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Chapter 6 on the road with you

The next few days passed in routine. Understanding Sesshomaru's youkai side better, Kagome knew that his illusion was more intricate than she could have imagined. When he wore the amulet, she could tell his mood and attitude muted not to stick out as inhuman. And when he acted as professional toward wish colleagues, it was as much part of his cover as the changing glimmer that she suspected all of them recognized. To some, he seemed old. To others, he appeared wise.

"I appear as I am expected to appear," he explained, and she understood that it was true.

"Then you have been trapped in this form for more than a century?" she observed questioningly. The youkai affirmed her suspicion. Kagome took note of what was different about him when he was human to when he removed the amulet. When he was himself, she found him relatively short with her, expecting her to perceive as he did or acted as if she was his companion. There was no illusion of escape in her mind. He had her trapped, and whether she trusted him or not, she was with him for the time being.

When they slept, it was together, her head propped on his chest, his amulet held tightly in her hand, and she continued to dream the warnings from the kami. When she woke, it was hard to believe. She couldn't see the intent of her life. She couldn't know the purpose of anything other than the preservation of himself and the other demons.

The youkai prepared the camp, gathered the materials they needed, and left them to shop for their food as the bags began to appear ready in each home. Sesshomaru dealt with them directly. In his demonic form, they worshiped him. Seeing the absolute authority he wielded, Kagome wondered whether it was because they were only weak or if he was this powerful compared to others like him.

Gathering in the middle of the mock village, a dozen students and few demon servants accompanying them prepared for an expedition on foot. Kagome was prepared to camp. She knew the region they were headed to and had packed a small tent and sleeping bag she had rescued from her old bedroom. Her mother was thrilled that they would be traveling together. "You never know someone until you take a trip together," she said

"Thanks, mom," she muttered.

The day was filled with mini-episodes of drama within the students. Sesshomaru ram from one child to the next, taking complaints and directing them on what they should and shouldn't take with them. Kagome had her things, somewhat expecting to take a van or bus, she wasn't surprised when a large city van came to take them to the first leg of their journey. Filing on one by one, every student and their servant were accounted for, and then Sesshomaru himself got onto the bus. Kagome looked around for what he brought with him and found that he had only brought the robes he wore on his back, and a pocket knife that he said was a tool for travel. Kagome put her three bags on the inside of her seat before sitting at the edge. Sesshomaru sat in front of her. Signaling to the driver to proceed.

The youkai teens laughed and talked, they were as excited as regular teens on a field trip, and Kagome found herself nostalgic for her classes. Sighing, she noticed that there was someone next to Sesshomaru. "Who is this?" she asked.

Sesshomaru took his time acknowledging her comment. "This is my retainer, jakken," he said, and she looked at what she could only assume was a kappa, not too different from Akihiro.

"Hello, jakken," she said to the unfriendly looking creature.

"Meh." he scoffed and turned away.

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru, who simply shrugged and resumed contemplating whatever had distracted him. It was a little over an hour before they came to the right trailhead to the forest. Something kagome had been looking forward to walking since they had decided to start there. Stopping along the road, where the trail was exposed through bushes and trees, they unpacked and said goodbye to the driver. Watching the bus drive away, Sesshomaru signaled the group to enter the forest to remove their sealing magic.

Watching closely what was happening, Kagome observed as each of the demons allowed their demonic energy to surge, breaking free of the glimmer that was disguising them to human eyes. Kagome watched some of them transform. The kitsunes and the tengu reverted to an animal form where the Neko and kappa remained as she knew them. The Oni grew taller with wider chests and doming to their natural states. They pounded fists and began taking things out of their bags and pocketing them in pouches they kept inside of their coat pockets.

When Sesshomaru was his usual self, Kagome could immediately tell how much more powerful he was than the young demons, the ones who had servants, the Neko. The tengu began to prepare. The oni created a form of magi transportation. The oni made a carriage that nothing seemed to draw. The Neko rode in a single person hand-carried cart, and the tengu simply formed a flock and began taking the trees around them as a resting place.

Kagome watched as all of the demons began to take on forms meant for travel, and she stood awkwardly holding her bags. Jakken was not far from her, but when she turned to him, he glared and made it evident that he wouldn't talk to her.

"Jakken, you have your orders." Sesshomaru was at her side as soon as she thought about him. Jakken took a few startled breaths, but Sesshomaru didn't wait for an explanation before leading kagome away.

"What is all this, no one said anything about-" she looked around at all of the mystic displays of power and status and then wondered what she was doing there in the first place.

Sesshomaru was careful when he spoke. She got the feeling he was conscious of his audience. " this is all according to the agreements I made with their prospective families. You will be riding with me." he said and grabbed her hand and brought his fingers to his lips to whistle. From up above the clouds, as if waiting just there for the command, a two-headed dragon galloped to rest in front of the demon lord. Kagome looked at it dubiously. "Don't worry, they are perfectly safe," he said, but they didn't look welcoming when she approached them. One of the heads snarled to bite her, but Sesshomaru barked a command to be at ease, and it settled down.

"Are you sure?" she asked, and the creature looked away, not wanting to but allowing her to mount it with her bags. Sesshomaru got on behind her and, signaling to the others that they would follow him, started forward.

She was nervous with his hands on her stomach. He seemed to be holding her as if afraid that she would try to flee. When she reached his hand to loosen them, she felt his hands grasp her tighter. "I'm not going to fall," she said

"Hm?" he was not paying attention to her. Her hair fanned his face through the cold spring wind. He was thinking about the last journey to the citadel, the location would have to be rediscovered, but he knew who to ask. The first place would be the forest beside MT. Eda, where a certain kind of tree grew beside a mass gravesite.

"You're holding me too tightly." she was complaining. Sesshomaru realized that he was indeed holding her almost possessively released her at once without comment.

"I was simply distracted," he said after a few moments of silence.

"Is the forest we are looking for close by?" she asked.

"We will be there by nightfall," he said, and she settled back against his chest. Sighing, she tried to be patient. The forest all looked the same. No animals and no humans were in these deeply forested lands.

"I hope so. This dragon is not comfortable," she complained. Sesshomaru smirked at her comment and shifted so that he could lean to her hair and smell the scent of strawberry and vanilla shampoo that she favored. "I heard that don't get handsy, Sesshomaru," she warned mockingly. He was drawn in with the challenge in her tone. Reaching around to span her small stomach and pull her tighter into his chest, he was cocky.

"I have every right to do as I please." he saw being severe and funny at the same time. Even with strict social lines, he had already gained the approval of his colleagues and her family.

"Hey, I said-" her voice was trapped in her throat when his hands slipped under her shirt and feathered across her navel. She was quiet at the invasion. Throat closed as if stopped by an invisible force as his fingers caressed and tickled her sides and stomach. When his hand reached higher and threatened to grasp her breast in hand, she yelped and smacked him hard on the hand; he was not fazed but stopped the invasion in favor of laughing at her discomfort. "You cad!" She said, embarrassed. " there is too mu."

"I am not a letch!" he was offended. "I have every right to-"

"You know what I said before, I don't know you-" she tried, but he countered

"You are the one who snuggles in so cutely at night. After all, I am a powerful and strong demon, why wouldn't you.'' Now he was cocky. Balking at his arrogance, she was at a loss for words. Feeling her embarrassment like an aura, his smirk widened. "You don't need to be embarrassed. I like it when you put your head on my shoulder. You may continue," he said and was done with the subject.

"I will then," she said snidely. Sesshomaru laughed again.

When they landed, it was at the midway point between him and a village not too far from the site. They were going to make camp there. Dividing them into tasks, some went for water, their firewood and assigned to hunt. When they had dispersed, Sesshomaru looked worn out. Making decisions for everyone was not something he was used to anymore, and the trip was just beginning.

"Lord Sesshomaru, we have a large deer!" Himari was excited. She contained her enthusiasm with reserved bursts of smiles and waited for praise.

"That is sufficient," he said, not looking up. Kagome smiled at her and thanked her for the trouble she and the others were going through.

"Don't thank me. This is all our duties for the day." she bowed and went back to the others.

"Such a well behaved group." kagome mused as she took a seat next to Sesshomaru. "What are we going to do if there are real monsters in that citadel? I have not been able to unlock any spiritual power," she said.

"You will." he said, and she heard the confidence but couldn't believe it."

The night came, and they were bathed in the firelight. The demons all pitched in to create a working camp, and she observed their nightly rituals. Kagome set up her tent, rolled out her sleeping bag, and began to unpack some of her things when she found herself yanked backward, out of the tent and on to her bottom.

"What is this?" he asked, looking at the small triangle plastic house. "I've read about these." he mused and began to crawl inside. Kagome gasped and went in after him. It was already dark, the tent was lit only with the distant firelight, and she reached around trying to figure out where he went inside the small space. "Warmer," he goaded her, laughing as she inched closer and closer to where he was reclined in her sleeping bag. Feeling the zipper undone and the demon laying down, she was indignant.

"You are pushing your luck!" she warned, and he only patted the palace next to him.

"It's been a long day, come and rest." he was beckoning her, mocking her, and she was almost at her wit's end when she sighed and shimmied out of her clothes and into her nightgown before pulling back the cover and getting in beside him.

"You are more aggressive as a demon, very unruly," she said, not knowing how she liked being handled with assumed permissions. She knew Sesshomaru was amused by the tone of his reply.

"I am what I am," he said, letting his hands move down her side, and her back was to his chest. Daring to touch bare flesh once more, he heard the breath intake and felt her stiffen in self-preservation.

"Sesshomaru-" she started, and he leaned to the side of her face and slowly kissed her there. Stopped mid-sentence, Kagome felt an electric shock spark through her system, disabling her alarm as he moved closer and captured her lips in a slow kiss. It lasted for longer than he had intended but ended too soon.

When they kissed, Kagome felt something more profound than the surface level attraction she had suspected of herself. He has great looking, but this was more than that. It was as if she had been splashed awake with cold water. All of it had happened before. Kissing him wasn't an awkward, first-time kiss with someone she hardly knew. It was practiced, done a thousand times before. He knew what she needed and moved before she could even think, and when she realized that she was kissing him back, she almost pushed him away to gather her thoughts. But, as she reached her hands up to plant firmly on his chest, they grabbed the cloth of his shirt and pulled him closer instead.

Opening his eyes in surprise, Sesshomaru thought he was dreaming when he saw the pleasure whitten clearly on her features. Pulling back, he saw some disappointment, but just as he was about to continue where they had stopped, there was an interruption.

"Forgive me, Lord Sesshomaru! I beg that you spare my life, but there is a problem with Himari. She's missing, and none of us know where she is." it was one of the servants, a stuttering man who knew that interruption was at risk of death.

Sesshomaru froze, unable to believe that the first time he had gotten her to warm up to him physically, they were interrupted with disaster. He pulled himself from the warm sleeping bag and the conforming hold of his love and, grumbling, righted his clothes before exiting the tent. He turned to her taking one last disappointed look at her disheveled appearance. "Go to sleep. I will be right back," he said and closed the tent behind him.

Kagome watched him crawl, keeping his dignity intact, out of the tent and then close the door behind him. She sighed and thought about what had just happened. She could still feel the warmth from his kiss on her lips. Embarrassed but no so much that she was mad at herself, she laid back down and shut her eyes.

"Kagome, you need to get out of there." it was the old man again.

" out of where?" she asked, not understanding what he was saying.

"You are too involved with that demon! You need to get away now before he kills you. You to awaken your powers as soon as possible!" he was sitting behind the short table again, but his tea was nowhere.

"I think you're confused here. I've been watching Sesshomaru like a hawk, and this inugami is completely in love with me. I believe him." she was getting angry for some reason, but the kami withdrew a scroll from his sleeve and began unfurling it.

"This is the record of your lives. I am not mistaken. You are enemies, and I can prove it!" he said, but Kagome didn't want to hear him.

"Why are you trying so hard to stand in his way. Doesn't he- don't I deserve to be happy. He is trying, more than anyone else I've ever dated."

"The allure of the youkai is part of their sway over humanity. You need to get away from him immediately!" he said

Kagome sighed and shook her head. "I've decided…. That I might love him, I'm not sure yet, but I can't just ignore that for something that is just a dream." she went to the kami and knelt before him, pressing her face to the stone floor. "Forgive me for the disrespect."

"Rise, kagome, you do not need to bow to me, child. Go, and I will show you all that you need to awaken your powers and reveal the demon. He is calling you now, after all." Tenjin was disappointed, turning back to his scroll. He was watching it as kagome felt the falling sensation, which meant she was waking up.

Her eyes came open with the feel of air blowing through her tent and a shadowy form crawling closer before ripping the sleeping bag open and getting in beside her. "Sessho-" she was cut off mid-word with hands coming around her waist and bringing her half onto his chest as he settled. She heard his irritated grumbling and reached to touch his face. His lips frowned, but he turned to her and was surprised when she leaned to the side of his lips and kissed him where she could reach. He turned onto his side and kissed her once more.

"Do you remember?" he asked.

"I feel like I've kissed you before. I think in a way I remember you." she said, "there are things that feel familiar."

Sesshomaru saw that she was telling the truth and felt a hint of worry that made him question himself. He was starting to like this one. She was stubborn and different than he remembered him. But there was another feeling buried inside that told him that whatever was coming next was not going to be easy. Shoving the thought aside, he leaned forward and kissed her once more, remembering how many times he had done this before but unable to recall the first.

After she had drifted to sleep, and the early morning insects chirped into the night, he was still thinking about the places missing from his memory. At first, he chalked it up to time and grief from loss, that had made him forget. But trying hard to unseal these thoughts brought him from the moments where she chased him with the intent to kill to passionate lovemaking where there was no in-between. What had happened to those memories? It was a thought that kept him awake until kagome woke again, and, watching her eyes flutter awake, he knew that what he felt was real. It didn't matter what had happened nearly six hundred years ago, now that they were together again. But, maybe it did.

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