi… to him. He really did care. Genya smiled to himself.

“Katsuki, I don’t remember if I said thank you before.”

“You did. And you can stop saying it.”

Genya hugged the book to his chest. “Thank you for giving me this second chance to live. I promise I’ll make the most of it.”

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