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one hour to midnight


Nina says it is all a part of her plan. Their plan. That it would all make sense in time.

She dies four days after.


Maria takes it hard. She tells him, after some time has passed and she stops her furious mourning, that he will be proud one day, and Victor understands why she says it in such a tone. Simon is having longer talks with Isidor Burakh — stern, almost desperate, and very private. Caspar stops coming home. He hears from one of his friends that he has no reason to keep up appearances.


Simon leaves for the Steppe one night and comes back deeply troubled. He doesn’t let Georgiy walk him to the Focus. Maria knows, and tells Victor that he will understand and he will be proud. Georgiy shares with Victor a letter from a doctor from the capital coming to visit. Caspar still hasn’t come home.


The outbreak comes back. The outsider becomes their family’s best chance. Victor never debts himself to anyone, but this isn’t the same as dealing with Saburov or the Olgimsky men.

He sees Nina in his dreams. She’s been busy helping Maria. He paces around his clocks and listens closely to their beats, praying that it doesn’t lose the metronome. Caspar still hasn’t come home. He’s considering it could be safest up there, but he wonders if he’s eating well. Maria is reminding him of her mother more and more every day. 


Nina sits next to him in their empty bed. He can hear victory. He doesn’t know where it comes from. She never left, and he understands the end will come when it will come. 

Georgiy is hearing the same lost voice. Caspar has been seen with a gun, but maybe that was Dankovsky telling him something else. Memories are getting hard to hold on to, even if it will all come back one day. Who tells him these things?

The infection spreads. Their part of town is at risk. The Kain family is running out of money.


Maria has the necessary vision. She will be crowned.


Victor never gets to see Caspar before it ends. But he was told he was evacuated.


Dankovsky visits them. He speaks with his wife about the future. Victor watches. All he can do is watch.


Victor sees his brother’s twin again. He can tell, from the way he starts carrying himself. Will it matter how they changed? He learned about what it would entail, but not how it would feel.


Caspar doesn’t come home.


Maria was right — he was proud, but perhaps not by his own will.


It is time for them to cross the river.

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