From Me To You @nezukana It’s not that Kanao disliked the patients; she just had no opinion of them. In her eyes, they were merely individuals who needed a place to rest and recover—like all the demon slayers before them and the ones who will come after them—so they weren’t special. Well, maybe not the demon, but there was always room for surprises. 2 years 7.6K 0 7 鬼滅の刃 | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba General Audiences English Complete Romance Kochou ShinobuKamado TanjirouTsuyuri KanaoKamado NezukoKanzaki Aoi Tsuyuri Kanao/Kamado Nezuko Alternate Universe - Role ReversalDemon Slayer Kamado NezukoDemon Kamado TanjirouRehabilitation Training Arc Read 1. What Is This Feeling? 1816 3 1 2. The Butterfly's Gift To Her 1437 1 0 3. The Moon's Gift To Her 2939 1 0 4. Revelation 1432 2 2