to live and die in liberty city @hoverbun The year is 2014. Tatsuya Suou, a twenty-five year old police investigator working with the Liberty City Police Department, isn't the type of person to look for trouble - until it threatens to shatter his world if he doesn't do something about it. A Grand Theft Auto / Persona AU. 2 years 1.4K 1 0 Persona Series Explicit English Slow Updates CrimeHurt/ComfortSuspense Tatsuya SuouNaoya Toudou/Persona 1 ProtagonistMaya AmanoKei NanjoJun Kurosu Tatsuya Suou/Naoya Toudou/Persona 1 ProtagonistTatsuya Suou/Jun Kurosu Grand Theft Auto AU Blood and ViolenceGang ViolenceMild Sexual ContentUnhealthy Relationships Read 1. welcome to liberty city 1366 0 0