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Dead Collage Girl Walking

Okay so the plan was to try and cram a whole episode into a chapter but if it's going to take me seven months to update I'm better off just splitting it like I did last time. It's hard enough with writer's block, all my other hobbies and my two jobs. I promise I won't take so long next time.

Special thanks to my beta AuthorA97

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John's new pickup drove down the highway. Dean finished the repairs on the Impala, just as John got rid of his sling. Sam and Dean heard about some decapitated heads, along with dead cows. It sounded vaguely demonic so they wanted to check it out. John had business of his own, so he let them go.

It definitely wasn't demonic. The demon would keep it's head down. Ash would be keeping track of any real Yellow Eyes incidents. John knew his boys could handle whatever this hunt was. Like John said, he had his own business.

Sam had questions. He always did when John wanted to go off , ever since he was a kid. John saw no reason to answer. Dean kept John and Sam from fighting again. John wanted to keep this part of him secret for a little while longer.

Something set apart, protected from the world of hunting. A son clean of any demonic influence, and a son that hadn't become a soldier yet. John wanted to keep Adam safe. After nearly dying, John wanted to see him again. His birthday was coming up. John needed to see him for that softball game.

Adam. Sam and Dean's half brother. It's not that John enjoyed keeping them apart felt like having a normal life again. John couldn't do that with his boys, always on the hunt and looking for that hunt.

Speaking of that hunt, John had one stop before Adam. A stop that meant he wasn't driving as fast as Dean would have.

Her grave sat in Lawrence. John would visit her every couple of months, even between hunts as the boys waited in motel rooms or Bobby's house. John couldn't remember the funeral. He only remembered his grief. John knew his boys. They wouldn't be able to handle this. Sam would have liked seeing it, but Dean wouldn't. John wanted to see her alone.

His feet walked the familiar path through the graves. All of them looked the same, the occasional display of flowers marking differences. But Mary's grave always stood out among them.

John knelt in front of her grave. Her name stayed etched in stone. John ran his thumb along the name, thinking about her.

"Hope you're doing well up in Heaven, Mary." John whispered. "The boys are doing alright. Still looking for the bastard that took you from us. We're getting real close to him this time."

Mary's grave said nothing. Not that he ever expected a reply. John wouldn't survive if he had to hunt his own wife.

John started the walk back. Feeling lighter after their talk, he looked around the graveyard. Something knew caught his eye. A grave by a dying tree. He walked up to it, eyeing the tree in confusion. The grass around the tree and grave was dying too. In a perfect circle. All around a grave.

The grave had no tombstone yet, so a fresh one. John saw the name card. Angela Madison. Died last week, only been buried for three days. Seems an awfully short amount of time for something like this to happen.

A quick search led him to the groundskeeper.

"Hey, you work here right?" John asked them.

The man looked up from his task. "Yes sir. What can I do for you?"

John nodded back to the dead patch of grass. "Do you know anything about that grave over there?"

The groundskeeper started to walk over towards it. "Yes sir, tragic affair. She was a local college girl. Saw the service. She was very popular." He explained. Then he noticed the dead wildlife around the grave. "What in the..."

John gave him a look. "So it wasn't always like this?"

The groundskeeper shook his head. "No. The grave was just fine yesterday." So whatever happened must have happened at least last night.

"You don't use any pesticide or chemicals when you tend to the graves?" John questioned.

"Not to this extent." The other man shook his head. "I'm sorry, sir. I don't know what caused this."

John just nodded. "I wouldn't worry too much about it." The groundskeeper nodded back and left. Making sure the groundskeeper wasn't looking, John took the card and made his way back to his truck.

If the groundskeeper didn't go overboard with anything then that had to be unholy ground. Someone did something. John intended to find out what, and who.

After a search through the phone book and the obituaries, John found Angela's father. The man worked as a professor of Angela's former college.

John walked to Dr Mason's office. He knocked on the door, reminding himself of the cover story again. The door opened so John put on his best sympathetic expression.

"Dr Mason?" John asked.

"Yes?" The man replied.

"I'm John, my daughters were good friends of Angela." John lied. "We heard about what happened. She used to come over a lot, so I wanted to offer my condolences. Father to father."

Dr Mason opened his office door. John stepped inside. Dr Mason pulled out a photo album, handing in over to John. John leafed through it. John gave a sad smile at the young woman in the photos.

"She was a beautiful young woman." John replied. "You did a good job raising her."

Dr. Mason smiled at that. "I appreciate it." He paused. "But I don't think I did. If I had, she never would have ended up with that man. That guy's face just screamed trouble."

"She'd just gone through a break up?" John asked.

Dr. Mason nodded. "Yes, the night she died actually. She was staying at another friend's house, my TA actually, when that scumbag came trying to crawl back to her. That was when..." He trailed off.

John sighed as he placed the album back on the shelf. "I really am sorry for your loss." John noticed a strange book on another shelf. He picked it up, skimming through it. It was filled with strange carvings and symbols, some looking vaguely occultish.

"It's ancient Greek. I teach a course," Dr. Mason explained.

John nodded. He placed the book back. "Well I appreciate you letting me visit." He held up his hand. Dr Mason shook it. "I know it's not easy to lose someone so young."

Dr Mason gave a small laugh, but it had no real joy. "You know, I still phone her. And the phone's ringing before I remember that..."

John nodded. "I did the same with my wife when I lost her." He admitted. Dr. Mason looked up in understanding. "Family's everything you know. Look, if you need someone to talk to just give me a call, alright?" He handed Dr. Mason a card with his number on it.

Dr. Mason gratefully took it. "I will. Thank you."

They shook hands again. John left the office.

Later that night, John sat at a desk in his newest motel room. He poured over his book collection, trying to find anything that could result in unholy ground. His phone started ringing. He hoped it was Dr Mason. A check of the caller ID proved him wrong.

Sam was calling him.

John immediately answered, fearing something must be wrong with Dean. Sam would never be the one to call otherwise. "You boys alright?"

"Huh? Yeah, we're fine. You alright dad? You sound antsy," Sam noted.

John smiled in relief. "Sam, when do you ever call me?"

There was a pause on the line. "Yeah, I know how weird this is," Sam muttered.

"Is there a reason you called?" John asked. "Those mutated cows are giving you trouble."

"Nothing on the cows yet. We did find a vampire's nest," Sam told him. "But that's not what I want to talk to you about. You ever heard about a hunter named Gordan Walker?"

At the name, John tensed in his seat. He stood up, starting to slowly pace. His footsteps pounded hard with his frustration. Dr Mason's words came back to him.

If I had raised them, they never would have ended up with that man.

John instantly feared worse for his boys. John ran his hand over his face. He shouldn't have left them alone. If he had, they wouldn't have crossed with Gordon. Or at least then John would be there to punch Gordon himself. "Tell me you two aren't getting mixed up with him."

John may be obsessed when it came to Yellow Eyes but Gordan Walker was on a whole other level. He was a monster on its own when it came to dealing with vampires. John could respect being that dedicated to a hunt- he did at first. But over time, John realized Gordon never went about it the way John would have. John was going after Yellow Eyes, yes, but he still stopped other monsters along the way. Gordon had one focus and one focus alone.

"I'm not, Dean is," Sam clarified.

John huffed. Well that wasn't too surprising. John may have taught his oldest a little too well in hunting. One of the reasons why he's glad Sam's back.

"Listen Sam, I'll talk to Dean, but I want you to get out of town. Leave Gordan be." John instructed.

"What?" Sam was in disbelief.

"Listen. Walker's a good a hunter like Lecter's a good phycharachist." John told his middle son. "He crosses lines that you and I aren't meant to cross."

On the other end of the call, Sam couldn't stop a smile from coming to his face. "I will, thanks Dad." When he made this call, he expected his dad to agree with Dean and Gordon. Gordon said such good things about John, could Sam be blamed for thinking John would feel the same? Something still felt wrong so he reached out on the off chance he was right.

"Talk to you soon," John said. He ended the call, dialing up Dean's phone

Not surprising, Dean picked up right away. "Yeah Dad. What's up?"

"I just got a call from Sam," John replied instead of greeting his son. Straight to business.

Dean scoffed. "Oh don't tell me Sam went to you crying about Gordon."

"Was wanting more info on him actually," John corrected. "And I'm going to tell you what I told him. Stay away from Gordan."

"What?" Dean asked in disbelief.

"Look Dean." John sat back down at the desk. He glanced at the assortment of books around him, then to the salt line at the window. "I understand getting excited about meeting other hunters, especially one so into the job like the two of us. But Gordan crosses lines that we shouldn't cross. I know I taught you better than that."

Dean was silent. It was one thing for Sam to have doubts about someone but his own father. With a resigned sigh he said. "Yeah, alright. Sam and I will take off in the morning. Are you doing okay?"

"I'm alright. Just trying to figure this hunt out," John said, going back to his notes. "Found a fresh grave earlier today and all the plant life around it is dead."

"Unholy ground," Dean figured.

"Yeah, I'm trying to find out more about the deceased. Some college girl," John muttered.

"Try going through her diary to see if you can find something there. Girls like her usually keep one," Dean suggested.

"I am not going through some young girls' diaries!" John argued. "Why would you even suggest something like that? Dean, do you do that?"

"No," Dean answered rather quickly.

John just sighed. "Look I need to get back to this. We'll discuss your little habit when we get back to Bobby's, understand."

"Yes sir," Dean muttered.

John hung up. He went back to his notes when his police scanner squaked. "Possible male subject, DOA 1459 Lewisfairy Rd." John grabbed his coat and ran out the door.

The crime scene looked exactly the same as the graveyard. Dead plants all around. Even the goldfish was dead, floating up at the surface of his bowl. The only real difference was that this scene had a dead body. John looked at the boy. Clean slash on his throat.

An officer approached him. "So why is the FBI interested in this kid?"

John turned to him. "There's been a lot of unusual deaths lately. We believe this to be one of them."

"What do you mean by unusual?" The cop continued. John gestured to the dead plants. "That is weird."

John hummed. "Who's the victim?"

"Matt Harrison. Local college kid." The officer explained. He was about to explain more when a young woman's voice started screaming.

John looked over for her. He saw a woman trying to push her way past police officers. "Please! Please just let me in. I have to see if it's him."

John held up his hand to stop the cops. "It's alright I'll handle her." The cops gladly let him. They walked off, giving John and the young woman space. "I'm Agent Jethro, FBI. How do you know the victim?"

The young woman sniffed before answering. "My best friend used to date him. We were rather close."

"Best friend got a name?" John continued.

"Angela Madison." She replied, seeming to hold back more tears.

John nodded. He suspected as much with everything around here dead. "That young girl from the car crash." He said carefully, trying not to make her more upset.

The young woman nodded. "He was really messed up about it." She started crying, unable to hold it back.

John checked around. He guided her to a nearby garden ledge. "Tell me about it."

"Well he... he was taking Angela's death real hard. I mean, he's been messed up about it for days." She explained through her tears.

John pulled out a pack of tissues from his jacket to hand to her. He always kept a pack on him whenever he had to interview emotional women.

She took another breath and continued. "He kept saying that he saw her everywhere."

"A lot of people go through that," John said.

The young girl shook her head. "No, no, I mean he SAW her. Like an acid trip or something."

John narrowed his eyes in thought. Could this be a vengeful spirit? "Were they a happy couple?"

"What?" The young woman asked, confused.

"Would Angela be angry with him about anything?" John tried again.

The young woman shot up, immediately on the defensive. "Of course not!" she shouted. "Why would you even ask that?"

John got back up, holding up his hands in a calming manner. "Just looking for anything to help the investigation, that's all. These are standard questions." He replied in an even tone. "Look, Miss...?"


"Lindsey." John handed her his card. "If you need to talk to anyone about this just give me a call okay." Lindsey took the card and John started to leave before he remembered something. "Oh one more thing. Was there anyone else Angela was close to?"

"There is Neal," Lindsey answered. "He works with her dad."

John remembered the doctor mentioning his TA and decided it was time to pay him a visit. "Where does he live?" He asked her.

So my beta advised me not to have John meet up with Gordon alongside his sons and with John back Sam would have no real way to convince Dean to visit Lawrence so I came up with this compromise. Hoped you liked it.

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