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Everyone's Gotta Hate on the Clowns

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Chapter 3

Everyone's Gotta Hate On the Clowns

Dean was driving the minivan again as he pulled onto a highway. Night had fallen, darkened further by the rain. Sam and John had the research spit between them. Trying to make sense of it in the waning light.

"Oh, you two have got to be kidding me. A killer clown?" Dean asked in disbelief.

Sam brought the papers closer to his face. "Yeah, he left the daughter unharmed and killed the parents. Ripped to pieces actually."

John looked over his own half of the file. "According to this, they were at The Cooper Carnivals earlier that evening." He looked over at Sam. "You alright, son, you seem a bit pale?"

Sam looked at his dad, pretending to be confused. "Yeah, Dad I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" He hoped his voice sounded convincing but John saw right through it. Dean trying his hardest not to smirk was not helping matters. Sam hopes his brother would shut the hell up.

Finally, Dean asked, "So were there any murders similar to this?"

"Yeah, according to the file there was the Bunkers Brothers Circus in 81. Has the same M.O. in three different towns." Sam replied.

"So since it's been in several places that mean that whatever this is, is tied to some kind of object in the circus." John figured.

"Great. Paranormal scavenger hunt." Sam remarked rather sarcastically.

"If you don't like it, why'd you seem pretty eager to get on this case?" John remarked.

Sam looked at him for a moment. "I figured with everything that's been going on we could use a distraction."

John wasn't convinced. Sam made it clear in the past that he wanted nothing to do with the life of a hunter. What made him change his mind?

The rest of the drive continued in silence.

They arrived at the carnival the next morning to find the police standing in front of the entrance.

"Alright Dean, you're with me. Sam, I want you to stay here." John ordered as they got out of the minivan.

The brothers looked at each other confused. John always did the questioning by himself. Dean nonetheless shrugged, following his father towards the detectives.

Sam stayed- willfully trying to ignore the idea of a clown popping up to kill him.

As John and Dean approached the officers John asked "This place still open?"

The officer nodded. "Yes. We're conducting an ongoing investigation, so we're not at liberty to say anymore."

"Wait, what happened?" Dean asked.

While the two were talking to the cops Sam was checking around the area before noticing a small clown passing by him. Sam froze, Meeting the clown's stare. Sam was nervous, his entire body tensing as he decided to flee or fight. The clown noticed- or maybe she didn't care- so she walked away.

Sam relaxed only when the clown was out of sight. Which was of course- the worst thing he could've done. No sooner had he slouched his shoulders did a hand clamp down on his shoulder.

As Sam flinched, preparing a punch, he saw it was just his idiot brother.

"Did you get her number?" Dean teased with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face.

Sam gave him a 'not funny' look. He turned to his dad. "So there were more murders?"

John eyed both his sons before nodding. Whatever was going on, he didn't want to know. "Yeah, two more last night. Ripped to shreds. Just like the last family, there was a kid left behind."

"Who fingered a clown." Sam finished.

Dean gave him a weird look. "Yeah, a clown who apparently vanished into thin air."

Sam let out a breath, stuffing his hands in his pockets. "So if this is a cursed object, it's going to be like looking for a needle in a stack of needles. Could be anything."

"It'll still give off EMF." John reminded them. "We just need to scan the whole circus."

"Oh yeah, that's nice and inconspicuous," Sam muttered.

"Now look, Sam, if you have a better suggestion then I am all ears." John challenged.

Dean got in between the two before another fight could break out. "Well, then how about we blend in." He quickly said as he pointed to a help wanted sign.

Having no other option, they went with Dean's plan. They went into Mr. Cooper's office. Though they had some trouble getting there. Dean offended two of the circus performers while asking for directions. Sam thought it was justice.

The three sat down in Mr. Cooper's office. Dean and Sam immediately went for the two normal chairs. This caused John to roll his eyes, taking the clown chair.

"Well, you three sure picked a hell of a time to join up. We've been getting all kinds of local trouble." Mr. Cooper said.

"What kind of trouble?" Dean asked.

"You mean like riots and what not?" John figured

"No, a couple of folks have been getting murdered," Cooper explained. "Cops always want to start here first. You three ever worked the circuit before?"

John spoke up. "No, but we really need the work. Me and my boys. My wife, she's really ill. No matter where we look we can't seem to find anything. We're quick learners though, sir."

Mr. Cooper shot John a sympathetic look. He ended up giving the Winchesters jobs on the janitorial staff.

As they left Dean said, "Gotta say, Dad, that was impressive."

"That's why you prefer to do the talking?" Sam asked him.

"Would you have come up with something better?" John asked him.

Sam shrugged. "That depends: would give us a shot?"

John stopped to think. These two were on their own for a year. Maybe they could have come up with something. Either way, they got their way in. Why was Sam complaining? John kept his mouth shut while getting the EMP readers from the van.

Sam followed, not realizing what had happened. Dean was surprised that he didn't have to stop another argument.

About an hour later Dean and John were raking up some leaves outside the faris wheel. Dean got a phone call from Sam. He sounded winded.

Dean put the phone on speaker and asked "Hey Sam you alright? You sound like you saw a clown."

"Very funny. Skeleton actually." Sam said.

"And that made you jump?" John asked in a ridiculed manner.

"I'm in the funhouse and it jumped out at me." Sam countered. "Which got me thinking. What if it's not a cursed object but the spirit is attached to its own remains?"

"Did the bones give off EMF?" Dean asked.

"Either way we should go check it out," John said.

Dean nodded. He hung up the phone. Just then the blind man showed up out of nowhere.

"Why are you two here?" He asked them.

"Just sweeping," Dean replied.

"So what's all this about bones and EMF?" The blind man countered. "What is that anyway?"

John gave him a curious glance (mainly because the man couldn't see him give it). "Do you believe in ghosts?" He asked the carnie.

"What?" The man asked again still confused.

Dean caught on to what his father was going for. "You see me, my dad, and my brother are writing a book about them."

The two quickly took off before the blind man could question them any further.

John looked back at him once more. There was something not right about the guy. Which was saying something considering where they were.

As they met up with Sam outside the funhouse, a little girl's voice caught their attention. "Mommy look a clown."

The Winchesters turned to where the girl was and where she was pointing at.

There was no clown.

The mother took the little girl away. John and his two boys shared a look. They knew what they were doing tonight.

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