Oceanbound @linwood

Will walked along the bustling street, doing his best minding his own business amongst the surrounding sundry strifes of Tortuga that didn't seem to shy away especially from those having nothing to do with or slightest interest in getting involved with them…If you were unlucky enough to find yourself face to face with someone with nothing else against you but your at the present too disagreeable face. Will trailing after Jack and the man he'd been introduced to not more than a half an hour before after arousing him from the pigsty they'd found him sleeping in, the bits and pieces of the pair's conversation he'd overheard back at the inn long since forgotten mostly despite of the given suspicions of Jack's true motives that had welled up, as now he was but concerned by what the elderly pirate in Jack's company had vouched himself for; acquiring a qualified crew for them to take off after the Black Pearl. However as minutes passed and the man known to Will only as Joshamee Gibbs didn't seem to depart to fulfill his endowed task and instead satisfied himself in indulging into the said deprived pleasures of the pirate town along with his well met old acquiantance, Will's expectant gaze swiftly turned into an impatient leer as it peered at the two men in futile wait. After several moments of trailing after the pirate duo and simply observing the men to take the most of their excursion out in the debauchery that was the cityscape of Tortuga, Jack finally breaking free of the thralls of the ongoing revelry to take notice of the lad's miff that went against even the tiniest expectations of his about the young man by that overall sullen demeanor of his. But despite of such notion the pirate once again ignored his stare by beckoning around them joyfully, outright bypassing Will's displeasure.

"Lively now, mate! These be the last days of yer wild, libertine youth, so enjoy them before such rights are taken from ye once we find the girl and you're robbed of yer freedom and doomed to a life of an unsuspensful wowser!"

Will frowned, swatting away the tankard Jack had snatched from one of the passing drunkards and offered to him. "I did not come here to consort with such paltry pleasures…or whatever it is you want me to do."

"Aye, for me apparent presage. And it was merely a suggestion ye are more than welcome to disregard in favor of that ever uphold virtue ye like to swear by."

"We don't have time to stay, Jack. We have to get a crew and raise anchor within a day, not days."

"Ye seem to take great delight in spouting out facts considered but self-evident to others."

"Then what are you doing? What is he doing instead of going out to look for a crew as he promised?"

"Only a fool would go against Barbossa and his feared crew of the undead…So who would blame a man for wishing to savor the moment for a bit before rushing towards certain death…perhaps to endanger his life with no personal gain to this venture aside for yer own might I add?"

Indeed seeing a point in what Jack had said but still highly skeptical Will observed Jack to quell the confused Gibbs by shoving the drink rejected by the lad into his hand after his words had also reached his ears before turning the man away once he'd faced Jack with a surprised expression. All too happily Gibbs accepting the tankard and proceeding to empty it with a worrying stagger, where Will only turned up his nose in irritation...That and thanks to the strong odor still wafting from the elderly man, his current expression however doing the trick as with a jaded, deep sigh Jack tapped Gibbs on the shoulder. Will listening in on his murmured words as he urged the man to go fulfill his part on the made agreement, but quickly their exchange fell on deaf ears as suddenly Will's eyes averted to the side and randomly happened to pick up a clumsily painted sign from a few meters away. Mostly hidden in the shadows and a bit hard to make out, but the words written on it even if highly lacking caused his attention to be then fully riveted to it. Will's a moment ago but anxious heart now skipping a beat as something he hadn't thought of for a very long time then resurfaced in his mind, memories coming flooding back once his eyes skimmed over the few words of the sign in surprise and caused him to turn around. To seek out the mentioned establishment advertised in the sign, his breath sticking to his lungs as he then saw the torn, dirty strip of cloth nailed on top of the entrance and read the words scribbled onto it with bold letters; Midnight Auction. Rare Sale. Today's Item, Real Live Mermaids.

Will halted in bewilderment. His eyes dropping to take in the crowd that had formed in front of the butcher shop that looked more like a large barn inside the auction was taking place, both men and women flocking around the doorway excitedly as everyone tried to squeeze themselves inside the building. Only granted entry by the man in a surprisingly pricey getup whom Will deemed as the auctioneer. Loud murmur and zealous exclamations reaching the young man's ears, rising above even the common noise of the street which only added to Will's sparked curiosity, his eyes returning back to the banderol and in ever growing doubt but also fascination he continued to stare at it for a moment more. Hesitant whether or not it could be in any way possible what the auction was about, and if it was…the idea filling him with such awe and abrupt amazement when it had been years since he'd last thought of the creature he remembered to have saved his life in his youth…Of the very mythical being who'd spared his life. Him to have wondered about her from to time along the years, after arriving to Port Royal imagining seeing her or other mermaids swimming in the ocean near the coastline sometimes at dusk whenever he'd begun to suspect had it all been but a faraway dream, but always had regarded it as mere tricks of his mind…Ghosts of his memory whenever he'd spared a thought for that mermaid, and to now think there to actually be such creatures here, captured and sold in an auction…It left him conflicted. Even more skeptical. Will remaining so consumed in his stupor that he didn't see Jack to make his way through the throng of people after noticing him to have been left behind.

"Try to keep up will you? It would be a pity for me to inform yer dolly belle governor's daughter that ye were lost in a cay sized floating brothel when I wasn't looking."

"There's an auction there", Will answered flatly, taking aback the pirate who in the end only cast a disinterested look at the building after taking in the formed crowd himself, for once unimpressed by what he saw.

"It's nothing new, lad. There be many times auctions where some bloke tries their luck in selling off some trinkets or some other spoil they've come upon. Slaves and whatnot, ye take yer pick."

Will frowned, barely registering the bleakness of Jack's remark, as most of his response had escaped him. "Mermaids. It reads there they're selling mermaids."

"Mermaids!" Gibbs exclaimed suddenly, somewhat tensely as Will turned to look at him when he now rushed to his and Jack's side, actual fear deep within his eyes as they hold Will's for a moment, although his expression mirrored Jack's perfectly…Both of them returning Will's gaze in denial. "They be foul creatures. Divine beyond compare, aye, but as deadly. And impossible to capture without dying while trying."

"Rightly so…William, do ye know what a mermaid is?" Jack asked, him seing Will to actually stiffen at the sound of his question, but the young man managed to hide his true sentiments in regards to that inquiry well enough for him to let such an odd reaction go. Will assuming a composed mien as met with Jack's eyes, all the while recalling the young mermaid without whom he perhaps would've been eaten during his passage from England, if not simply drown…which in itself went against what he was then told about the creatures. "Just as Gibbs here told ye, mermaids are a vision of beauty, but perilous to encounter…Just as much as they want to enchant ye with their bewitching charms even more they wish to devour you down to the bone once they have ye hooked by their siren song…They're creatures of strength and guile, with no sense of mercy or benevolence, driven by mere craving for human flesh…Which makes them formidable monsters to come face with for any man trying to catch one without dying. So what they're selling there is just some common wenches dressed in makeshift tails and effects only making them seem like these creatures, where no real mermaids could be in sale at that auction despite of many to have tried to venture the waters they inhabit to capture one... It's just a lie to draw in those stupid enough to waste their coin in hopes of seeing one...yet alone buy one."

"Why would they lie about having real mermaids in sale when they truly don't?" Will asked, confused, ignoring the shivers that then ran along his back as he indeed came to recall the ferocious beings that had attacked the ship he'd sailed upon…killing and devouring everything that had come to their path. This time Gibbs offering him an explanation, however looking as doubtful as ever.

"For money, lad. There be stories. Tales not well known amongst the sea-farers, but common enough to add to the legend of these creatures."

"What kind of tales?"

"According to the stories if snared, mermaids are of grand value", Jack explained. "Not only as one of the most dangerous beings haunting every pirate's dreams, but as the creatures of myth and so forth perhaps even magical, a mere kiss of theirs being able to prevent a man from drowning, it is claimed that they can be a source for many ingredients used in enhancing human attributes as part of occult potions and remedies..."

This time around Will turned to eye at Jack, swallowing a little due to the somewhat ominous nature of his said words as the pirate instead was staring at the butcher shop with now a rather solemn expression. Unbeknownst to Will remembering his own run-ins with the said monsters, and not much of that was contradictory to anything he and Gibbs had just said about them...That they were exceedingly fascinating but equally terrifying beings. In part agreement Will's voice although curious sounding then quite tensed as Jack's delivery had given him a bad feeling about what he was next to be told.


"Of invigorating and amending properties…Mermaid blood for beauty and youth. Their scales and hair once harvested used for vitality and maintaining of health, their cartilage and grounded bones for better stamina and even improved male potency…Where consuming of their flesh is said to add to a mortal's lifespan. Not offering complete immortality, but elongating the life of the one who who eats it. Which alone if one alive mermaid were truly to be sold at an auction would make them worth a fortune…if one believes such tales."

"And you don't?" Will questioned, dazed by what Jack had just told him and not being able to bring himself to believe it all, how actually valuable these creatures appeared to be if only through rumors alone, but the pirate's such serious mien did affect him a bit and had him think mermaids much more intriguing beings than he had previously thought. And once Jack's eyes shifted to stare into his and riveted him to his place for a moment due to that much seen, significant look in them, Will was left but to match his gaze in astonishment. Feeling as if the two of them had just come to share something else aside for this unexpected venture they'd wound up on together.

"Is there any evidence to make ye think I do?"

Will said nothing to that. Turning more earnest himself now as he stared back at Jack for awhile in remarkable silence that said much more than any shared words, until Jack faced away from both him and the butcher shop without elaborating from where his knowledge of mermaids seemed to come from, which to Will had seemed to lie in more than mere tall tales shared amongst seamen. Once more waving an impassive hand to have him forget about the previous discussion.

"They're just tales, William. Nothing to concern yerself over now that ye have much bigger fish to fry than an imaginary sea creature of legend…which is getting yer girl back. Isn't that why ye're here?"

Will agreed with that, but despite of aiming to follow after Jack who now once more sided with Gibbs to send him off to find them a band of sailors, overhearing the pirate to instruct the elderly man to meet him at the docks early the following morning or dare not even show his mug should he not be accompanied by a number of able-bodied men as promised, deciding against it once he again turned his attention back to the slaughterhouse when a group of pirates walked past him. Bumping against him, however too eager to reach the auction to draw a blade at the young man, and despite of expecting to be confronted by those three burly men Will watched them to simply walk through the crowd after leveling a series of glares at him…All the while talking about the mermaid they were in the business of acquiring, at all costs…That taking the better of Will's reason when he again was carried away thinking about the one mermaid he'd actually met long ago, and driven now by that same wary fascination he found himself following them. Forgetting all about why he indeed had ended up to this island for, all about the quest he'd set off and the reason why he'd probably rendered himself a criminal himself by freeing a sentenced pirate from jail to get here, as his feet swiftly took him through the mob and all the way to the butcher shop. Will halting in front of the entrance in sudden hesitation as he stared up at the banderol, for a brief moment not so sure did he after all want to enter, but at the same time not understanding why, while the auctioneer stopped his loud promotion of the upcoming auction to give him an annoyed leer once he denied entry to the other attendees by standing right at the door. However just as Will was about to go inside himself Jack's voice calling out to him stopped him, Will turning again to see now the rather vexed looking pirate to be making his way through the thronging people to get to him.

"Oi! Didn't I tell ye to stay close?" he said, now directing quite a hard look at Will himself as came to stand by him, folding his arms impatiently in turn. "I'm sorry to say but despite of without a doubt possessing some form of wit to catch the eye of someone so high and mighty as the woman ye're so deeply smitten with, perched on top of a high horse landlubber like ye couldn't possibly find yer way in a highly outlandish place such as this, so why don't you stop making yerself lost and come along?"

"I'll meet you at the docks tomorrow", Will simply said, determined as made an attempt of stepping inside the building, but Jack's hand shot out to grab his shoulder. The man letting out a frustrated sigh before replied.

"There's no point in going in there, mate. All of it is just a hoax meant to rob credulous sods like ye clean from yer every penny. They be gorgeous aye, but there be no real mermaids for ye to feast your eyes upon to satisfy that preoccupation of yers."

"I'll see for myself", Will stated, returning Jack's skeptical quirk of eyebrows with a decisive mien, but the auctioneer who hadn't taken kindly of what he'd heard Jack say about him and the event he'd put up only pursed his lips in disagreement and hurried to stand in front of Will once he'd been about to walk inside. Will giving the man a curt, bewildered look until followed him to raise up a palm to him, the man cocking his head backwards as his eyes skimmed over him in an evaluating manner, not differentiating him from the rest of the poor, wretched residents of this unfortunate place, until his eyes lastly riveted onto Jack. To scowl at him until his hardened eyes shifted back to Will.

"The entry is five silver pieces", he informed him, shocking Will who blinked at his outrageous remark. Him sizing up the man in turn, confused.

"That much to simply attend? That's absurd."

"Tonight's bid is something special. Its not every day ye can see and purchase a living mermaid…or parts of it", the man replied, slow grin rising onto his lips once he noticed the young man to cringe slightly at his choice of words. His expression however soon enough turning back to somber as he eyed at Will in expectation, wiggling his fingers. "Since the price of the item is great, so is the entry fee. I'll have no indigents to come gawking at me product, so if ye can't pay, bugger off. There'll be plenty of others to take yer place."

Will leveled another incredulous look at the man until let out a sigh once he could see Jack to cast a wondering, but also concurring look at his profile from the corner of his eye. In the end Will pushing a hand into his pocket and taking out the little provisions he'd taken with him, but which also were the majority of his life-savings that he'd managed to put aside to this day after starting his apprenticeship at Brown's smithy. With a final squeeze given to the small pouch Will not even quite knowing why he then opened it and took out the said amount before dropping it onto the man's still awaiting hand. Gaining entry himself with another simper given to him by the man but which now had been but content, the auctioneer's fine carb which although very dirty and greatly worn still sown out of exquisite silk rustling as he gave room for Will to go inside. With not an ounce of doubt this time around Will doing just so after glancing at the man in irritation once the feather in his hat hit him in the face, walking inside the butcher shop to join the rest of the people already awaiting inside the auction to start. Him taking his place amongst the anxiously waiting patrons who'd gathered in small groups in front of a large curtain that had been drawn to the center of the large room that indeed reminded Will of a barn instead of a common slaughter house due to its mere size alone. Distinct noise of metal clattering somewhere behind that curtain claiming Will's attention once it was picked up by him the moment he arrived despite of the ear-shattering racket that dominated the space. Him glancing about the room to locate the source of the strange sound, not finding it, but wasn't given more time to think on it as abrupt bong that rang out in the air then brought an end to the ongoing blabber. Will and the rest of the men and women turning their focus onto a small stage that sat on their right, to see a young lad a few years Will's junior standing there a gong in his hands, explaining the previous noise. Once utmost silence had descended Will seeing the auctioneer to arrive, pushing through the people to join the boy on the pedestal before shooing him off amongst the crowd. All pirates and the rest of the low-lives alike that had come together turning their undivided attention to the man, to hear him then speak.

"Gentlemen and ladies…Tonight you have gathered here to take part in an auction that comes upon but once in a lifetime!" the man announced, standing tall in front of the riveted spectators as spread his arms ceremoniously. Truly adding to the magnificence of the event with his exaggerated mannerisms as his gaze now swept over the crowd, enticingly. "Tonight, what we have here for ye are goods not found purchasable at any waters outside of here…Something one of a kind and unique, creatures so ravishing and rare and difficult to acquire that they make any other exotic item or endangered beast pale in comparison…This night, we offer each and one of you a chance to obtain a piece of merchandise so exceptional no other auctioneer can provide…My good folk, honoured guests and fellow scoundrels…mermaids!"

Taken aback murmur erupted amongst the crowd as it was then when the auctioneer beckoned towards his assistant after prancing about on the stage during his sales pitch, the boy re-emerging from amongst the spectators to go over to the side of the curtain and by the order of the auctioneer pulled the torn, dusty fabric down. The heavy cloth cascading from on top of the beams until the lad swiftly yanked it to the side, revealing now two tanks that had been set in middle of the room…Both made of glass with ornamented detailing, heavy locks and latches molded out of cast iron riddling their sides, each filled to the rims with water that seemed to leak from the tiny gaps in the structures of the cases…And for the ultimate shock of the people now ogling at them each containing one fair faced finny creature that truly looked like a mermaid. Just like the auctioneer had said.

Will felt himself freeze as his eyes fixated onto the beings he along with everyone around them could now see displayed within those cases, doubt only making a fleeting appearance on his face as any disbelief was then instantly taken over by mere dismay. Him feeling his heart to begun to throb faster as his gaze then continued to shift between the cases in shock, until finally his eyes halted to the case nearest him. Him now staring at the womanlike creature in awe, taking in her long, red locks that floated about her at times as a thick curtain that concealed her lean built from sight, until eventually moved aside once the being moved. Flapping her long, strong tail that didn't seem to end in her midriff, scales covering her entire form and making her really look like an aquatic animal if it weren't for those humane features of the most alluring woman Will had ever laid eyes upon. The mermaid's gorgeous, penetrating eyes leering at the rows of men until Will watched her to make another flap with her tail, with a single effortless thrust of it turning upside down within the cramped space until slammed it against the glass. The loud thumping sound waking Will and several other men from their enraptured daze, Will blinking in an attempt to get himself together and only now taking notice of the shackles that connected the mermaid's wrists. The previous rattling sound getting then explained once he traced the chain to push out of the locked case all the way to the ceiling, ensuring the creature to be secured, at the realization of this him next briefly casting his eyes down…Them soon enough returning back to the caged mermaid in fascination, stupefaction. Now that he was beholding such a creature to have been truly trapped within a glass tank right in front of him not truly believing it…for anyone now seeing what he saw knew these mermaids to not be fakes, simple women dressed as these beings…but real ones.

"As you can see, ladies and gentlemen…what we have here are two highly valuable specimen for ye to choose from", the auctioneer continued. The silence resuming after the people had gotten over their shared sense of dismay and surprise over the fact of the man to not in fact being one of the usual frauds arranging such auctions in mind of emptying the attendees' pockets through mere deception. Will trying to work through his own outrage as his attention was then drawn to the farthest of the cases, in which a different mermaid had been confined…One with equally flowing, dark hair that spread around her like a delicate fishing net, until once the floating wisps parted and Will saw the creature to turn around to face him and the rest of the humans staring at her and her fellow mermaid the young man found himself to stiffen then for a while different reason as the auctioneer went on. Jack soon taking notice of Will's odd behaviour as the young man was soon drawn towards the tanks, the pirate however dismissing Will's actions as mere expected rapture of seeing a mermaid for the first time in his life, givenly enchanted by them as was to be expected thanks to the human nature.

"These mermaids were captured not but a couple of days ago not far from here. Freshly caught during a hunt, once their pod attempted to sink the ship of the suppliers who sailed over to the perilous waters they were known to inhabit during their search for prey, and who we are to thank for delivering such first rate goods for yer delectation", the auctioneer explained, as Will's focus shortly went back to him him noticing the man now to direct a remarkable nod towards a group of men he now could see lounge close to the stage. Swift examination over them informing him them to be part of a crew of some sort, and as Will eyed at them it soon became clear them to be exactly what the auctioneer called them…Men trained in the art of capturing mermaids, each covered in horrid scars that told of the injuries gained in such dangerous occupation of fishing for such lethal beings, armed with effects he could clearly associate with the likes of sailors dealing in the work of fishermen, but a totally different kind. Some carrying harpoon like blades on their person even now as they along with their captain were following their product to be sold, Will giving the jagged edges of their weapons a quick unnerved look as he couldn't help but think the evident damage such equipment would deal to the unfortunate prey, and at the thought of that his eyes then resumed their transfixed examination over the mermaids…Like before his undiverted focus getting drawn to the second case as he followed the mermaid to jiggle the sturdy chains trapping her wrists, swimming about the tank anxiously.

"These particular creatures are of potent variety. Far more exquisite and strong than their kind inhabiting the feared waters of Whitecap Bay…but even more vicious, as according to our provider it required far more several men to capture them with double the losses, so if I may suggest yer to keep yer distance from the items in question for the duration of the auction!"

Will gasped as his endless stare at the mermaid was brought to an end by the auctioneer who then ascended the stage, to come stand in front of him after witnessing him approaching the podium, and bemused Will cast a confused look up to the man. To see him level a stern leer back, until Jack's hand once more shot out from behind Will, pulling the young man back and keeping him still for the satisfaction of the auctioneer who then resumed his spot on the stage. Will however indeed then willingly stepping back as he was abruptly met with the gaze of the nearest, red haired mermaid. The way she glared at him like indeed a wild beast would after rattling the case she was in with a couple of more swift whacks of her tail causing him to keep his distance, as divine as she was…During that short moment his eyes had been locked with hers Will admitting that single look to have frightened him…greatly. Bringing back the old sense of terror from last time he'd encountered her kind…only barely surviving it, his own hand then unconsciously rising to smooth the concealed scar he himself had gained from the incident.

"But as deadly and dangerous as they are, I am glad to inform ye that today's items are more than worthy of yer coin…For they offer value far beyond the profit and benefits their lesser fellow species would. For not only are they magnificent creatures of rarest of nature, but as a superior breed gifted with a mightier essence that can provide their buyer with the greatest of utilities…Which can be ye, me dear folk", the auctioneer elaborated, now walking along the stage to get closer to the spectators, beckoning towards the mermaids significantly. "We all know the tales…Stories of their kind and the abilities they possess…One given kiss endowing a man protection against death by drowning, while their very blood and bodyparts offer cures for any ailment that humanity has ever doomed us with….even state of immortality."

"How can we know ye're not just lying?" one of the attendees then exclaimed, highly skeptical now of the eloquent assurances of the man as peered at the auctioneer. Many others joining him in doubting the man's claims that indeed sounded too good to be true.

"That's right! How come we should believe you?"

"Because my friends, I have not called ye here tonight to listen to the claptrap of charlatans usually standin' 'ere in me place in wait of yer patronage…but have come prepared for yer given scruple", the auctioneer answered, him then nodding over to his assistant who then walked over to the captain of the crew in charge of providing the auctioneer with tonight's product. Handing the boy a piece of paper which he was then swift to take to the auctioneer, the man then producing a crate for himself to stand upon so that he was towering high above the skeptical throng of townspeople before hoisted the paper in the air for the crowd to see. Once Will and Jack also gazed upward them finding it to be a very old wanted poster…of the very man sitting not far from them, the captain of the crew that seemed to make a living for itself by mermaid hunting…a fact which soon was proven by what the auctioneer then said to convince the doubtful attendees of his sincerity.

"This be an arrest warrant of the very good captain ye see now amongst ye…Only that it was compiled long before many of ye had even first drawn breath, during the turn of the current century or so, and as evidenced by his not much changed appearance I now reveal to ye…that during his years dedicated in hunting mermaids not only his crew but he has eluded the commonest affliction of men out of all by the consumption of the flesh of these mythical creatures…Giving them eternal youth, vitality withstanding even through death! Defying time and age, the devil himself!"

A new set of taken aback murmurs spread amongst the crowd as the stunned men and women alike now mobbed in front of the stage to take a better look of the presented warrant, and indeed finding the auctioneer to speak the truth once more. Will frowning slightly for bewilderment as he saw the year dating back several decades scripted onto the parchment, until the man depicted in the warrant now rose from his seat. Joining the auctioneer at the stage, claiming the paper back before placing it close to his face, for the people to be able to compare the drawn image of his younger self to his current self…Only finding not much changed in him aside for the heavy scarring and his weathered exterior, as the man then produced a necklace from under his shirt collar. Causing unintentional shivers to run across Will's skin for some reason as he saw the clear fangs and pieces of bone of different ages that hung from it…undoubtedly belonging to mermaids.

"I once was like ye. Doubting such tales as mere superstitious nonsense of sailors lost to the endless swells and tumults of the seas…Until the day I caught myself the first mermaid and was given the opportunity to prove myself wrong…To have captured dozens and dozens of these devilish sea ghouls and through harvesting and consuming their meat and endless resources gained myself a stand of a superior being…rivarled only by gods spoken in the grand legends and myths!"

Will noticed Jack to roll his eyes as the pirate's words that only spurred the crowd's once more infused excitement, supporting the auctioneer's claims and making him even more credible in the eyes of this riffraff that wasn't so hard to convince after all…Much less to have had them believe in the greatly exaggerated pledges of the sales pitch, but as simpleminded as they might've been, it didn't change the fact that the men seemed to be speaking the truth…Baffled by this Will casting one more glance at the man and his arrest warrant until his eyes looked down to the necklace of bone before gazing past him. At the less intimidating mermaid he once more spied to be swirling inside the narrow case, in instinctive try to swim to freedom, but the thick walls of glass prevented it. However as the auctioneer then continued to recite the claimed benefits of mermaids after presenting his evidence something Will then spotted while eyeing at the second mermaid catching his full attention and he found himself riveted by it, it soon enough luring him to leave the rows of men once more and walk closer to the tanks.

Will didn't hear Jack as the pirate tried to get him to stop, to come back. Will being only aware of the strange feeling of familiarity that had suddenly taken over him as he'd abruptly noticed something about the other mermaid that called to him, leading him forward as he was approaching the tanks. Bypassing the first and this time around not even flinching at the red haired mermaid who instantly charged at him, causing the case she was held in to shake once she darted against the glass in an attempt to attack Will, who however only kept walking towards the second tank. His eyes never leaving the other mermaid who then took notice of him, and once she saw him Will was then brought to a halt when instead of charging at him like the other mermaid had she quickly swam away. Using her tail to retreat to the back of the tank with a swift twirl, the manacles scraping against the glass as she positioned herself just under the tank's tightly locked lid and he was then confronted with that same monstrous face he vividly remembered when the mermaid hissed at him. The screeching sound of warning stilling his blood for a brief instant as he stared back at the creature warning him from approaching, until that same sense of familiarity kicked in and Will found himself calmed down when after a while he saw the mermaid's locks to float out of the way to reveal her face once more…Her eyes that just previously had changed to white now once again humane and totally different in color, for his following shock Will realizing himself to recognize them as he behold her revealed fangs and claws to draw back, leaving him now staring at a positively enchanting creature that indeed looked like a young woman…One he then understood to have met before, him blinking in dismay of this as the mermaid then seemed to measure him in similar manner, her vicious countenance mellowing down to austere.

Even just previously she'd eyed at him just like the other mermaid had, as mere food and powerless prey, her eyes that had been but cold and diabolical now even seemed to have a hint of surprise in them now as she stared back at Will those few seconds. The young man far too mesmerized not only by her beauty but the soothing familiarity of her green irises that he didn't realize to be at all intimidated once she then abruptly approached him after studying him carefully. Will's eyes trailing her as with a suave flap of her tail she was at the bottom of the tank, facing him, despite of her guarded being continuing to examine him as Will did the same. Him finally breaking their stare to let his eyes to admire the shiny, soft looking scales that caused her body to glimmer even in the darkness of the butcher shop all the way to her slender arms and face, translucent, tattered tendrils coming off of her wiry, green tail as well as the three, joint fins that also were covered in stinger like spikes. His eyes then only passing the gills he saw stretch from her jaw to her neck when his focus was now only drawn to the very thing that had lured him over to her once the mermaid next placed a careful, as if quizzical hand against the glass…Will's irises lingering just slightly on her webbed fingers stretched across the tank for him to see before they fixated onto the gruesome scar he could now fully behold on her palm…Image of the pirate medallion he'd lost years ago forever burnt to her flesh, and at the sight of the distinct Aztec skull he couldn't help but gasp. In understanding, then vividly remembering what had happened all those years ago at the Sea Shepherd…remembering her.

"It's you", Will breathed, stunned in a rush of sudden memory, but after a fleeting confounded frown his gaze locked with the mermaid's again. Him not being able to fully tell was she experiencing the same or was she just curious about him, but that scar proved him to be right…that she was the mermaid who had spared him, whose hand had been burned by his long lost pirate medallion when she'd tried to first eat him…The golden tint of the tanks' edges especially around the latches and the joints of the case now making sense to Will as he now gave them a quick glance, with this time a conflicted, compassionate frown him discovering to be compelled to place his own fingers onto the glass, onto the scar that he now fathomed to connect him to this captured creature, as he then took notice of the blood that was visible in the water…The dark substance seeping out of the multiple gruesome ulcers and cuts he then could see cover the mermaid, defensive wounds from the time of her trying to flee her captors…His heart in fact lurching at the sight, but as the mermaid then instantly pulled away due to his gesture and once again retreated to the other side of the case with a flash of her fangs Will pulled back his hand at the sound of the growl that followed it before she turned away from him, however then never losing sight of him fully as long as he stayed near her. Will's own palm staying in the air uselessly as he was left eyeing at the mermaid in stupefaction, incredulous…Exchanging one more look with her once she swam around the tank again, pulling against her chains.

"How can it be you?"

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