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No One Should Play With Dead Things

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"Listen, agent, I don't know what Lindsey's been saying but I didn't kill Matt." Neal explained.

John found him, started asking him questions. The kid refused to let John inside.

"I didn't say you did." John assured him. "It's just not a good look that this happened so soon after Angie's accident. I need to check everyone."

"What does Angie have to do with it?" Neal asked.

"Well, grief can be a motive for murder." John explained.

"Or suicide." Neal countered.

"And why would he feel like killing himself?" John asked, getting right in Neal's face.

"Because he feels that it was his fault." Neal stated, firmly, like he felt it too. "The night before the accident she walked in on him with another girl."

John hummed in thought. People tended to say more if they thought you were sympathetic, after all.

"She was still torn up when he tried to talk to her the next night, that's why she crashed the car." Neal finished his story. "Now if you're done I need to get ready for work."

John nodded. As he walked back to his truck, he considered what he'd learned. If this really was a normal murder, Neal would be a suspect. As a supernatural murder, Angie's spirit could be vengeful. There was something to be said about hell having no fury like a woman scorned.

The unholy ground on the grave was a big point in favor of the supernatural. John just didn't have any signs that Matt's murder was supernatural. It could've been, but John didn't feel comfortable saying it.

Better burn Angie's corpse, just in case.

Without the boys or even Bobby, John dug the dirt himself. His mind kept reminding him about the grave just a few plots away. Still John focused on digging up a grave. If he focused on this, he wouldn't have to look or even think about the other grave.

Finally he reached the bottom and used the shovel to break open the coffin. To his confusion, the coffin was empty. That didn't make sense. She'd been buried four days ago. John shined his flashlight in the coffin trying to find some clues. He spotted some kind of symbol carved into the wood. He recognized these from Dr. Mason's book.

John snapped a few pictures with his camera. He reburied everything before leaving.

He returned to his motel room. Once there, he called Dr. Mason.

"Hello," Dr. Mason answered.

"Hello Dr. Mason, it's John. I was over at your house the other day?" John reminded him.

"Oh, yes, what can I do for you?" Dr. Mason asked.

"Sorry to call you so late at night but I found these symbols earlier and I was hoping you could decipher them for me," John stated.

"Of course," Dr. Mason replied. "Can you email me the symbols or would you rather schedule an appointment for tomorrow?"

"I need to know now, if you don't mind," John insisted.

The two men then worked silently. The only sounds really were the typing on keyboards. It took a moment but the email did make it to Dr. Mason. "Oh yes, these are part of an ancient Greek divination ritual."

"You mean like seeing into the future or communicating with the dead?" John inquired.

"Mostly necromancy," Dr. Mason answered. "Some of these could even bring the dead back to life. Well according to the legend anyway. Mind if I ask what this is about?"

John quickly cleared his throat, snapping himself out of his musings. "Well I didn't tell you this earlier, but I'm with the FBI and I found these symbols on a case we're working on here."

"Oh I see. Is there anything else I can help with?" Dr. Mason asked.

"Yeah, do you know who else would have access to stuff like this?" John asked. "Students in your class, or anyone coming to mind?"

"Well there's my TA, Neal. I mentioned that he was close to my daughter," The doctor answered.

That set a lightbulb off in John's head.

Dr. Mason didn't seem like the type to try and bring his daughter back from the dead. Despite him still grieving, it was clear he had already accepted that his daughter was gone. He probably didn't even believe in the stuff he was teaching anyway. John remembered other professors over the years more invested, meanwhile Dr. Mason was brushing aside all John's questions without a second's hesitation.

Neal, on the other hand, was looking worse by the minute. His tone when telling John it was Matt's fault- that Matt should feel bad about getting Angela killed. That, and he was the only one of the two young and stupid enough to try it.

"Alright thanks, Doc, I gotta go. You've been a great help." John said curtly, hanging up the phone over Dr. Mason's stammering reply. He dialed Bobby. John also grabbed his journal.

Unfortunately, the walking dead wasn't something that was commonly hunted. John and Bobby had a real hard time figuring out what to do. The most he could find was silver having an effect on them but that was about it. Bobby said he'd call back when he had more info.

John decided to drive to Neal's place to find Angela. When he got to the place however, no one was home. Feeling uneasy, John pulled his gun. He slipped into the house. Inside, any plants around wilted. John went down to the basement, finding more wilted plants to the point of rotting. It looked rather ordinary. Couch, tv, coffee table, and a loose grate leading outside.

She'd been here and gotten away. Or Neal ordered her to leave. No- leaving out the window implied an escape. Where would she run off?

Neal's story came back to him.

A vengeful spirit would usually go after more than just one person, if they were angry about a cheating partner.

John did a mental checklist of any other woman connected to the case. Only one stood out.


John rushed to his truck.

He drove as fast as he could to Lindsey's house. Just in time, as Angela was about to stab Lindsey. John came to the young woman's defense. He wrapped an arm around her, firing silver bullets at the walking dead.

The only reaction from Angela was to scream. She jumped out the window, running away.

He turned to Lindsey. "Are you alright?" She nodded but was in clear panic. "Alright just go to your room and get some rest. I'll take care of things." Again Lindsey nodded and stumbled back to her room.

John ran outside but Angela was long gone. John climbed in his car, planning to find Neal. He called Bobby.

"Silver doesn't work." John said as soon as Bobby answered.

"Well lucky for you that I found something that would." Bobby replied. "Only other thing I found mentioned more than once is nailing the undead back to the coffin. That's likely where them idjits came up with the whole vampire stake thing."

John groaned and tilted his head back. "Alright Bobby thanks." He shut his phone off. How the hell was he gonna get Angela back into the cemetery? And he would have to dig that grave up again.

Since Neal didn't seem to be at his house John tried his office next. As expected, Neal sat at his desk.

John bursted through the door, gun trained on Neal. "Where is she?!"

Neal shot out of his seat, hands in the air and looking terrified. "What are you talking about?"

"Angela! I know you used some ritual to bring her back. Now where is she?" John barked out the order.

"Dude, you're freaking crazy," Neal choked out.

"Says the guy who brought his crush back from the dead," John countered. "I know losing someone is hard but there are things you are not supposed to mess with. She's on a rampage right now. She's the one who killed Matt and she just tried to kill Lindsey. Now I can make this stop before anyone else dies, but you need to tell me where she is."

Neal shook with fear at the gun pointed at his face. John figured he wouldn't get anywhere with the damn kid so spooked. He lowered his gun. Neal swallowed, staring at the gun even as he answered. "She's at my house."

John didn't buy that for a second.

Neal's eyes darted around the room. John glanced away- spotting dead plants by the window.

"Are you lying to me, Neal?" John asked.

Neal shook his head. John didn't believe it. Neal stood in front of a closet, a closet definitely big enough to hide an undead young woman.

John had an idea.

"Look, it doesn't really matter where she is." John replied. "There's a ritual I can perform over her grave that will undo what you did. I need to get some things done as it's rather complicated, but if I do this right then she'll be dead again in a couple of hours. Why don't you come with me?"

Neal hesitated.

"I'm serious, Neal. I think you need to come with me right now," John insisted.

Neal just shook his head.

John got closer. "Alright look, you need to get out of here as soon as you can. But don't do anything sudden and for God's sake don't piss her off."

Neal nodded. John left.

Hours later, John started placing candles around the grave. A noise came behind him. He quickly turned around while drawing a silver blade.

Angela raised her hands up. "Wait please." She begged. "It's not what you think. I didn't ask to be brought back but I'm still a person right?"

John shook his head. "You've stopped being a person less than a week ago. I know you were hurt by Matt and Lindsey. But I'm telling you it won't stop there." He slowly approached her. "I'm just trying to help you be at peace." He held out a hand. "Please let me."

Angela looked at his hand before she ran at John. John quickly sidestepped. He tried tripping her into the grave. She recovered fast.

The two fought. John was able to reach for his knife and stabbed her in the thigh. Angela screamed. John was able to push her off of him. He then pulled out one of his machetes. Angela ran towards him but John was able to stab her through her heart.

Then with a roar he lifted her up slightly so she wouldn't try anything. John ran over to the coffin, leaping down and pinning her to the bottom.

"Please don't!" Angela cried.

John gave one final push into the sword. Angela was dead once again. And this time she was going to stay that way. John quickly reburied the coffin, sending her a silent prayer.

He then drove over to Neal's house only to find him dead. John swore. He left an anonymous 911 call so that the police could come find him.

When morning came, John went over to Dr. Mason's office and knocked on his door.

The doctor was surprised when he found John there. "John, how are you? Would you like to come in?"

"I can't stay for long." John said, not moving from where he was. "I just wanted to let you know. I got that case wrapped up and I wanted to thank you."

Dr. Mason just brushed him off. "I'm happy to help the police in any way I can."

John spotted the several boxes behind him.

The doctor noticed John's stare and explained. "Those are Angela's old stuffed animals. Never could get rid of them when she was around. I'm donating them to several hospitals. I'd think she'd like that."

John nodded. "You're a better man than me," he admitted. At the doctor's confusion he explained. "After my wife, I kind of fell out of touch with my children. Wasn't really much of a father to them anymore."

Dr. Mason nodded. "But you're working to patch things up with them now right?"

John nodded. "It's not easy but I'm trying."

Dr. Mason laughed. "Family is never easy." He and John shook hands, promising to keep in touch.

Then John went back to his truck and got back on the road. He didn't want to be late to his visit with Adam.

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